Kuře v hodinkách

čas přidán 14. 09. 2008


  • Darmodej :-D

  • wawww, svetova jednicka....

  • kdo jim tam hraje tu flétnu je to stivín nebo někdo kdosi jinej ?

  • @morningglory101076 No... Guitars were recorded by Pavel Fořt, before release "Kuře v hodinkách", he played the bassguitar....

  • @JuRayD not banned, they disbanded - one of them joined a band playing for some mainstream singers, the others have founded another band named Energit, which was banned then and many of them were forced to leave Czechoslovakia then, except for the singer Vladimír Mišík who founded his own band ETC, being banned several years in 80s. It was a hard time for rock bands in our country, generally :-/

  • I guess there's no video, because shortly after they've released this album "Chicken in Wristwatch," the band was banned.

  • parada

  • Taky bych řekl.

  • Podle mě asi nejlepší česká nahrávka všech dob.

  • Výjimečné, nádherné *******

  • super :)!

  • Cool !

  • Awesome stuff...love that record. Ever see any video from that era?