Lamborghini Aventador SVJ v Ferrari 812 v Porsche 911 Turbo S: DRAG RACE

čas přidán 27. 09. 2023
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It's time for another seriously powerful supercar drag race!
Mat's lining up in the Ferrari 812 Superfast, which delivers 800hp and 717Nm from its huge 6.5-litre V12! As for the Aventador SVJ? Well it's also got a 6.5-litre V12, although it can only put down 770hp and 720Nm.
But can either of them dethrone the current carwow drag race king, the Porsche 911 Turbo S? It may only put down 650hp, but this apparent lack of power hasn't stopped it leaving all competitors in its wake so far!
All we know is, this is going to be one seriously epic drag race that you don't want to miss!
Thanks to everyone who provided us with these cars for this AWESOME drag:
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  • Come on then - if you could only have ONE of these, which would it be? VOTE in the COMMENTS on this post!

    • VOTE: Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

    • VOTE: Ferrari 812 Superfast

    • VOTE: Porsche 911 Turbo S

    • Porsche 911 Turbo S

    • Ferrari

  • Might be my fav drag race ever... Better than Tesla drag races lol

    • Hahah coz you end up on the losing side of those ey. Just need to bring a Porsche to them lol

    • no way that porche only has 650 hp

    • Lambo looks the best amongst the three mate, im with you.

    • Yeah because of the sound factor.

    • Sebastian Jakobsen yeah classic porsche move to underreport power stats

  • That 911 Turbo S is something else! Well done Porsche. Hats off

    • Turbo is magic 😂

    • While i do agree it's amazing the performance, i have had the pleasure of driving all 3 by renting in Dubai, and my uncle also owns the same Turbo s in Switzerland. I have to say it's the most boring car in the world, even if you do 10.1s drag race you will have more fun in a Corolla doing 100s drag race. The car is the pinnacle of boring, everything is automatic you might as well not drive it as you get no emoticons from it. The Ferrari and Lamborghini on the other hand you will never get the smile off your face and the Ferrari is just special, there is no better and greater feeling of being connected with a car then when you drive a Ferrari, you are driving the car and you just never stop having fun, also if the 812 was AWD you do know it would be the fastest car they ever had Down the strip, it would crush everything. Unfortunately Italians care more about the driving experience than the times and numbers, that's why Ferrari is special tho because you will never have a better experience in any other car. Although it makes me mad cos they have the ability to crush every German car if they just added awd and some driver correction and maybe a small Turbo

    • of course it's great. it's been on this planet almost a century y'know

    • @Beni 51 LOL dude you've got to full of b.s The 911 turbo S is amazing, it'll give you an adrenaline rush with that 0-60 launch. Even hitting 100 feels insane. Using the pdk it shifts insane, great agressive shift when downshifting or up. You've got to be full of lies

    • @Beni 51 it does a 9.9 quarter mile

  • Porsche is killing it, at that price even. Definitely will be my first supercar.

    • look the porsche singer DLS, i'm sure you will prefer this one.... flat six, no turbo (so you can touch 10,000 rpm) manuel gearbox. juste perfect !

    • @Thomas Clement Hey, will do, thanks 👍

    • 996 turbos are still going at a decent price if you want one ASAP. They are probably the only 996s that will really appreciate so when you want to trade it in for the new model you'll be good.. I love the 911, though the Targa is more my style.

    • @Thomas Clement that is one of the best looking cars in the world i love it

  • Porsche is such a beast... Hope to have it in my garage someday!😉

  • The 911 Turbo will always be the pinnacle of the “everyday supercar”

    • Gasoline everyday supercar

    • acapella 👍🏾

    • K f

    • It’s just the pinnacle of combustion powered vehicles. Greatest car ever made.

    • Porches are everywhere in my city Lille in. France

  • 7:34 the best moment ever. Yianni doing a head dip into the finish line. Absolute classic move.

