Leaving The Original Goonzquad Garage!!!

čas přidán 21. 01. 2023
Its finally happening!!!
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  • This channel is a prime example of hard work and dedication.

    • Half ass work and dedication *****

    • @@glizzygobbler3577 y u say that?

    • Been here since the beginning, I've seen they hard work. They deserve all the best 😁

    • @@glizzygobbler3577 Brodie liked my comment and didn’t respond lmao

  • I’m not gonna lie. This was one of the saddest episodes. You guys basically took us back in time with you. I feel like I’ve been watching you for a while now and almost feel like extended family. God bless you and your family. Van for life.

  • Honestly when you guys built that garage on the side 7 years ago, thats insane because I remember when you guys first built that and to be thinking it was that long ago is just insane. Ive been watching you boys for a good minute and inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and get some car shit done, its just insane to know ive been watching you guys for so long. Be dope to come see you guys someday for sure. very big fan. congrats

    • I was shocked, that the built ist 7 years ago. I didn`t know, that I was watching them for more than 7 years :D

    • The videos when they built the shop, are from 4 years ago. They also rebuilt a 2017 Corvette on the slab, before the building was there. That Corvette isn't 7 years old yet, and it wasn't new back when they rebuilt it.

    • That jeep content hit different

  • You guys came a long way. I remember waiting for the new Jeep episodes to come out. The yard builds under the sky we’re fun. Tomas the kitten got big. The privacy fence build was good too.

  • I remember when you had just the pad there for the garage. I love what you guys do. And I love how far you've come on your journey.

  • I feel lucky to accompany you on this journey of yours. I saw you rebuilding cars in front of your parents' garage, I saw you painting in a tent, I saw you build your first garage, you've evolved so much and for that I congratulate you. I look forward to seeing you continue to evolve and grow. We are together a hug here from Portugal

  • The nostalgia has really hit . I’ve been watching y’all since my junior year in high school and I graduated last month from university. You guys are the realest CS-tvrs in the game. When you’re willing to learn anything you can achieve anything you could ever want in this life. One day you guys can do a meet and greet and I could thank you guys for everything.

  • Nostalgia hits hard. I’ve been watching you guys for over 5 years. Thanks a lot for your content!

  • Great to see all you guys growth. And wish you all the best for years to come. P.s. You guys did bring Thomas with you, right? :D Love that little furball

  • It felt like yesterday when I saw your first videos back at the old shop and now seeing it all being sold just feels unreal. We’ll deserved. Keep it up much love :)

  • Guys! Great job on humble beginnings and taking a leap of faith together! Looking back on where you started and where you are now. Unbelievable! My favorite episodes of your builds are the black supercharged Corvette. You guys were working on the cement slab with the portable shelter and using your Jeep winch and your forklift for an anchor to pull the frame rails straight. Wow! Humble beginnings! Great job! God Bless!

  • Been watching you guys since the beginning… Prime example of hard work & dedication! Love y’all’s work & attention to detail. Thank you for great high quality content !!!❤❤❤

  • Definitely some good times at the old goonzquad garage.... You've come so far over the years and still growing. Thanks guys for the hard work and dedication

    • How many videos are they gonna make leaving this place? We're leaving the "the house" Tune in next year we'll leave the garage!

  • In life as one chapter closes new ones start and all that hard work and dedication has paid off handsomely! Keep it up guys.....

  • Hard work, commitment and discipline will ALWAYS pay off. Couldn't be happier for the success you guys have created for yourselves!

  • Always humble, hardworking, just the way to go

  • Man i remember watching the first mustang video, I subscribed and couldn’t wait for the series, almost 5 years later we’re here. One of my favourite channels around. Congratulations on all your hard work boys, keep pushing 🤙

  • Been a loyal viewer since you boys built that garage. Incredible how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time. Glad to see that Thomas is still keepin it real 🐱

  • Good luck to your parents ! ♥️ What an amazing journey it has been for both you guys and your lovely parents 💪

  • Teared up seeing you close that door for one last time (at least for us viewers). For the OG’s, I’m sure y’all also feel as if a part of you is staying there. Keep grinding guys. Never back down!

    • sad they didnt take all those items from viewers into the new garage!

  • Congratulations to you both and your families. I personally joined your page a few months before you guys started building the shop. It’s been amazing ride watching you guys. Great job.

  • I love how they support each other and have the family bond. I don’t know y’all but very proud of you young men. I think a lot of us can learn from them to not be scared to take that leap of faith. Keep on grinding. God bless

  • Bitter sweet been with you guys since you was working outside love seeing the progress and success you guys have had

  • It's been a fun ride watching you guys grow up and flourish!

  • Years of quality content from the Goonzquad Thank you for bringing us all along for the ride Glad to be a subscriber and support the grind. edit. THOMAS!!! I WANT TO PET YOU 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • so proud of you guys. ive watched the whole journey

  • I really love the channel fellas! There is nothing better than the love of family to help you succeed. You guys have an impeccable work ethic too.

  • Man hard to see you guys go! I'm with you site almost the beginning. I still remember the concreet slab. With the tent, fixing the ventilation. With the f150 and the subby, the blue jeep etc. Loved you guys back then and still do! Nice to see you guys grow from nothing to the empire you guys have right now.

