Laying in a Box of Snakes | Overtime 9 | Dude Perfect

čas přidán
A Grappling Gun, a new Absurd Recurd and a box full of snakes make this our best Overtime yet!
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  • Coby here. Yikes that was rough 👊🏻🙇🏻‍♂️ 🚨 COME SEE US (no snakes) ON TOUR! 🎟

    • AmandaSexy u replied on a comment. basically everyone will reply since this is in a comment

    • set up the armour in the lobby like they do in castles

    • Hi guys I love ur vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope u guys r going to Texas!!!!!!

    • M

    • You guys are gonna be close but my mom said NO

  • I’m in New Jersey

  • 15:54 "Garrett I would like to warn you this will be your final pump of the show.." Me: Yea that's reasonable "unless you get it right" WAIT WHAT! NED!!

  • is that u swaggersouls? @ 3:20

  • 21

  • That record guy has the coolest job

  • Smelling bee was a little boring

  • when are yall gonna do a stereotypes video

  • 22:07 is when the snake thing begans Thnk me later

  • Next I would like to see Laying in box full of Chicks. Not the one that comes out of an egg.

  • Why you do dat? 6:58

  • Tyler came to my school today!!!! 😱🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😝🤯

  • Spider ty

  • Wow #1 on trending congrats I really enjoyed this overtime

  • Is it just me or when dude perfect makes any new video you feel like your depression is cured

  • anyone notice the suit of armor is german?

  • Lets buy land on saturn. I be like its made of gas

  • You guys are awesome keep it up. What city are you going to be in for California?

  • Ty never been on wheel unfortunate? Ned’s disappointed

  • Coby, if you are reading this, I feel so bad for you, I am soooooo sorry

  • Start doing battle standings at the end of those vids

  • *Lying.

  • Panda is Michael the Guinness World Record Guy!

  • Cody kinda looks like Freddie freeman that plays on the Atlanta braves

  • I live in unitedstates .

  • Was that a coral snake?

  • We want Jim Shchorts from Yamacia

  • I would not do it for $1000

  • H - TOWN

  • dude Purfect

  • I love you guys.i think you should do a mowing challenge to see who can mow first while shooting each over with nerf guns. oliver

  • But did you get Mamamoo’s White Wind mini-album yet

  • “This will be your final pump” ahaha

  • thats 6 days before my birthday

  • Tyler needs to be on wheel unfortunate

  • i LIVE right next to newark

  • Roses are red 🌹 Violets are blue I like my comment Because no one else will do

  • I can’t wait to see the dude perfect ruby play button 🤩

    • Hopefully it’s like the pewds one but with the dp

  • darn it bro they beat me

  • Let’s play a game Boys keep the likes even Girls keep it odd Let’s see who wins And yeah you’ve probably seen this comment b4 but guess what idgaf

  • your videos are beast mode

  • 3:00 ty had his eyes opened and then closed them

  • You guys should do airplane/ airport stereo types

  • I would do it

  • Pittsburgh has a “H” in it lol

  • Snakes 🐍⚰😱😰

  • Leave a like if you see A Smiley face😀

  • live in iowa

  • 😂 cool not cool 😎

  • I love you guys so much you are such a true inspiration i want to be just like you when i grown up💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Snake box starts at 21:07

  • I love OVERTIME!

  • Nice job Ted Crotchet

  • When you try to buy land on a gas planet

  • this is one channel that i can look at the old videos and not cringe at why i liked them

  • 10:55 I live in MEXICOOOOOOOO D,:

  • Nice record guys

  • I have to come and see your tour I am in Indianapolis!!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!! love you guys!!!

  • If u give this comment a thumbs up, i will give u v-bucks

  • Love y’alls vid


  • Dude perfect

  • Could there just one snake at least PLEASE?

  • Wooooooww!!!!

  • I only had one ad no videos after this vid

  • I better be getting a video of you guys in my messages

  • get me to 100 subs pleaseee it would mean a lot

  • Ty is Ned

  • Subs ?

  • i will literally give you $1 million to find out who the panda is


  • I would love to see Tyler get picked for wheel unfortunate.

  • Why!?!!!!!

  • Anyone else notice the football helmets at 22:00

  • I hate snakes so much

  • Bruh he asked what city they are stopping at first and he said California😂

  • Snakes r so cute

  • Yes rage Ty

  • I don’t fall frequently

  • my closes city is Charlotte, NC, which is 3 hours away from me.

  • I live in Norman OK

  • Lets go San diego

  • you should go to wisconsin

  • ,,, .,..,,.,,,.,,.,, ., .,.,, .,.,., .,,,,,.

  • I live near Houston

  • The Panda is Ty's bro.

  • 21:49 thank me by liking:’)

  • Amk overtime atmayın artik yha düzgün eğlenceli güzel bir video atın yha

  • On 7/14 you’re gonna be 30 mins away from me.

  • Ty's acting as those characters are priceless.

  • Is that Jacob h Me

  • I love snakes

  • are you filming the shows on tour

  • you guys know you cant buy the moon because its international land

  • 19:05 ned x rage monster

  • lit

  • Youch.

  • driving tell you run out of gas if what my dad and his friends did for fun that's not a punishment

  • I'm always wondering of ned is a actually Tyler

  • I live in your mom