  • Porsche is that one quiet kid in class who everyone underestimates until the day comes

    • But now everyone knows the Porsche is the daddy of em all and daddy only has to watch his children squalor amongst eachother

    • Clout @ well it has yet to win a rolling race

    • Matze Pizzaheld you do realize it is racing cars with much more advantage right? Lamborghini has 20% more power and less weight Ferrari has almost 30% more power too. So I don’t know what you are on about lol

    • Where he shoots everyone...

    • Porsche has been slaying supercars since the 993 Turbo S days. Everybody knows.

  • 1. 911 has half the cylinders 6vs12. 2. It's half the price or even less than half. 3. Has least bhp among 3 on paper. 4. It has the most interior features. 5. 5X more reliable. 6. 3X more easy and comfortable to drive. 7. Has highest average gas mileage among 3. and still manages to beat both of Italians easily on all the 3 tests😂. German engineering at its fu**ing best. Italians are all about swag, roar & dent on pocket. For track enthusiasts you have the GT3, good luck beating that beast on track. No doubt the best car out of the 3 is 911. The everyday perfected super car. period.

    • and its the only one that works as a daily driver.

    • Don't forget to mention that the Porsche's twin turboed turbos make more difference than having more horsepower and a bigger engine. It's not more comfortable to drive and you can debate the reliability because people don't drive Lamborghinis daily or Ferraris for that matter

    • And if you want to talk about track enthusiast Lamborghinis are the ultimate track cars. They will beat almost anything on a track. If you go look at any tracks like best times it's not a Porsche at the top at the Lamborghini Lamborghinis are not meant for going in a straight line. They are meant to tear the track up. That's why they do not have turbos. If the Lamborghini had turbos, it'd be probably the hardest car on the planet to beat

    • Tune down SF90 to 650 HP it will still beat 911 Turbo S…963 HP normal version it’s faster then 918 Spider and any serial production Porsche. All in all SF90 is Porsche killer in any race, drag, rolling, track…whatever and it looks more beautiful…period.

    • Whichever one of the three I can trade in easiest for a manual GT3 is the one I'd take :P

  • Never judge a car by its roaring sound😌

  • I think we should all aspire to find someone who loves us as much as Yanni loves Lamborghini’s 😂

  • Yanni and Mat: THIS MEANS WAR!! Porsche: *Don't mind me, I'm just handing out L's*

    • Nothing beats Porsche!

    • @Lan not even a jet?

    • @Mustafa khan let it fly and we'll see...

    • @Lan how bout tuned gtr🙄

    • @Abel Wisdom yeah tuned porsche will be a match

  • Porsche looks like a normal car and yet it overcomes these two beasts , amazing German car 👏🏻

  • Let’s be honest here. That Porsche deserves a medal of awesomeness. It’s impressive that a car which costs way less and is more comfortable than the SVJ is able to beat it by quite a bit. That Porsche is essentially a super car slayer!

    • The porsche is probably even faster around a track than the 812... that car is nuts

    • Cars like rolls, lambo, Ferrari, etc Almost half of their price is based on the history and fame of the brand, they are not worth their price

    • @Dymond Piper The SVJ is faster around track than a 911 turbo S.

    • These cars are designed for different purposes. The SVJ is more costly due to exclusivity and track performance, not straight line performance. The 911 turbo is like a feather in weight comparisons to both the SVJ and 812.

    • @Ryan's Motorsports Not sure if it was tracked yet. Though yes, the SVJ is more geared towards the track.

  • Can we take a moment and admire how much the porsche pulls? Not just from a has hundreds of hp less 🤣

    • I thought the same, but my dad told me Porsche has the engine in the back so it will not sheath and cord. It will also get better grip. German cars is the best

    • @Sweden Basketball well porsches tc is another level and german engineering

    • @Mercy Yeah I know but I thought it was to obvious. German cars is the most reliable and have history of cars

    • @Sweden Basketball its all wheels drive and its turbo charged, ofc its gonna be insanely quick on a drag race, but in a rolling race it got smoked

    • @Sweden Basketball most reliable? Nah that would be Japanese, but its not surprising when they only make cars with 150hp.

