Lady Gaga on Oscar Win & Being “In Love” with Bradley Cooper

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Lady Gaga talks about what her life has been like since she won the Oscar, the importance of hard work, performing Shallow live at the Oscars, the speculation that she and Bradley Cooper are in love, giving her Oscar speech, new footage from A Star is Born being released, sneaking into movie theaters to see it, and Jimmy and Guillermo present her with the platinum record for A Star is Born.
Lie Witness News - North Korea Edition

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Lady Gaga on Oscar Win & Being “In Love” with Bradley Cooper



  • Now i see the real Lady GaGa, the real person!

  • Ela levou o Oscar na bolsa kkkk

  • Lady Gaga, you're extremely awesome and a Lady, indeed!! 😊

  • Mr Kimmel, you should better study a little bit more about the people you invite!!!

  • Love her!

  • This is why i've lost respect for acting, hollywood and the entertainment business in general. Viggo Mortensen almost literally became his "Tony Lip" character in "The Green Book" and receives no oscar. All the women against Gaga for the Oscar that year almost literally became their characters with their work... Gaga sings and says lines she's memorized, her work was barely good enough for a high school play and boom, gets an Oscar. Nothing against the woman, it's the industry I've lost respect for.

  • Amazing what make up does to a 6.5

  • Actor name, Stephanie isn't my real name either

  • She is THE best!!!!

  • i dont like her tan skin, i better like her skin during the fame monster era which is very light

  • Ilove you so much

  • They would look so cute together

  • as of now, 8K people have hurt Jimmy's feelings

  • Love your music, it's always awesome ;-)

  • she is just such a wonderful woman !!! so upright, full of courage and so sel conscious. Wonderful.

  • Wht? Who the hell clicked thumps down?

  • Just another piece of garbage Lefty on a garbage lefty show!!

  • I love Lady Gaga, she is so down to earth.

  • I love everything about this woman she is an inspiration to all of us to just be ourselves !!! listen to her !

  • Lady Gaga is Beautiful and I love her music ❤️😍

  • Wow thank you for saying it hahahha Guillermo lucky bastard 😂😂😂

  • She is pretty when she dresses normal and stuff and she has a nice set of boobs too..

  • I never paid any attention to lady gaga until that show came on Netflix and after that I saw A Star is Born, and now I am hooked on everything she does!

  • Who else remembers when she was on ahs

  • shes in love with bradley i hope

  • Bradley Cooper is on that trophy too? Right.....

  • Love Gaga.

  • Never underestimate these Hollywood types. Their capacity for patting themselves on the back is staggering. We all work hard every day too, sweetie. We just don't get a little gold statue for it.

  • Great job. Absolutely love this song, and the performance at the Oscar's was totally astounding.

  • So Bradley was responsible for the HORRIBLE camera angles at the oscars? He wanted them to feature the back of his head? Well alrighty then!

  • She has good pop songs

  • You can tell she is not being totally honest. Fooled nobody

  • She is beautiful 🤗

  • And the real kisses at backstage? 😀♥️♥️♥️

  • lady gaga in A STAR IS BORN is so much prettier than she can ever be in her real life..

  • She is so damn right about social media and how it is awful

  • Абезьяна и песни беспантовые

  • She brought her Oscar I'm ded XD

  • She's is such a beautiful person

    • Much better than the meat dress

  • She has lovely voice and incredible nature with everyone I really love her songs ....lots of love llllllaaaaaddddyyy gaga u r my inspiration

  • She is not a whore dog like Angelina...

  • Social media is toilet of internet!!! Best quote of 21st century..

  • Jimmy: it's hard to look in his eyes and not fall in love Gaga: you know, i don't feel like i won, i felt like we won. When you have the whole conversation planned out in your head and it doesn't go the way you want.

  • She could inspire just about anyone when she's speaking. Love her ❤

  • Dang right Lady Gaga, you did an amazing job!!! Powerful movie!! So, so, so good!!!!!

