Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo reveal their Gulf-inspired helmets

čas přidán 19. 05. 2021
Oh so retro... Take a closer look at Lando and Daniel's special edition lids.

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  • What do we think of these retro Gulf-inspired lids, McLaren fans? 😍

  • Both helmets are cool but I just ever tad bit like Lando’s bit more

  • I love lando’s helmet I love that old design

  • Landos has more detail

  • They talked about showing their helmets but neither did. What's going on? Did I miss something?

  • Both stunning

  • daniels helmet is cool looking

  • both are awesome but ricardos in my opinion is better

  • Both very very nice

  • Hard to pick any, looking back at it. They both look amazing.

  • Love both helmet designs!!!! So cool 😎

  • i really only just realized that driver number 3 and 4 are in the same team now...

  • Gulf livery is best livery. Almost... Martini is great

  • Dani-Lando is cool but man I miss Carloooos-Landooooo!

  • They both dont look like they enjoy each others company. It was way better with Carlos

  • McLaren CS-tv please give us more Danny & Lando content

  • more danny and lando content when 💔


  • I like Ricciardo Helmet!

  • Daniels helmet for sure, homage to Bruce McLaren. Love it.

  • Free fire x MCLAREN

  • I came from free fire

  • now i can say 🧡🧡🧡 the orange nr. 3 😍🧡🧡🧡 👍🏻 i wish you good luck

  • 2:42 That aged well


  • Love frome free fire community

  • yo viendo que free fire colaboro con mclaren

  • both are awesome 🧡🧡🖤🖤that is not fair🤓💓💓 i can't choose 👍🏻🍀🍀 great🧡🧡🖤🖤💙💙

  • Love from Free Fire community ❤️

  • They collab with free fire 💓💓 My love

  • Free Fire Is Best Game

  • Who is here after Garena Free Fire Collaboration 👍❤️

  • Love the haircut DanRic 😍 both nice helmet but DanRic's helmet is way more unique maybe because he gives so much details in it. Seems to me they're in a "getting to know more each other" moment than what I have seen before that pubes laughter 😅

  • Love Lando’s helmet aethetic🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • LOVE daniel's helmet!!!!

  • This reminds me of the scene from American Psycho where they are showing off and envying their business cards.

  • 2:49 well that didn’t age well

  • I love both, if I had to award a win: Lando's is better because more intricate and more ideas....

  • I like Riccardo helmet it sort of take you back in the 60s early 70s also watch me McLaren I want to be in F1 one day

  • I LOVE the goggles painted on the helmet!! 😍

  • 3:05 i like how he knew people could make it weird XD

  • Nice helmets

  • Забрать у дэна его макларен, пусть пешком ходит.

  • Which is best? Yes.

  • Finally.

  • Together at last 😂

  • I refuse the comment on boys helmets... ;)

  • Dani for Prince of Monaco!!!

  • Only team on the grid have unique car numbers 3&4

  • I love the glass on Daniels halmet.

  • Honestly, both are really cool designs. That being sad, I like Lando's a little better

  • i’d sell my family to get rics helmet.... but then i wouldn’t have anyone to show it off to

  • Daniels looks better can’t lie

  • That was a really wholesome video

  • Danny's is a bit more my style, I could see why people like Lando's tho

  • I liked LN helmet

  • Daniels

  • Nice touch guys but as a kiwi i gotta go with Danny Rics lid❤

  • They're both really nice but gotta go with Ricciardo's. It just looks really clean and sleek.

  • there is no question. Lando Im sorry, Danny's lid takes the cake.

  • It's hard to choose one... there both freaking amazing

  • I was really loving Lando's helmet, the goggles....until I saw Daniel's helmet. Wow! The visor with clips/ studs, the solid orange. A real treat But yeah, Lando design looks 100% his way of being retro, makes total sense. So there's no looser here, two fab designs to pair with that beauty of a car. I'm just waiting to see the suits under the sunlight to really see that light blue in all its glory.

  • DR's it is

  • Going with Riccardo's purely for the Kiwi😅

  • I'm going with Daniels this round. I like the solid orange with the #3....solid!

  • I want one

  • Overall design, I think I'd take Daniel's. But for Authenticity and getting the right "Feel" I pick Lando's

  • I like Daniel’s helmet.

  • Danny Ric wins the lid battle...this time.

  • @McLaren, please keep this Gulf livery, it looks gorgeous.

  • I love both of your helmets and I love both of you..I mean look: my favourite driver switched to my second favourite driver on the grid and both of them drive now for my favourite doesn't get any much better than that

  • wonderful fashioned look... hey guys were I can buy the polo shirt???

  • For a Dutchie like me, orange is always good. ;-)

  • bravissimi ragazzi complimenti bellissimo video lando norris e daniel ricciardo

  • This livery should become permanent and the current livery should be a one-off. The overalls are even better looking and striking than the livery.

  • I think Lando's helmet design is spectacular!

  • love the goggles on lando's but danny's helmet just slays

  • McLaren, You guys should stick to that paint scheme, cars and overall looks lit in those colors!!!

  • Love the Gulf Team colours, hope you keep them as they are the best Retro colours, Le Mans Gulf colours just so classic and Retro brilliant job guys of luck for tomorrow and on Sunday.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • L I D

  • Ricciardo's is amazing!

  • Let’s be real, I’d fucking rock Riccy D’s! That visor is sick!!

  • Ricardo all the way

  • Lando's colours with dan's design wouldv'e been 🔥

  • whats up, i like danniels helmet

  • Ok hear me out...Daniel wins Monaco somehow...parks his car on the main straight, stands on the halo and points to his helmet saying 'these are my streets'.

  • Danny Ric wins

  • Whats up, I like your helmet, I like your helmet

  • Finally those two together in a video again, was about time

  • Probably an obvious anwser but why do they use different helmet brands. Do mclaren not care who they use and it is based of personal preference of how it feels on the head, weight slight shape change etc.

  • Daniël is old according to Lando( lol). Cant wait for Daniëls reaction.

  • Dany ur helmet looks cool 😎

  • you have to be an Aussie to know why Daniel thought is was so funny to be showing their helmets.

  • if every one at F1 is tested and there is vaccines why when there is only a few people in the room why wear a mask enough already....we get the rona sucks

  • I like Lando’s helmet, sorry Daniel

  • I like Dan’s style, but like the blue on landos, overall Dan’s

  • Daniels lid is better

  • Both are amazing ad beautiful. That said, the LN helmet is my favorite. It reminds me of the GT40 and 917's that wore the Gulf livery in the '60's. So 😎

  • This Duo is not going as fans speculated, they are very serious and seems dead from inside, no new challenge videos or banter as we used to see. This is exactly what happens when you over-expect.

  • Lando’s lid is awesome 😎 .