  • Yanni`s determination probably adds another 100hp on whatever he`s driving

    • You mean 400lbs of unnecessary weight lmfao


    • It really does

    • Yes and he adds another 100 pounds of weight as well! lol

    • Yes, at the moment Yanni says "Come on!" are 100+ hp automatically added 😂

  • I think that's what makes cars so great. I love Porsches and out of the 3 I would totally have the 911 Turbo S, but for people NOT looking for that extra performance and just want their car to be pretty, great sounding and still dirty fast the italians are the ones for them. You just can't go wrong with any of them.

    • So in other words if you want to show of you get a italian car and a car which will spend more time with your mechanic than with you.

    • I have a base Carrera of the last naturally aspirated generation. Of course not as noisy as a Rari or Lambo but it does have a decent sound, much better than the Turbo. As an everyday sports car this seems just perfect to me. But if I would go for a super car, I think it has to look more outstanding than a Turbo S. Honestly even my base Carrera looks due to its configuration (Miami blue, cabriolet, light band at the tail) more stunning than most Turbos, it’s without doubt the most eye catching (and also the most camera catching) 911 in town. So imo a Turbo looks simply too standard for a super car.

    • Yes it's different philosophies, each car perfectly meets the goals its design aims at. And there's a relation between such goals, and the national character. Matt's intro speaking in the different accents subtly underscored that reality.

    • If i could ever afford it, i'm 100% going for the 812. If I want a car for the sole purpose of it being fast, I'm going to build it. But in the end, these 3 companies have different philosophies. Ferrari is to provide the ultimate driving machine, Lambo is to be better than ferrari, and Porsche is to simply be the fastest.

  • Porsche is simply the best engineered and evolved car among practically all cars to have ever existed. This is the reason why it's the best value for money. I'd take it for a daily driver, and you'll still beat 95% of the cars on the track. Ferrari and Lambo are cars for people who need to compensate for something else, being loud and angry and all..

    • Con il Turbo S batteresti quasi tutti gli altri, ai semafori o un 1/4 di miglio, ma in pista non avresti scampo contro quei V12. Amico la pista è tutta un'altra cosa. La 911 GT2 rs sarebbe piu adatta in quel caso. Sono pienamente d'accordo con te sul fatto che la Porsche offra il miglior rapporto qualità/prezzo. Capirei la Ferrari 812 SF perche i V12 costano molto ma la Lambo SVJ è decisamente troppo cara!

    • @non sono nessuno ooooh yes ... Sure...

    • 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Ferrari's can appreciate in value & they are always tier up than Porsche.

    • I've always said Porsche is just so damn hard to beat. Period.

  • i love porsche, but didn't expected to win due to hp, but it did quite impressive. Now i have more respect towards that engine. 😍

    • That's only max hp. when you consider the average hp made troughout the rev range, you'll see that turbocharged cars actually make more power than N/A cars generally, despite what the maximum figure is.

  • I like how the Porsche just casually crushes these cars without warning up its tires, being loud, costing as much, or even looking as “mean” as these cars

    • Carson N S you saying that this 911 turbo S has even better Porsche?

    • porsche is too sick lol

    • Stijn van Ingen No point talking about semantics the Porsche was far superior with half the cylinders and at 100K less than the Ferrari and 200K less then Lamborghini. I understand people have their preference but in performance terms the Porsche wins

    • Stijn van Ingen you talking about 2 seconds as it’s a lot, maybe in a F1 GP but in the Nurburgring where the tract is 20km long, that’s literally nothing

    • @Praticus having more cylinders doesnt mean it is automatically superior or inferior, it gives different advantages/drawbacks. turbo s is a masterpiece with turbos. the svj & 812 are NA masterpieces... all of them for a different purpose

  • We've seen faster cars, better times, but for me, this is the best drag race they have done!

