Ken Jennings Honors Alex Trebek In His First Episode as Guest Host | JEOPARDY!

čas přidán 11. 01. 2021
Stepping up to the lectern as our first guest host, Ken takes a moment to honor Alex.

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  • Answer: Someone is chopping these in my office. Question: What are onions?

  • How many of us will ever say we lasted even 6 years at a job. Much less a life time

  • That is a phenomenal speech, Ken. We are honored!

  • My wife flew from Japan to LA in 1988 on the same plane as Alex. She didn't speak with him but observed his interactions with others. He was a prick.

  • Were you like me? I thought that Ken was going to be the permanent host.

  • Honestly, I hope Ken becomes the new host

  • Wishing you the best


  • Ken should be the permanent host! Cancel the rest of the guest hosts! He keeps Alex's legacy going well! Alex is looking down very proud of him

  • With respect to Mr Jennings. It'll never be the same.

  • Please, Please just give this guy the job !!! He's perfect! How can anybody not like this guy!! I won't watch any other "guest host" .Case closed!, Ronnie the limo driver.

  • James Halzhauer should have got the spot..Ken is boring

  • he honestly is the perfect guy to fill in for alex

  • So far Ken Jennings is doing an awesome job as guest jeopardy host after Alex Trebek lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. I miss Alex,but I know that the show can be strong without him. Bryce Garrett.

  • TO ALEX! 🍷

  • karie couric said a couple weeks ago on her show that everyone who didn't vote biden should be sent to a camp and de-programmed. does that sound like a Jeopardy host to you?

  • Is Ken perfect? No. Is he Alex? No. But he's a great host, will get better and grow with the viewers, and probably the current best choice. But please Jeopardy, I beg of you, do not let that awful bitch katie couric host this. She is mean spirited person who will kill the ratings and destroy this great show.

  • I hope he becomes the permanent host, he's been doing a great job!

  • I didn’t like the guy because of his past statements he made. But he has apologized for them and has owned up for them. His tribute to Alex was beautiful. If he is going to be the next Jeopardy host, honestly, I’m good with it. He’s done a great job as the host. He should be the guy.

  • This doesn’t feel right

    • about as close as it ever gets, I mean short of Alex coming back from the dead, Ken Jennings is probably the next best option (someone who was a legendary player during Alex's era, became his friend and is probably the second biggest Jeopardy Icon)

  • A perfect tribute. 🍻to Ken Jennings.

  • I feel like Ken should just be the host now.

  • James would have been great

  • This guy is boring

  • i will miss alex trebek a whole lot. ken jennings is doing an awsome job. god bless you ken, and rest i peace alex.


  • Zachary

  • Great job at honoring the man, the legend, Alex Trebek. ❤️ You've done him proud, Ken Jennings. Well done. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #WeLoveAlex #WeLoveKen #WeLoveJeopardy!

  • No one can replace Alex. He was one of a kind. But I hope the Jeopardy producers keep looking. This didn't work.

  • We think he is doing a great job

  • Ken Jennings is a leftist. His hate filled comments on Twitter make him unqualified to be the new Jeopardy host and he would disgrace Alex Trebek's good name.

  • What is a honoring done right

  • "There's no Better host ,that can replace the Great Alex Trebek on Jeopardy!"

  • All class.

  • Very classy, and well said.

  • Excellent tribute, Ken!

    • Girls how could guys not cry during Titanic. Do they even have feelings. Guys:

  • Ken, I am completely flabbergasted after following you for the past week, and, I’m convinced you are perfect and capable of filling Alex shoes. He would be so proud of you. You too have that special friendly and relaxing personality. God bless and protect you, keep up the good work👍☘️

  • Please do not let Katie C guest host. She is dispicable

  • Ken Said it best and I hope they make him the host of the show if they don’t I won’t continue to watch it Ken is incredible

  • You can hear him fighting back tears. He'd make a great permanent host and would do Alex proud. RIP Alex; we all love and miss you!

  • Well done Ken!

  • Oh bless his heart

  • So, how long is Ken Jennings still guest hosting "Jeopardy!"?

    • As of right now, for six weeks

  • Thank You, Ken Jennings...for your AMAZING knowledge, your awesome humility, and your tremendous grace towards Alex Trebek!😎👍

  • 303 thumbs down???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 PREPOSTEROUS!!!😡

  • you can hear the sadness in his voice

  • 😭😭😭

  • this dood is so wholesome

  • It has to be HIM !

  • Girls how could guys not cry during Titanic. Do they even have feelings. Guys:

  • That was a really great tribute to one of the best ever..:)

  • So it's Ken?

