Kin of the Stained Blade | Spirit Blossom 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends

čas přidán 24. 07. 2020
Not forgiven. Not forgotten. See the story of brothers torn asunder.
Created in partnership with:
Directed by Haolin
Haoliners Animation
Paper Plane Animation Studio
Studio Tumble
CMC Media
Music by Brian D’Oliveira
Sound Design by Hexany Audio
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  • *If riot makes a movie about this, they should name it “Fate of the wind”*

  • 8:57

  • I just wanna see more more more more more more more MORD MORE MORE!!

  • Speaking animations = 0

  • hey riot release an official video of this song without the background noise ty 5:50 - 8:25

  • Man the movie is so on spot both skills combined together is so deadly

  • 8:08 sorye ge ton

  • BAD

  • Guess yone shouldve relized that after a min of attacking yas without him pulling his sword he prob shouldve backed off when he actually did

  • they turning into anime is my expectation , the first scene giving me hope but their 3D animation also amazing!!! I dont know which one i wanna see🤩🤩🤩

  • just make a lol anime already

  • super cool

  • Pls more animes

  • im still waiting for a movie or a series riot, cmon

  • avatar vibes...just me?

  • I love these

  • 0:55 Origin of Yasuo's nose scar

  • Now yas and yone become so noob

  • 8:06 is that hail of blade yone?

  • Riot looks at players feedback... Players feedback: We want a movie or balance the game. Riot: Drops more music. KDA go BRRR

  • Yone mask is different from the game

  • I need more of this animated series.

  • First of all this GREAT company makes games... Unfortunatelly

  • You can poke an eye out with Yas his pecks

  • tweetel dee and tweetel dumb. both in one animation.

  • So this was the teaser for "blade of the ruined king" as well... interesting

  • why not japanese tho

  • As a player, I love how riot uses different art styles for each cinematics,

  • Wow

  • It's such a shame that the Yone's shout at the moment he finishes the demon off is not an in-game quote...

  • I think this is, like, the first time that Ahri has ever interacted with another champion in canon Also, Ahri sure likes to pretend she knows what’s going on, which is rich coming from someone who spent 500 years eating memories in the woods

  • Nc

  • Really gonna attack his teammate first, bruh, must be inting

  • no me gustó, no aparece ibai

  • me and the boys killing the crab

  • 0/10/0 "I am done inting."

  • The repulsive liquor principally prevent because carrot acly visit but a ablaze vault. beneficial, well-off half-sister

  • Naruto and Sasuke?

  • noobchamp

  • when's the movie coming!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If League made an anime I would watch the heck out of it. NGL.

  • 8:18 is lit animation rito well done

  • Is that Gaara's voice actor?

  • god i hate those two

  • Bro this anime is on another level.

  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • im sorry why's there a G missing on "kin"?

    • wow im dumb, its bc kin's actually a word

  • The best brotherhood animation I've ever seen

  • Breath of the Yasuo's Wind: First form, Way of the Wanderer Second form, Hasagi Third form, Wind Wall Fourth Form, Sweeping Blade Fith Form, Sorye ge ton

  • Why r u running? Why r u running?!?

  • Reminds me of demon slayer

  • Where’s Genji and Hanzo?

  • Ah yes genji and Hanzo but darker

  • Holy goosebumps I freaking love riot cinematics

  • Wait real quick, was that doran?

    • Doran is dead

  • Genji and Hanzo v2


  • good video man

  • Xd

  • Me to Yasuo in-game: *Incoherent cursing* Me to Yasuo in other media...such as 3:26 : *Simping noises intensify*

  • Perfect !! Riot should do movies ~~

  • I wonder what software they used to make this beautiful anime

  • casual yasuo helping the wrong team

  • this animation is sick nice work riot as always!!

  • Cancers

  • this is something worth watching

  • just realize that yasuo shouting IGEI TON instead of "Here I Come!" 😂

  • When the same voice actor of Illidan does Yasuo?!

  • 6:37 how does he make tornado, he didnt hit 3 qs

  • It reminds mind of Sasuke and Itachi...

  • Ryze rework pls

  • I think that creepy woman should be in League Of Legends she could be a very cool champ

  • Yone assisting yasuo knocking up The demon to allow yasuo to use his UlT 8:07

  • So whens the anime coming

  • im kinda bummed out Yone doesn say "kuro'sagol" in game

  • Anyone in January 2021 still into this anime?

  • I want the old man to be a champion so bad

  • so basically this is the first adventure of story of league of legends in ruined king rpg game

  • We need a Movie PLEASSSSS !!!!


  • I just noticed that they have synergies like Dante and Vergil.

    • I wondered why when Yone came out why I liked him so much, then I realized that he's literally Vergil: League edition. Vergil being my favorite video game character of all time, just adds to his charm

  • im Realize now, Yasuo and Ahri going to BilgeWater to join Missfortune for Attack ShadowIsle

  • Anyone else gett'n Genji and Hanzo vibes or is it just me

  • What is ahari doing thare . Is she the one kill yasuoo

    • @Neutral Player Of LoL sorrry it just my imaginations.

    • @Amadhi Yapa though riven is now a reckoner after the sisterhood of war

    • @Auster93 so that thay can kill riven.ooooooo

    • No. Yasuo and Ahri are heading to Bilgewater, where the Ruined King game will take place.

  • Heh Why are you running? Yasuo: 1/8/0

  • i need more

  • Is it just me or is the character artstyle of the first minute very reminicent of the style from devil man crybaby?

  • Fun fact: I think that voice actor for Yasuo is the same that voiced Gara in Naruto series and Ilidan in WoW, and Warcraft 3 (Frozen Throne).

  • and at the end, ahri and yasuo smashed while going to bilgewater

  • nice anime whats da sauce

  • they should just neglect the ge and just be a film producing company instead. make a series and some movies, that way theyll get more profit. LoL Lore is already a deep and good story than some of the bestest anime series so far.

  • this is a new overwatch cinematic

  • The back story of every top laners

  • Is there actually a japanese dub version? The voice doesn't really sync.

    • But english is original dubbing for this

  • So this is Genji vs Hanzo but both with swords

  • anybody else want a single player yasuo adventure game with these kind of graphics?




  • If this was extended it could be a full movie series