Kryštof - Cesta cover by a Scottish guy - uncut with bloopers 😂

čas přidán
Uncut video - I've left in the bloopers :P skip to 1:01 :)
Tried my hand at a song from the Czech group: "Kryštof". I fell in love with this song before I even understood the lyrics. As you can tell I am not very experienced on keys, but will get there eventually. Thanks for watching!


  • wooooow

  • You are amazing ❣️❣️❣️

    • Thank you 🤩☺️ please subscribe to my channel ☺️

  • you are fantastic

    • Thank you very much. I have a long way to! But it means alot!

  • I think you did pretty good for someone who is not a keyboardist and whose native language is not Czech.

    • Thank you! More comfortable with the guitar so perhaps I could have used it and concentrated more on the text.

  • Well done. Czech is not easy language. Keep going. ;)

    • Thank you ☺️ I'm glad for all the feedback. I cant believe how many views I've got in 1 day! Please subscribe if you can :)

  • you are doing well! well done.