  • Ken is a great guy... There are a lot of people in this country that are supposed to look out for the well being of their constituents that should take a good lesson on how to be a good human being from Ken Jennings... Well Done Ken!!!!!!!...R.I.P. Alex...

  • There's something "sneaky" about him?? Those beady eyes are a clue?!

  • Give ken the full time job. Period

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  • Miss You Alex Rest Easy

  • Class

  • same love, care, respect, and appreciation as did Alex Trebek. I even hope one day I get to go on Jeopardy myself, lol.

  • Touching, well said; ‘nuff said, even. What finer words can be spoken? Thank you for stepping up to the challenge Mr Jennings, their mighty big shoes, but you’re wearing them well.

  • We miss you Alex! We do appreciate Ken’s kind remarks about him as they did have a special friendship. Hoping that Ken will become the new Jeopardy host and as well as being the current guest emcee.

    • Ken, you’re a true class act of a gentleman. Alex would say his show is in great hands.

  • I’d be okay with him hosting permanently. 💖

  • I thought the new host was gonna be Betty White. Trebek said so in one of his speeches before he passed away

  • I agree with Kenny Nobody, I do mean NOBODY will ever replace the legend that is Alex Trebek on Jeopardy.

  • Ken as permanent host pleeeeeease

  • The part where the intro says Ken Jennings isn't as loud and pronounced as Alex Trebek from what I compared it to. He basically screams ALEX TREBEK with all his heart and now it dosen't sound there same

  • all said and done, Ken will be the new host. Again, I was very impressed, good job!

  • What is respect for $1000?

  • I'll take missing you for 1000 Alex.😢

  • I respect Ken's accomplishments on the show, but I have not always liked him. However, that was a very, very classy intro and a wonderful way to honor, Alex. Well done, Ken.

    • Perhaps I'm honoring Alex in my own way. I am hosting a Facebook jeopardy game. RIP Alex

  • What is The Feels.

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  • Well said. Ken has always seemed like a good guy, he's done a fine job as guest host, really.

  • With that homage I think he cinched the job as host permanent host. Who here thinks Ken Jennings should get the job? "Click thumbs up" if you do.

  • Alex is in heaven saying ok lets get on with it already 😃

  • Make him permanent host,why dick around with these other guest hosts

  • Ken, you’re a true class act of a gentleman. Alex would say his show is in great hands.

  • the opening of this episode. While nobody could ever replace Alex, you most definitely can (and I dare say, should) succeed him as host.

  • Ken was a great guest host this last week, I hope he comes back permanently

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  • Alex would be proud

    • This is historic. Ken would be an awesome full time host, but as he put it bluntly, no one can replace the late Alex Trebek. 🥺💔👊🏾🙏🏽

  • Very classy

  • Wonder how many times he practiced that pre-show, to be able to get through it.

  • Class act

  • Perhaps I'm honoring Alex in my own way. I am hosting a Facebook jeopardy game. RIP Alex

  • Of all people I actually wouldn't mind if Ken stuck around for awhile. He was a huge part of Jeopardy himself and seemed very professional

  • Ken is such a GREAT person and that speech made me cry on how Alex Trebek was GREAT person and all Ken was saying that Alex made the show by making the people a GREAT person which Ken is and it was hard not to cry hearing this!

  • I’m not crying, you’re crying!

  • Ken did the show Justice. He did Alex proud.

  • Hell yeah.

  • I loved the way Ken Jennings hosted the show! He was a natural! He did a great job! I hope he becomes permanent! 👍🏼 (Yes I know there is no replacing Alex Trebec 🥺)

  • Like he said, no one can replace Alex but Ken should be the permanent host since he has had a good reputation in Jeopardy!'s history.

  • Can he PLEASE be the next host??

  • Tasteful, well said and brief. A worthy tribute Alex would be happy with. Nice work Ken.

  • This is historic. Ken would be an awesome full time host, but as he put it bluntly, no one can replace the late Alex Trebek. 🥺💔👊🏾🙏🏽

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  • I really do hope the higher ups that run the show see this and consider making him the permanent host.

  • Sweet guest host.

  • Wow, that was moving. Ken would make a wonderful permanent host as this show moves on.

  • Is Ken Jennings just filling in until they find another host? I've been watchin him and not even knowing who he is and that he's filled before, it almost seems that he should be the host. He's doing a wonderful job and it makes me wonder how Alex's first time went until he became the best at this show. And yes, one could really tell he loved the show. : ) 💖