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Ariel does my makeup using my new products from my 24k Birthday Collection.

My 24K Birthday Collection launches exclusively on on August 10 at 9am PST.

Birthday Bundle:

24k Birthday Palette:

24k Birthday Lip Shine Lacquer Set:

24k Birthday Collection Lip Serum:

24k Good As Gold Highlighter:

24k Body Glow:

24k All Over Gloss:

24k Liquid Eyeliner Duo:


  • Love the way he puts the makeup 💄 on awesome gorgeous gorgeous ♥️♥️👏👏👏👏👏🕊🕊🕊👌👌🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🍸🍸🍸🍸

  • Happy 24

  • انا من مصر كنت بحبك بسب ال بتعملي الحسابات الفيس بوك بقيت بكرهك

  • I don’t know if you guys notice she look a lot like Kim Not of course before plastic/ or I would say her natural look before plastic Just everything.. the ass, the lips, the makeup, the long ass hair, the fashion style, the breast, having black rapstar boyfriend She definitely got influenced by Kim And she’s the only one person who better suits as Instagram influencer than word celebrity

  • Omg I m in love with kylie 💝😇💕 She is such a darling 😍🥰 I have also taken a small initiative 😊☺️👇🏻

  • Girl can we just say you are ✨BEAUTIFUL✨ girl you are ✨ICONIC✨ and ✨SUCH A GOOD MAKEUP ARTIST✨

  • Hi Kylie I recreated your makeup look I felt very happy 😁 Here is it☝️

  • Hi Heaven your watch💩 make up artist more like💩 answers

  • что за ногти у парня😂😂😂

  • love you kylie😍

  • Ariel should have his own channel

  • I would give anything to get glammed just once by Ariel Tejada 🤍 such a talented artist

  • They ruined my entire life over nothing.

  • Happy birthday Kylie

  • Omg kyile s-she did not d-drink it is she

  • This was beautiful

  • Man whats up with this dude dressed all chill but with a fucking nail job. Wtf is wrong with people

    • @D. Johnson exacltly that’s why I said welcome to 2021 where nothing makes sense

    • I dont personally have anything against people and styles ect just doesnt make sense to me

    • Welcome to 2021 lol

  • I just came here to hate on Kylie

    • Your sad you clicked on a video just to hate on it you must be pathetic.

    • oh-

  • 3.5 hours of makeup holyhell

  • KIYLE?!?!? HOW AR U 24K YEARS OLD?!?!

  • did anyone else notice that she didn’t really drink the sip in the beginning of the video cos she was already pregnant? the clues!!!

  • My entire college expenses will amount to 24k

  • Ye should be ashamed of yeself,I was one of the people with my grand daughter waiting at the carousel and her ticket had already been checked and just as she and the other children were getting ready to get on the carousel the zoo shut it down all for ye entitled arse,shame on the zoo for kicking us out when we had already been there close to 3 hrs,ye,ye kid are not all that and ye are NOT SPECIAL,ye should be the one to be forced to refund our money ye POS.

  • oh you look younger than 24 maybe 22

  • Пускай все говорят что хотят, но она просто шикарна!

  • this makeup looks beautiful, i love you kylieee :)

  • Your vanity kills people, paint your ego in blood

  • Love this


  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ya mija🤯

  • Kylieee😩😩😍

  • Love these two together! and I absolutely LOVE the 24k collection... bought the whole thing when it came out and I literally love everything about it. The eyeshadow pallette colors are beautiful..the highlighter is amazing...i love it all!


  • necesito subtitulos en ESPAÑOOOOOOOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Omg it’s so beautiful eye makeup

  • Moments in time ..... #shade

  • I enjoyed watching this

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  • I do not believe that a man behaves like a woman, O Americans, God gave you money and you did not use it for good. You will regret it at the end of the boring world😥

  • HE IS A GAY.........................................

  • I can't believe she's pregnant with another baby

  • You are very rich hire me

  • hi Kylie soy biufigol I am Kim kardashians y you are kk

  • Hi Kylie! I don’t think that you would ever see that but i really hope. So i’m from Estonia, its a small country in europe. You have always said that you didn’t choose this life and you actually don’t want that every people knows you so in estonia people arent that agressive and they are too shy to come at you or they just dont regonise you, like Tom Felton was in estonia and nobody didn’t come to him like that. So if you want ever live normal life you should come and visit Estonia. Its really very beautiful country, much forest and even some places are peopelless.

  • Hi, Kylie can you do a pregnancy cravings mukbang with Ariel please ?!

  • Love it !

  • Kişi boyvu yerə soxum giJdıllağ

  • I love you kylie 💋❤- from Philippines 🇵🇭

  • @sillkify she's write 5 years ago Kylie Jenner see to a fan please don't touch me she's mean while sister Kendell takes a pic with the other sisters

  • Hello love, So amazing video but title is wrong, It's not suppose to "24k" 24k means 24000,

  • Are you jealous ? #gobroke

  • Lol she planned so hard to keep her pregnancy a secret

  • El embarazo de kylie es lo peor

  • I'm confused. Shes drinking but in the vid shes pregnant

  • Hi! If you are not using your old phone, please donate it to me instead of throwing.Thank you very much !

  • she's sweet. don't forget she's worth hundreds of millions. she could do, literally, whatever she wants and she chooses to be sweet and kind. she says some really dumb things (all in good fun) but shes not an abusive person. just remember that.

  • The met bol is half without kylie😶😔why kylie

  • Lol she is giving money back to jalisco for her 818 tequila lol u know the cjng cartel is collecting that money if u have any streets smart u would know that 🤓🤓🤓she is just helping make that cartel stronger lol here's a example member the Michoacan cartel taxing the people of michoacan Mexico for avacados she's very beautiful be but not street smart at all 🤓🤓🤓🤓lol

  • I`m all in for a "daily vlog" during her pregnancy. who is with me?


  • Hey Guys joven y yo no

  • Hey gais

  • She is prego

  • A

  • I love waiting this duo


  • Hola

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  • Wow

  • You kinda look like Kourtney in this Video 🥰

  • How many Indian watching this video

  • O that is her voice I don't even know

  • Happy birthday to you.

  • Just come back after her pregnancy number 2


  • Anyone know what eyelash curler that is?

  • Wait isn’t she pregnant

  • Why is this boy acting like girl.

  • Love

  • Kylie I'm waiting for your video 💚

  • Hi Kylie can you make more full face makeup youtube videos please.

  • she have baby 2 thats why she pretend that she drink the drink from the beginning

  • 🍼🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱👶👶👶👶👼👼👼🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤤🤤🤤🤤🤱 Baby

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  • Kylie ur such a good mom to stormi and stormi will always love u

  • Is she going thru morning sickness and is hiding it??

  • Omgg...She is pregnant again....Congrqts

  • Travis Scott - Goosebumps (AREK. G. Remix)

  • Beni yanına al kylie jenner T

  • It’s still hysterical to me that he got the same plastic surgery as her

  • تحياتي.يا.اجمل.قلب

  • if u didn’t know she’s pregnant with her second baby :)

  • Why does he look so much better than her lol

  • It was, in fact,✨apple juice✨😌

  • Lol

  • Te amo 🛐❤

  • Hello 10:03

  • hemorrhoid lmao

  • Kyle i love you