  • That SVJ is in its own ballpark when it comes to looks and sound. But my goodness, the 911 is an engineering marvel.

    • TBH I think the Ferrari looks better certainly in black , Agreed Porsche is King though

    • ​@1pr007 you've got different set of eyes than most humans. But it's OK

    • @Muktoons Epiphany The lambo just looks aggressive, the Ferrari looks classier

  • I think the second most important is the manual rolling race because that shows the real power of the car

  • Who else keeps coming back to this amazing race from time to time?

    • Just referenced this video to an american who showed me a video of a "stock" mustang "beating" a 911 turbo s. Man that car couldn't reach half the speed of a turbo s if it was falling off a cliff.

    • Just watched for a second time

    • 4rth time bro

  • The 812 super fast is basically a Batmobile

  • The Porsche has half of the cylinder, half price, 150hp less, but still smokes them on the quarter mile... that Is amazing.

    • Porsche is the one who knows how to build cars

    • The Porsche has turbos though. You're making it sound like it's half an engine Vs the rest, when it's not. The turbos produce a lot of torque and has minimal drivetrain loss.

    • And it won’t break down a month after buying it

    • @Max G 2 turbos for only 80 n-m advantage and for a disadvantage of 150hp my guy

    • @Ghost KMN the point is, the comment was pointing out the engine was half the size, when we all know adding turbos can make up any deficit. Just look at the mid 80s f1 cars with 1.5 Litres.

  • I like how Yanni is not even paying attention to the Porche, just wants to smoke the Ferrari. He's just like we all know what the porche is about.

  • 812 sounds incredible especially with a novitec exhaust

    • agreed !!

    • Svj with gintani exhaust is better sorry not sorry

  • Porsche keep the BHP at 650; imagine if they went to 750 or 800 and upped the torque. Would be even more unstoppable. What a machine! Ti amo.

  • I'd have the 911 hands down. Price and value and the speed. Incredible. And it's not even tuned!

    • of course it will be. Don't forget its a part of vw. Bugatti,Audi,Vw,lambo oh fu** lambo is also part of vw wtf :DDDDD

    • Plus more of a day than the other 2

    • Acceleration YES, Speed well at least here is slower than 812 and SVJ 9:40 soo no.

    • Also practicality..You have a decent cargo, back seats (even if they are only for more cargo) and you can drive it without a crowd appearing everywhere you go. Ultimate real world supercar.

    • It’s ugly af

  • I think most of us will agree at minute 4:01 at his reaction. The sound it's just incredible.

  • Props to the porsche for having half the size engine, super quiet, and still beating all of them

    • roughly half price, too.

    • Since when is quiet an advantage?

    • @paulie153 it's a sleeper

    • @Andrew pruteanu well I wouldnt say so. And a supersport car should sound like one too, imo. I straight piped my m2 cs and 718 gts and now know what im paying for at the gas stAtion

    • @paulie153 yea its super quick, but its a zippy car, doesn't make much noise but rips every corner, the gt3 sounds absolutely amazing, and those are quick too

  • This is the best carwow drag race ever🙌. Just never gets old.

  • Looking back at this video, I am impressed by the SVJ! It seemed to me to be the heaviest, but turned out to be the opposite! I think that a DCT would boost that thing so hard too! it had that porsche super close on that quarter mile, if only it had a lightweight DCT on it, it could've maybe won? but damn, that porsche is just quick.

    • the svj is the lightest

    • @ARJUN SINGH is it really? It has a massive awd system as well as a large 6.5L V12

    • @Lucas look at the stats he shows it in the video. porsche is the heaviest, and the svj the lightest by alot. maybe its just cause yianni is driving it

    • @Lucas wtf man see video before commenting. Lambo is lightest

    • Even a lightweight DCT would probably still increase the weight I'd bet, dont know if it would be worth it. A sequential tho...

  • Absolutely love the Porsche...what a beast

  • It warms my heart seeing how seriously Yianni takes this.

