Kevin Durant Talks James Harden Trade to Nets | January 13, 2020-21 NBA Season

čas přidán 13. 01. 2021
Brooklyn Nets vs New York Knicks - Full Game Highlights | January 13, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • KD still has to pay for joining a 70 win team after you were up 3-1 so no leader then.Now He thinks hes just gonna breeze to another title.Dont tell me nothing about the Lakers,talk to me when you get pass philly and i hope yall Get a bigMan from Cleveland because your gonna need it to get out the East.I knew something was wrong when a 6 Foot point guard tells the so called 7 foot leader hes gonna post up 7 times a game intead of saying ima get 7 more assist.KDs nothing but a follower.Allready missed 3 game winners.

  • 83% sure Iceberg visualized Westbrook punchin’ the air when she asked about The Beard. 😈

  • Once this deal gets finalized no one will care if kyrie plays or not. 😂💯

  • Thanks for posting this video....

  • What if d’angelo never left

  • Be the Leader KD, I believe in you bud

    • Thanks for posting this video....

  • aged well

    • Title: Kevin Durant talks James Harden trade to Nets KD: “I’ll wait till the deal’s finalized to talk about it” ......

  • Where did he talk about the trade in this interview?

  • He can run the whole team by himself lol 😂

    • Just trade Kyrie man can’t believe this guys attitude. Brooklyn is catering to him and he’s acting like a bitch smh

  • Nets in 6 watch out 🏆

  • Only way to handle the media. Short answers. Let them do their homework instead of just gossiping. KD youre the man. Lets go Brooklyn

  • Kd be like:“Don't care who my teammates are I can carry them by myself” 🤣✌️

    • Every team be risking their team future just to compete against the Lakers.

  • I think kyrie and harden it's not gonna work

  • Re unite perhaps ?

  • Be the Leader KD, I believe in you bud

  • Love that jersey so cool but not a NETS fan

  • Good thing that Russell is here . Thunder alert teammates

  • 3 quitters on 1 team😂...kyrie quit on cavs. Durant quit on the thunder. Harden quit on the rockets. I wonder if they know there is only 1 ball to go around

    • Haha he seems happy about the trade

  • It's the Bucks year, nets have their nice little super team but Giannis, Middleton, and the Bucks are a real team, and will take them down this year

  • Horrible questions

  • seems like he hate media/interviews so why keep having him on?

  • Title: Kevin Durant talks James Harden trade to Nets KD: “I’ll wait till the deal’s finalized to talk about it” ......

  • You can tell KD ain’t happy about the harden trade he is a smart player and he knows how it will probably turn out

  • Just trade Kyrie man can’t believe this guys attitude. Brooklyn is catering to him and he’s acting like a bitch smh

  • 1:06 thats the biggest BULLSHIT i ever heard. no drama or chaos? so you think levert, jarret allen, dinwiddie was all giggles and fuckin smiles when they were in trade discussions everyday just so you can get your boyfriend harden to join the team? yeah maybe no drama or chaos for YOU kd so selfish.


  • Every team be risking their team future just to compete against the Lakers.

  • 🐍🐍

  • Doesn‘t Tell us sh*t about the trade. Clickbait!

  • Now we can see harden and Durant finally live out what they could’ve been in OKC

  • KD has my respect , idk why I am saying this

  • KD Trying to take the easy route....AGAIN. SMH.

  • Haha he seems happy about the trade

  • Kevin is a snake he needs a super team to win it’s sad

  • Kyrie, Harden, KD - Oh this is gonna be scary Curry, Klay, KD - KD is such a snake, they're gonna ruin NBA for us ! Boooo Warriors

  • I don’t think there’s any drama or chaos... Wheres Kyrie again? Lmao

  • I bet someone gonna make a bs conspiracy theory out of this because Harden got traded at the 13th of January, wears #13, is 31years old, got elbowed by Artest 3months after January, was the 3rd over all pick in the 09draft got traded 9 months later after January, got traded to Houston and 9 years later got traded to Brooklyn. Lol

  • KD is such a simple spoken guy. Love it!!

  • Im not hating at all but he literally doesnt talk about it lol

  • charles barkley watching this interview swinging at his tv!!! 😄

  • Brooklyn will never win a championship with these 3 on the same team. 2 out of the 3 are prima donnas

  • Yeh KD

  • All people who are afraid will try to bunch up and team up with the stronger ones, it's a sign of weakness that you will regret in the end

  • anyone know the song in the background?

  • The Brooklyn “short-answer” Nets

  • He couldn’t wait to take them headphones off lmao


  • God, i pray to you that you protect the goat from all these US media bad vibe

  • This is one dangerous team, once each superstar put their chips in the hat i bet they're gonna bring the best basketball highlights.

  • Kd with harden and kyrie is so great! Lakers in 5 🔥

  • What if they dont start Harden instead a 6th man like in OKC?

    • Reminds of the ole OKC minus Westbrook, but sure let's give it another try.

  • Libera a porra da legenda em português 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • That cat's a PROFESSIONAL.

  • They will be fine if Harden doesn't shoot them out the game

  • He said ill wait until its finalized to talk about it but he cant stop smiling lmaooo

  • I want kyrie trade to WASHINGTON for Russell Westbrook.. So the big 3 of 2011 OKC is back again

  • Jayz gets Beyonce and a ring my dude hustler of the year

  • Time to put the greatest Triangle ever seen into effect.

  • James Harden went to the Brooklyn Nets so he could win a championship but the only person the lakers need to win a championship is Damian Lillard cuz he also needs to get him one

  • Kevin and Kyrie trade teams because of James want pass ball

  • Anybody against the LA Fakers💯

  • Good job to the reporter by just moving along through her questions without slowing down even when Kd was short. No awkward silences, very well handled

  • They need my nigga to beat da king 👑 n baby king

  • I’m calling it bust season

  • It’s time to take out the Lebron again, now watch they going to hate this team. They hated the warriors for destroying Lebron James for a few years.

  • WHaT....

  • Lakers in 5!

  • Do KD look like he got more muscle or am I tripping?

  • So basically in order for another team to need Lebron, Ad and Kawhi or Giannis to this feels like golden state 2.0

  • Durant punk softy

  • They gonna win the title no way any team can guard them . They wont be 16-17, 18-19 warriors because they don't play defense but better offensively. Unstopped

  • Kd the home wrecker

  • God, i pray to you that you protect the goat from all these US media bad vibe

  • Stop using me for clickbait

  • Oh yeah me over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time

  • I feel like everyone forgot about Giannis lmao

  • You know what would be funny is this interview with KD then after they choke in the playoffs interview

  • Kyrie is on a pilgrimage to mecca, let him be

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  • Dudes acting like a diva


  • Bro the nets are scary and soooo good

  • See this video:

  • That Mans grin was larger than him winning a ring with the warriors

  • Do u think this team would be championship this season? Hahah no way lakers would destroy this team for sure.

  • KD always taking the easy route


  • I would pick beal than westbrook Lmao 😂


    • Stop throwing the ball!

  • Really excited to see batman, robin and alfred play together

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  • Who’s the girl ..I mean even with the mask looks cute

  • Lakers in 6, we shooters and more muscle inside

  • KD, Kyrie, James Harden. All on Nets, someone is on drugs

  • They are winning the championship


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  • So stupid.. no player these days plays for the heart of the city and team. Bs. All for money. Harden would always say Houston has the best fans... Best city..bla bla bla... All fake fake fake. Why would it even feel sweet to win the championship now... Blah... Hey i won now cause i joined Durant and Blah. Fn ridiculous bs. If they win it wont be that impressive.