Kevin Hart and Logan Paul Compare Pokemon Chain Necklaces | Cold as Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network

čas přidán 27. 03. 2023
#LoganPaul makes the entrance of a lifetime on this episode of #ColdasBalls. Maybe we should let him take over the show from #KevinHart.
Production Company
OBB Pictures
Directed by
Michael D. Ratner
Created by
Michael D. Ratner
Sean Spencer
Executive Producers
Kevin Hart
Jeff Clanagan
Michael D. Ratner
Scott Ratner
Kfir Goldberg
Thai Randolph
Tina Maher
Dave Becky
Co-Executive Producer
Simone Spira
Produced by
Jack Dahlin
JC Del Barco II
Michael Rodriguez Dueñas
Kevin Hart
Logan Paul
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  • Logan Paul on Cold As Balls - who had the better playing card necklace?

  • Logan is one step further to reuniting with the rock

  • Good to see them collab again after all these years, bet Kevin didn’t think Logan would be at where he is now

  • This is the first time I have seen this show, and I can't assure you it won't be the last one 😂 sooo funny, it doesn't matter what Kevin Hart does he funny at

  • I like how they add the security to the show

  • Love Kevin, love Logan, them together is even better! ❤

  • The way the spotlight went up and over Kev had me weak🤣🤣🤣

  • Logan's "Cold as Pauls" joke was actually hilarious lol!

  • Please never stop making these, they’re absolutely hilarious 😂

  • The older Logan gets. The more I almost like him. Great episode, Boys!

  • This episode was so funny lol. Logan is definitely a wwe natural who's fun to watch. Instantly one of my favorite cold as balls episode

  • Been here since the first Cold as Balls, and I’ll be here till the last. Every single one is gold.

  • Bam is legit hilarious bro checked his social right after 😂

  • This is so well orchestrated and put together 😂loved it!

  • Bams backhand won the show!!😂😂😂

  • Kevin takes being disrespect so well. It totally makes the show

  • His marketing team is genius, went to my local grocery yesterday an they got Prime displayed all over the store in random spots. I'll have to try it.

  • I never thought about it but Kevin and Logan would be a dynamic duo.

  • Logan is a funny dude. Entertaining to watch 🎉 have him more on this

  • When Logan bent way down for Kevin to unclasp his chain I was rolling 😊😅