    • It makes it so much better haha I love the passion🤣🤣

    • He's a hell of a competitor , good for the show

  • I love the 911 992 so much, one of my favourite cars of all time! ❤️

  • I love how that porsche didn't need to warm-up tires... A real silent killer.

    • But the car is loud irl

    • And half the price $

    • And there is also the Porsche 911 GT3 and GT2 RS

    • Im curious, is the gt2 or 3 faster than the 911? It looks like a sleeper in this race imo

    • And the porsche left those two again lol

  • I continue to be absolutely blown away by the Turbo S.

  • I would take the 812 over all of them all day!!! It looks awesome, it’s a frickin Ferrari, and it really pulls in the top end.

    • Plus it's N/A v12 sounds the best with the right exhaust

    • Better get a pair you'll need something to drive while the other is in the shop.

    • @herr trigger My buddy owns 2 porsches and they're constantly in the shop. Modern Ferrari's (360 onward) are actually very reliable. This is why all of them come with a complimentary 7 year maintenance warranty, yes 7 years. Far more than any other brand in the entire car industry.

    • What about the lambo its rlly mean looking and looks like it would spank the 812 ALL DAY EVERY DAY

    • @XtremeBruhGamer YT RWD>AWD all day

  • These guys are great. Laugh ever time I watch their vids. Yani (sp?) and Matt are quite the duo. Well done!

  • Hard to choose between the 812 and the Aventador. The Aventador is far more exotic looking and shifts are brutal as well as launch control. But I do like the sound of the 812. I'd choose both but if I had to pick only one maybe I'd pick the Aventador.

  • That Porsche just dominates every car in it's path.

  • The Porsche 911 Turbo S is an example of perfect engineering. So impressive.

    • It scares me how well Porsche handles its gearing and launches. The raw horsepower numbers only tell half the story. It’s the opposite of American cars.

    • But it's a no taste choice and have the design since the 70'

    • AuTomaTa thats what makes it good

    • But it's not as an "emotional" car like th ferrari and Lamborghini, Porsches have lost a bit of their soul since they ditched the NA straight 6s

    • @kanna mustafa They still have the NA Flat6 in the GT3 and GT3RS. Btw it's not straight 6.

  • That Porsche is a spectacular feat of engineering

  • its crazy to me how great the 911 turbo s is, its like the standard for 1/4 mile

    • Standard lol

  • Loving the color matched seat belts!

  • The superfast actually did really good considering it was the only rwd car there

  • The 812 superfast is really living up to it's title❤

  • Can we talk seriously about the porsche beating them both with half of everything!!! What a beast!!!!

    • sure, and doubled turbo vs 0

    • German engineering 🤯

    • @Ale55andr082 and its german engineering vs italiam engineering its like comparing a bugatti with a beetle

    • Torque isn't half though, and its the ability of its engine to produce more torque from lesser revs compared to the Lambo and Ferrari due to turbos and less drivetrain loss, and more boosts per cylinder

    • @Subhagnik Patgiri well! fair enough!

  • Ferrari has the looks hands down. Those porches keep preforming 👍

  • Yanni is hands down the funniest person to watch race

  • 5:23 Biggest jumpstart from Yanni I’ve seen yet😂 wheels spinning while the arms are still up🫠

  • The feel from SVJ is on another level. I mean just look at it and the way it sounds!

    • porsche all day everyday

    • @JSI i think the svj feels more agressive and faster to drive

    • SVJ has got good with looks department definitely. It looks like a cheetah, and that styling, though not for everyone, well it is pretty good looking for the most part.

    • ​@JSI Porsche looks are good too, but I'd assume more people think Lamborghini looks better. In any case, we can all agree that Porsche is more for the people who don't necessarily need to show off as much. It doesn't need to. It's a Porsche so you know it's freaking fast. All have it's own good pointers.

