Last To Take Hand Off Boat, Keeps It

čas přidán 19. 10. 2019
Last one to remove their hand kept the boat!
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In this video MrBeast will do a funny challenge with his friends for $10,000 where everyone try to be the last to leave. This video challenge is for entertainment but it is not a prank. A real boat worth over $10,000 is being given away all for the fun of it. I also started a new tiktok which is similar to vine which you should check out. If you like my videos you might also want to check you PewDiePie’s Try not to laugh series.
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  • Subscribe or Chandler will cry

  • He got so serious when his hand cane off

  • 6:35 When reality hits harder than you expected 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nobody: Chandler gets secound chance: Everyone:🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • The ECU corn hole board!

  • 2019=last to take of hand from boat win it 2025=last to take of hands of Mr beast owns him

  • 1like = chandler wins 5 challenges

  • 40 degrees is cold for them but it’s 6 degrees here and I’m hot

  • I appreciate Chandler. He reminds me of myself

  • are you NicsterV

  • R.I.P. Chandler

  • Jacob looked so sad man

  • I just feel bad for chandler

  • Chris... Chris was waiting to roast him about that for a long time I bet.

  • 2nd life chandleeeer

    • Wait hes gone again, 3rd choice first guess, (you cant prove otherwise) VIKIIINGS NEED A BOAT

  • Yeet

  • OMG how many cool ideas do you have mrbeast?! 👇👇

  • MrBeast need a TV SHOW OMG 📺 💻

  • Can I please go in here and finally win something on my life???

  • Chandler is crap ahhhhh

  • Kinda annoyed that the new guy got kicked off for something so stupid so quick and chandler got 2 tries and has won multiple challenges.

  • Challenge Idea: last to stop smug dancing wins

  • Buy me a car Mr.beast thanks :)

  • I wish I could do one of these challenges

  • This videos are awsome

  • Im thinking wheres garet?

  • Am I the only one who fells bad for chandler

  • How did they change their shirts and hoodies ten times without taking their hand off the boat??

  • Chandler really does suck

  • Mr. Beast: How many attempts u want? Chandler: Yes

  • Soooo now u don't have worry about peeing....just do it.

  • “Are they on?”

  • chandler forever

  • Poor Chandler.... Awww...

  • How they got their hoodies on

  • Anyone remember when mr beast said Chandler will try when it was a yacht

  • 2:58 did chandler take his hand off????????

  • Dude I just wanna be in a challenge I don’t care if I’m fighting for something I just want to be in one 😑


  • Sub to me plz I’m trying to beat my friend

  • We see Chandler is a Professional Football Player

  • Chandler buddy I still love u

  • R.I.P binoculars... 😔😔😔

  • Poor chandler

  • I love these vids ❤️😂

  • I need money I poor

  • 0:16 CloneTrooper? boi you dont know nothin about Star Wars! thats a frickin StormTrooper

  • Mr Beast: This is a mini yacht Also Mr Beast: Look at this thing, it’s massive!


  • chandler got 2 chances! oh boy, oh boy!

  • Subscribe or i will delete your kneecaps

  • Yay beast hit 26 mil subs

  • Jake lifted his end at the end so Chris won

  • Chandlers a biter

  • Mr beast: a person to be named chandler wins 2mil! Chandler: *changes name to jeff*

  • HahahahHa wow stop insulting chandler as a cry baby 😭

  • 3 hours in and viking still has his hand taped... 8:31

  • poor chantler!

  • Suggestion: last one to stop throwing eggs wins *enter your amount* Explaination: so each person buys as much eggs as possible then throws them at someone which will be chosen by a jar

  • 45 and they can’t feel their hand Welcome to Wyoming where 45 is this weeks high