Kin of the Stained Blade | Spirit Blossom 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends

čas přidán 24. 07. 2020
Not forgiven. Not forgotten. See the story of brothers torn asunder.
Created in partnership with:
Directed by Haolin
Haoliners Animation
Paper Plane Animation Studio
Studio Tumble
CMC Media
Music by Brian D’Oliveira
Sound Design by Hexany Audio
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  • 8:20 Demon: It won't be the last. 8:22 Yone: You are a BAKA! 😂

  • What's the kind of music (genre) at 7:28 called? I just can't find any similar songs

  • has anyone noticed how yassuo and illidan sound the same?

    • @Ragdoll Heart XD i know

    • cause its the same voice actor dude

  • This is the power of Japanese culture! Japanese dont play lol by the way. Wait how about Korean champ?

  • 𝙔𝙤𝙤 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙞𝙨 𝙖 𝙢𝙤𝙫𝙞𝙚𝙚!

  • OW Dragon vibes

  • this is incredible

  • i want that 7:30 soundtrack, where he says "i am done running" and the beat comes

  • so yeah when's the series coming out? i mean, there's GOTTA be an official series coming out that I don't know about

  • there NEEEEDS to be a league anime

  • Ah yes, Genji and Hanzo but this time the older brother dies.

  • why does this remind me of genji and hanzo.... even the VA feel similar...;;;

  • *Yasuo while killing Yone*: I aM nO mUrDeReR Deception: 100

  • Yasuo is such a badass

  • At 5:16 voice of the old man changes a bit, there is a little demonic echo.

  • Sure, let's make a cinematic for the most toxic fan base ever, not complaining tho, this is so good.

  • I hope that will be a ep 2

  • Que chimba está cinemática... Me dio hype el evento y volví a lol y ya subí a oro 2 con mi Morgana jg

  • This is like Susuke and Itachi.

  • Riot!! Maybe you can make Anime Series Base on Leauge of Legends! Just look at this! And also the star guardian thing and everything so good

  • That time when he did spinjitzu

  • Ahrii 😍

  • soooooo... League o'Leggens anime when?

  • Why is it only 4 million views plus only?

  • wow! that's awesome

    • This is by far the best cinematic from Riot that ive seen. Well done! Hope more is to come

  • 7:24 me: *snorts*

  • We need a movie

  • I’m still upset that “KURO-SAGOL” isn’t a voice line for in-game Yone like Yasuo’s “HASAKI” and “IGEI TON” 😐

  • 7:42 he's proud of his brother

  • Does anybody else want Riot to make a RPG game of league of legends. Imagine it, it would be so epic

  • 8:04 when i taught yone runes was hail of blades

  • Im still waiting for League of Legends The Movie

  • Your editors out do them selves


  • Ok - this story needs to be a Limited Edition animate movie already.

  • When riot is an animation studio :

  • Yasuo: I'm done running! Also Yasuo: I'm running.

  • Just wait until they add Yone’s bankai form

  • We need the soundrack of this video please Riot

  • This is by far the best cinematic from Riot that ive seen. Well done! Hope more is to come

  • Honestly just make a movie already

  • The music just stop my heart

  • ahris hot

  • Now if they could only improve the graphics engine.

  • I love how you can see Yone putting the scar on Yas nose

  • Oh so they’re basically Hanzo and Genji

  • Pray for these two warriors, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, pray for them!

  • If you look reeeaaallly close, you can see evelynn watching the fight


  • Maybe try to balance the game instead of adding new champs? Still waiting for mmo sattled in league world

  • Looks like a new cancer champion is gonna join league 😂😂

  • KURO' SAGOL is the best part of the video

  • So Itachi and Sasuke huh? It seems Itachi is reanimated and meets his brother again

  • Who else get Spider Man into the spider verse vibes from these animations?

  • Yasuo: The Unforgiven Yone: The Unforgotten The ally team: The Unfortunate

  • Remember Gaara? From Naruto? I heard his brother was back to the living

  • Yasuo: The Unforgiven Yone: The Unforgotten Allies: The Unfortunate ctto

  • Is that Ahri ?

  • Why Ahri was with Yasuo ahead of Bilgewater? What are they seeking or we dont know yet?

  • imagine riot makes that demon as a new champ

  • petition for lulu and tristana cinematic

  • This gives me kimetsu no yaiba vibes

  • How cool would it be if League of legends partnered with netflix and made a series about champion lores.

    • xD wait really?

    • They will release animated series in 2021

    • No one's going to talk about how great this transition is? 1:42

  • Theme sound feels like noragami.

  • make more ffs, i'm addicted

  • I think they samurai Yasuo ult: Shu ri yaga ton

  • Arguably one of their best cinematics

  • kid yas: sounds like anng from avatar and and Teen yone : sounds like katara brother

  • Who thought of captain falco

  • so is his mask actually supposed to be like broken ingame or what?

  • Does anyone even pay attention to the Lore at this point? Also it was cool but it really reminds me the of Overwatch brothers lol

    • You think why Riot release hundred pages of lore?

  • hubert steen yasuo is a playable carhecter in league of legends LOL i even play him

  • So that was ahri at the end?

  • But why is this not a series yet? 😭😭😭...I knew tht old guy was up to sumthn smh but then I got hella confused when Yasuo tried defending him cause I was like "wasn't he tryna kill you?"

  • Can we talk about young teenage yone's voice actor who is also the voice of prince zuko in avatar the last airbender ☺️

    • And Yone also talked about honor


  • I know you've watched this several times

  • The afro samurai vibes are so there.

  • No one's going to talk about how great this transition is? 1:42

  • Nutted.

  • Did yasuo just pull Clouds omnislash? 🤔

  • I like the story of Hanzo and Genj...uhhh I mean Yasuo and Yone. ;D

  • 6:12 oh brother, you've gotten so hot

  • 8:08 Has anyone had goosebumps?

  • Today Yone came out leave a like if you came back to watch this again

  • 8:20 why isn't this quote in his voicelines? :(

    • @Dittanan Thongprem But he should have quote that has the same feeling like: 'begone demon'

    • because it's the Asakana name that he killed not wind technique, so in-game Yone doesn't have this quote.

  • This looks like its made by the same studio that made "Afro Samurai".

  • 7:24 wHy ArE yOu RuNnInG?

  • this is just genji and hanzo from overwatch lol


  • Liam O'Brien sure sounds good in this hehe

  • Oh man, I wish Arcane looks like this.

  • Anyone? Or im the only one who thinks Yone (in cinematic) is almost like Sekiro from Sekiro Shadows Die Twice because from that cinematic Yone uses the red bladed sword or katana to kill the unkillable mostly like Sekiro who uses Mortal Sword (Red Bladed Katana) to kill the immortal (maybe im wrong because that old man said he will return.)

  • 8:21 I am salty this is not his ult line

  • Ow now we have a new couple I want Ahri and Yasuo together pls do something

  • ks

  • Riot can definitely compete with Disney if they wanted.

  • Maybe it's just me.. but the details of how Yasuo wears his sword is different than how he wears it in game. He carries it like Japanese samurai in game, with scabbard blade side up. In anime he carries it blade side down.

  • Anyone know when its going live

  • Can you guys just make a netflix animated series already?