  • Turbo S all day everyday of the week and twice on a Sunday, that thing is crazyyyy

  • God that Turbo S is seriously fast

  • These 2 are too funny together love the disappointment on yannis face when he loses 🤣 matt

  • All three cars are unique in design and performance but if this were the Miss Universe (Exotic Motors Edition) there is a clear winner here without question. The Superfast, while unmistakably Ferrari, takes sophistication and blends it with the wild spirit of the prancing pony, and gives this black beauty a blue ribbon! This of course is my own personal opinion and an argument can be made for all three and no one would be wrong! Love the Channel and hope for continued success as I would very much like to see much more in the future!

  • I had absolutely no idea how fast that Porsche is! I thought it would be last. Daymn! 👏🏿👏🏿

  • The SVJ sounds incredible in the fly by shots, I didn’t think Aventadors were as loud as that anymore.

    • Umm the SVJ's aren't the loudest among Aventadors, the OG LP700-4 is the loudest.

    • @amarjit singh That was my point.

  • Congrats to the Porsche, very nice!

  • Love how the porshe just dominated and was still ignored 🤣🤣🤣😭

    • It has 0 charisma as all the German cars...

    • Dominated? It won the drag race by 0.2 seconds and won the brake test by a half meter? Ferrari won both rolling races too.

    • Porsche is like Mirko Miocic of cars: 0 charisma,but always wins

    • Rami Ahmed ????

    • It was slower than both if you take it's traction out of the equation.

  • matt:i'm gonna go down there to warm up my tyres yianni:i'm doing that as well then *does donut* porsche:just stays there and watch

    • Porsche = Huh, show offs!

    • Also porsche: wins without warming up

    • porsche was like: let the kids play :)

    • Porsche - the race itself is warm up for me fellas

    • Its awd, it doesnt need to warm up tires because there almost wont be any wheelspin

  • I’d take the Porsche, you just gave me another reason to love them

  • I'm gonna have to go with the svj..out of the three, I love the roar of the engine, plus, I think the svj would turn more heads.. beautiful car

  • This 812 brings music out of the exhaust 🇮🇹 ITALIAN engineering 👑🔥

  • I'd probably go for the ferrrari 812 superfast, but i also know that I am missing out on amazing Germán engineering that comes from the 911 turbo s. Out of the 3 the ferrari would be my pick, but to be bruttaly honest the Porsche is just the better car out of all of them. But there is just nothing like a raw 6,5 liter italian v12 that is also made by one of the best car brand, ferrari!

  • I love how the Porsche is just in the background crushing them.

    • Nr1 car worth of money in the world

    • I don't think that "crushing" is the right term. But considering the price difference, you're right. It's launch is mental.

    • It's quieter but faster🤣

    • What Porsche???

  • Matt I absolutely love the Drag Races!! You make amazing content! Especially you and Yani. I love the humor! I have one request. WHICH I know you can put together. 💯💯💯Tesla Model S Plaid vs 911 Turbo S❤️💯💯💯💯💯

  • Im in love with that sound of v12 Ferrari, when it got novitec its sounds like brutal old F1 with v12

  • Didn’t know the 911 was that fast 😯

  • That Porche is one of a kind it’s so fast off the line but I love the sound of that Lamborghini that Yianni is in great race over all 👍

  • Yanni really makes these videos so much better 😂

  • Can we just have a moment to take in the fact that a six cylinder turbo car just killed 2 V12 naturally aspirated súper cars. Damn, that’s why I love Porsche.

    • Nowadays cylinders don't mean much, specially when they are naturally aspirated. Very impressive performance from porsche but give me N/A V12 please!

    • key word: turbo... so no lets not have a moment we all knew what was coming 😂

    • Turbo doesn’t change the fact that it weighs more than the Lamborghini, has 120 less HP, and less torque, still beats them all 4/5 tests. Crazy.

    • @Zacharary Check your eyes, mate. 911 got the most Torque than the other two.