  • She’s a beautiful woman! 💕❤️😘

  • What a beautiful person she really is. X

  • You look great Mama

  • Satanic wins - this is so sad.

  • Why did Jimmy look confused about the donation "he" gave? And quickly changed the subject... Lol

  • She is GORGEOUS 😍😍😍😍 I seriously never noticed how beautiful she really is ..WOW 😍

  • I am a biker through and through but , I loved a star is born and became a Lady GAGA fan then and there . I love that movie , and BRADLEY COOPER , who knew he could sing , A STAR IS BORN is just a totally awesome movie

  • Idc what she says there was definitely a love of some sort there lmao

  • "cause Bradley wants honeycomb and we gotta give him what he wants"

  • This is the most beautiful Gaga has ever looked... stunning!

  • Congratulations on winning the Oscar! Lady Gaga is my best friend and I voted for you Jimmy!

  • Am In the only one not buying her litlle "'s just acting"?

  • Social media is the toilet of the internet but unfortunately billions of us use it

  • 1000 QUINTILLION YEARS of ASSAULTS 800 MILLION ASSAULTS AN HOUR 67 assaults a second. 1 QUINTILLION years kills a mortal man... Kenny Vawter

  • She is just amazing

  • Anybody know Which song is at 7:24 ?

  • @4:25 yep she's italian alright

  • I love Lady Gaga!!!💞

  • Very cool Artist, person and Actor Now!!!. She deserved that Oscar A Star Is Born is a phenomenal movie.

  • She only fooling her self

    • no, she's acting, she said it herself :) (she maybe just implyed the wrong part was the acting that's all lol

  • Lady Gaga is an upgraded Madonna

  • I like this movie. It's so hard work. And i really believe they loved each other. Maybe that's real movie i have ever seen

  • This Lady is Brilliant!

  • Naturally Gaga is very beautiful... should look this way from the moment on ...

  • 9:17 DAMN😤

  • Lady for sure now

  • Professional to the core😎

  • Funny how U tried to take over the stage, & almost fell back trying to get your balance ( yes we noticed ). METALLICA "Awards" ??? Still wonder why U thought U needed 2 take control the stage, & not toss the MIC 2 James ?? Being A superficial floater, and then Saved by A Amazing Historical being. So yes I have to laugh, As I am from 7 generations of BUTCHERS from Germany. So yes U were thought of, what grade beef were U wearing ? & was it recycled ? Or did you throw it away, A that meat that would help the homeless.

  • GaGa...?? Is she not content with her real name??

  • Love u gaga very much and good luck forever! I forever love you

  • What a great movie. Great women. Beautiful. Congratulations. Barb.

  • Hard work on top of talent is so incredible,

  • I love you Lady Gaga!

  • She's awesome!!!!

  • I have always loved Lady Gaga.

  • very coolfoundation

  • Sometimes NYers make proud. Congrats girl, you earned it.

  • She's perfect!!

  • Never really listened to her songs but after watching A.S.I.B....dammmm. Hands down L.G!!!

  • Even if you're a hater or not a huge fan of hers you can actually tell that she really is a nice person truly. Like you cannot deny that.♡

  • Raw talent and I always knew she would musically evolve as she got older &tired of playing mother monster and her voice has always been Amazing she is an inspiration as well in many forms have u seen her sing 4 non blondes song look on utube its full of raw power nearly blows her voice out also she sings w/a led zepplin cover band on the side and wowza those vocals and range are no auto tune!

  • good for you

  • Isn’t Bradley cooper married?

  • love your hair lady gaga

  • I love you Mother Monster

  • Really!! Have no real word's 🙂

  • She has changed so much... in a nice way. Really different from her old interviews.

  • She is so sexy bruh

  • man.. is she ' down to earth ' can't believe the respect I have learned for her....

  • she is so gorgeous and so casual!! love her

  • How cute. She gives Guillermo a kiss. She is awesome. 💋

  • I've never heard her talk... She is so beautiful

  • I would love to hangout with her for just a day. So talented and amazing! ❤️

  • I am foriegn. I do not understand