Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in historic controversial finish | NBC Sports

čas přidán 5. 05. 2019
Find out the winner of the 145th Kentucky Derby after a historic controversial finish! #NBCSports #KentuckyDerby #KentuckyDerby2019
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Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in controversial finish | NBC Sports


  • This desicon was a joke because the fact the War of Will jumped several shadows thought the race... Yes MS came out but I still disagree!!

  • Idol galing wooo9ooooo9ioooi

  • Jaja Flavien Prat is the best look at stats dumb Mike Smith D##* competition wins everywhere only competition is Victor Espinoza and Mike Smith...

  • Such a gruesome sport,

  • 2020 and clearly Max was and is the best 3 year old. He won this race clearly. And easily That it annoyed the losers

  • Re-watching this 8 months later... The call to dq was terrible

  • Maximum Security was best! It's a Shame. Eat your oats with pride

  • This is just animal abuse... so people I wish y’all start dying....

    • Joey Snow1 that’s what u call ‘exercising?’ Dude they are constantly beating the horse!

    • exercising with a human is abuse?

  • El robo del siglo......máxima security......nunca toca a ningún ejemplar,,, imposible hubiese una carrera totalmente " limpia " en ese chiquero.....

  • i dont get it, why max being disqualified?

  • After looking at this, Maximum Security ran a cleaner race than i thought at the time,and even then i didn't think he ran that bad, and i bet on the #1 horse War of Will.Since the jockey and trainer on the #1 didn't call an objection, i thought the stewards call was terrible.

  • All horses in this race should be treated with respect not as a horse that can make you heaps of money then not care for at all when they get injured plus humans are all the same greedy and sick humans plus the horses have feelings when not treated right then forgotten when they are sent too the slaughter house

  • f horse racing

  • He still won

  • Horse racing is disgusting and abusive and there’s so much evidence to back it up you all are selfish

  • ❤❤❤❤💪💪💪

  • I watched the Derby for the first time this year. Not going to lie, seeing everybody bumping and shifting and duking and dodging on a wet track gave me a bit of anxiety. I thought they were gonna wad them up. Very thankful that they didn't.

  • My dad had the exacta and it payed 20,000 he cried when it got objected

  • -

  • Bunch of gamblers

  • When the jockey said his horse veered out a few lanes at the top of the stretch his goose was cooked. Wire to wire winners in the slop do not impress me.,

  • At the end he was so happy but he gets disqualified

  • nice

  • Your can blame the stewards, but you can't blame Country House. The horse ran a very impressive race. The horse starts 20 wide and finishes two lengths behind the unofficial winner on a sloppy track. Post position 20 is not a favorable post position to win a race. If Maximum Security would have been assigned post position 20, he wouldn't have crossed the finish line first.

  • I rod a horse before. I was oley 2 pons and 5

  • My cuzin wint thar because she dis horse she win every time😸


  • If this was an Australian race , Maximum Security won. Country house had enough time to race and win, but didn't . The race track was muddy and horses will run sideways, its only normal. I have to say , very harsh. Looks like the race was decided before the day.

  • Are the horses been beaten?

  • The only reason people do horse races is to get money if I was in a horse race I would just do it to ride the horse not to get money

  • War of Will and Code of Honor both bombed in the Breeders Cup Classic. Omaha Beach flopped in the Breeders Cup Mile. It's official. Maximum Security is the 3 year old champion. What a shame that the racing world has spent 2019 trashing the best 3 year old colt in the country, to try to justify the outrageous miscarriage of justice that occurred when Maximum Security was robbed of the Derby crown he rightfully won.

    • mjaynes288 You don't take down THE DERBY WINNER unless there's a clear deliberate foul that everyone agrees was unacceptable. That was not the case. There are worse things that happen in races every day in this country that don't result in an inquiry, let alone a DQ. This outrageous decision was corrupt and harmful to the sport, and that's a fact.

    • You can be the best and still get DQed for breaking rules. Maximum Security very obviously swerved out of his lane and impeded another horse. That rule is about safety. When thoroughbreds pull up quickly they can break legs. It was pure luck that horse did not go down in front of the whole field. There are already calls to end horse racing due to deaths. Can you imagine the national outrage if multiple horses went down and some had to be euthanized?

  • Stratosferico canale!!! Grazie...

  • Maximum security was clear winner bumping is allowed in horse racing... Bulshit ...

  • How do people see that they are WHIPPING those horses and not think that it’s abuse? All jockeys care about is that money.

  • I know nothing about horse racing. I watch this video today because it was suggested and I noticed exactly when the foul occurred as it occurred. Went out a lane or two and came back hard. Not sure if done on purpose or not but where there is harm, there is foul.

  • He impeded War of Will, who basically was done anyway, Max Security never bothered Country House. Did Max Security drift out? Yes. Did the best horse win the 2019 Ky. Derby? No. I'm concerned that the Ky racing stewards have set an unattainable precedent going forward for future 20 horse field Ky. Derby's! It's a frickin calavary charge. Is CD/ Ky stewards concerned about bumping, really, than limit the field to 12 Horses.

  • Rams-saints no flag controversy 10 Kentucky derby 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • Its was an unfair ruling. We racegoers also shown no interest in the decision made ...Maximum Security won .

  • When i se horse race its feels like its alienating game in earth. Lile a sci fi film placed on another planet

  • Flavian pret: I didn’t do anything but ok I ll take it, yesssss!!

  • ~oz~

  • Congrats maximum security You're my bet and you made it! Yahoo!!!

  • Maximum security still more in his pocket.. Even they run again they will never beat MAXIMUM SECURITY

  • For me Maximum Security is the best horse in 2019 even he dont run in freakness n belmont

  • Fact: horses use drugs before racing

  • Maximum security won the Kentucky derby. Stupid stewardship.

  • Its a bad track and the horse is strong to run so why max. Security didnt win!

  • There definitely was no valid reason to disqualify 'Maximum S..... ' should have just given him a Warning, it was slushing wet going and not much damage was done by Maximum. Bad decision by the Stewards.

  • If you can't maneuver to block other racers, what is the fucking point of having a jockey? What a joke, just let the horses run if that is the case. Five bucks says people making the DQ call stood to make a lot of money on that long shot.

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  • Derbyologist good channel for breeders cup info & usa horse racing

  • Great maximum security


  • Hi Tyler gathlione

  • Listen ear of will why did you not win

  • Unfair verdict


  • This is NOT fear

  • Hot dogging not the wisest thing for Maximum Security, letting the other horse's get even. Someone could've got more than just their feelings hurt.

  • Waste + warrest candidate s in race sarrounding s