    • @Zacharary Also the SVJ doesn't weigh less than the turbo s, infact it's the heaviest. They showed its dry weight instead of kerb weight.

  • Crew-"We want a Front-camera View for our race of Lamborghini vs Ferrari!" Matt-"Let's add a Porsche in the Race....!!" Crew-"This will Work!! Thanks Matt!!" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The car I would rather have was definitely the 812 super fast that thing was quick in the rolling races.

  • The answer is clear for me. I just bought a 992 turbo s, which I did after watching it embarrass the more expensive super cars on this site. Thanks Matt and Yanni.

  • Haha the bigmouth yelling Ferrari (jumpstarting), the yelling (jumpstarting) Lambo both with extra warm tires and the understatement quiet Porsche waiting at the starting line is killing them with a snap). It is so impressive and hilarious at the same time. Thumps up for german understatement.

  • Got to be the Porsche for me. Can use it everyday and is not quite as ostentatious 👍

  • That Porsche 911 Turbo S is a different kind of beast. Beats bloody everything. Fantastic engineering. Bravo!

    • It doesn't beat the Nissan GTR R35 Nismo

    • @Harry Luteshi 992 Turbo S beats everything. Literally everything

    • It doesn't beat a Bugatti Chiron

    • @Harry Luteshi haha fail

  • That SVJ sounds insaaaaaaane!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Porsche the perfect german engineering at it’s best and maximum level 🤙🏾🖤

  • i would have a 911 turbo s its look fast but in a weird way and it made it a sleeper i love the people who made the 911 turbo s because is so crazy that it can go that fast!

  • Beautiful cars all, and what a lot of fun! Nice one. Ferrari all the way

  • The SVJ in this is a lot faster than other ones they’ve tested

  • The lambo so I could sell it and get the Porsche and a house! 🤣

    • My mentality right there

    • Or a Porsche and open a business with rest of the money

    • Me too

    • I have a book at the end of February 8 12

    • You can't sell s lambo

  • "nobody even looks at a porsche 911 Turbo S anymore, everyone just knows they will win" 🙂

  • Thank tyu Matt for being on the channel we appreciate it u make these vids so fun man thank you man

  • The Porsche really changed my mind on super cars. Until this video Lamborghini by a mile but that Porsche is pretty damn awesome… I think I have a new favourite “super car”

  • This video is so brilliant because the 2 hosts are racing their italian super cars with loud exhausts not even acknowledging porsche constantly pulling ahead in each heat

  • I honestly don’t care what ppl say, a Ferrari as childhood was my dream. Owning one will always have a smile in my face. That iconic yellow badged, black horse is iconic ❤

    • Facts. The LaFerrari is a dream and the 488 GTB are beauties as is the 812 Suoerfast.

    • @Jonesey Baby I would be happy even with a 360 or 430 🥹 Yes, those you said are a dream ✨

    • @3RR0R404 WeAreProgrammed FACTS

  • That Porsche is the definition of having the last laugh.

  • Mat and Yannis looking at each other battling hard... Walter in the Porsche: Hold my Beer

  • The Porsche is the most beautiful car ever made. I've always dreamed of owning one.

  • Lamborghinis exhaust is always insane🔥⚡

  • 4:57 that naturally aspirated v12 sound of lamborghini is the most satisfying sound ever in any 🤤😍🔥. Literally no other super car sounds better than Lamborghini 😍😍✌🏼🔥

    • Nah prefer the LFA or CGT's V10 sound and in my book they're the best sounding cars. Lambo is just louder.

  • Yanni pushes himself to apply one more extra horse power 😂

  • Can we just take a minute and appreciate Porsche engineers ‼️

    • Porsche is german so what do you expect ?

    • Made in Germany!

    • Erasmo Stride hahaha of course porsche gonna win

    • Made in Germany 🇩🇪💫

  • That porche stole my heart . It never disappoint..

  • Ferrari 812 hands down ! Looks, sound and performance (even if it gets beaten by the Porsche..)