  • I've been here ever since you bought the 2017 F-250...you guys came a very long way, be proud of what you accomplished.

  • I remember the days of you working in the driveway , I’m very happy to see your hard work and positive energy pay off, congratulations and I look forward to future videos

  • Can’t believe you went through a whole video without mentioning dang sauce 😊good job 🎉

  • I watched some of your very 1st videos and you guys have come a long way from where you started. Good on you, but never forget where you came from. Being humble and having grace will take you to even higher heights.

  • Every time I'm watching you guys, you make me smile. Keeping on your hard work

  • sucks seeing you guys leave but onto bigger and better things

  • Mad props to you both. I started following during the Lambo build and was so impressed by what you accomplished and particularly admired how you solved problems when you didn't have the $ to just buy OEM replacement parts or the right tool. It kinda makes me sad to see this building go. Being real, you two helped me get through Covid. Thank you.

  • I cant wait to have the " i forgot we had this super car parked here " money 😅🤣🤣 you guys deserve every bit of all these great things coming at yall !

  • end of an era boys i remember you getting the outer building and looking for flags for the walls opening fan mail every episode so much has changed so good to see you all doing so well on to bigger and better well done and best of luck for the all to come

  • Been watching y’all for over 4 years since the mustang build and haven’t missed a video since🤘🏼 nothing but great vibes at the original goonzquad garage

  • Man, I've watched ya'll since the jeep wrangler builds, Seeing you and your mother talk about the old house and leaving it brings a tear to my eye. Ya'll some good people. Enjoy the success and the opportunity it brings to make things better for your folks, that's the biggest gift of all. Much respect, ill keep watching!

  • Congrats on your hard work fellas.. Reflecting where you once where to now, one can never forget where your from.

  • I know it's not as hard for us watching, but man, I sure did a lot of reminiscing during the video. Keep going fellas! I need the content! My week moves faster knowing it's Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday!

  • Love your relationship with your family fellas! Keep up the good work

  • You guys channel is my absolute favorite. I always look forward to your uploads 3 times a week. Thank you for staying humble and setting a good example for the younger generation!

  • Wow. Speechless. I remember the OG goonzquad house and garage. Miss them old epic times. The channel and content and grown for the better and so proud how far you boyz came. Perfect example of keeping it positive. Never give up. Never be afraid to fail. And learn from your mistakes. In the end you can succeed. Thank you for all the good times.

  • What an awesome story, thanks for sharing guys! Equipment is on the way!

  • Mumma coming throught with them lunch times… I’m so proud of you guys and helping you mum and pops pleased to see there moving on with the times and moving on Ager 29+ years for taking care of you guys love the fact they took care of you guys and supported you both so glad you both have made it p.s that dang sauce is fire 🔥

  • I wish the best for you boys, thank you for taking us with you

  • I join your channel after the covid breakout, it's been three years already. I am from a remote part of India, in our community we never leave our parents whether they are old or not we never leave them, you guys also don't leave your parents always be with them when they needed you they become old now, but they are the ones who made you who you are. God Bless you...

  • Hard to believe I've been watching you guys grow up. I came across you during the Mustang build. Not sure when in your time-line that was but awhile. Good on ya... I'm a sailor, and do the work on my 50 year old bluewater racing sailboat. It's fun to watch you guys figure it out. Congratulations on the weddings, homes, etc. Capt.Bob, SV ( Sailing Vessel) 27th Chance ,Tampa Fl, USA 🇺🇸

  • Great progress guys. I been watching since the Z06 build when there was only a slab of concrete and yall used the forklift to straighten the frame rails. Keep up the good work!

  • Feel like I’ve been on the journey with you guys, been watching since the wrx build. Nostalgic to see the og garage coming to an end.

  • I remember when I started watching Goonzquad, back on the Mustang build, still feels like just yesterday, but I am super happy with how far you guys have gotten, watching all the builds and crazy adventures you guys have had, building your homes and getting married, and I havent missed a single upload, keep it up guys!

  • Good journey guys, best regards to Mom & Pops - they give so much support to you guys. Best of luck in the future.

  • I subscribed when there was only a concrete pad at the OG Goonsquad garage. Y’all have came a long ways. Proof that hard work, dedication, and following your dream will get you places. As always love the content and always stay humble

  • Very proud of you guys and all you have done and will do. Props to mom and pops 👏 🙌

  • Has it really been that long? Seems like just yesterday you were building the garage at the house. So many great videos! Looking forward to all the great content to come. I raise a bottle of Dang sauce to your continued succeess. Thanks for all of the happy memories.

  • You boys are an inspiration to all fr! Thanks for sharing yalls cool builds with the CS-tv world and world wide! Nothing beats this channel other than Vtuned he's got the same Background as yall

  • I love Billy's face when Simone was doing the burn outs 😂

  • I’m pretty new to your channel but have to say you guys have got me hooked. Love your content and how you present it. I have no doubt your parents are so proud of you both. You both do a fantastic job and are so likable. Thanks for sharing.

  • I am nostalgic and miss the old shop and the old way you guys did things. Also miss seeing thomas and all the animals since i am a dog lover.

  • Man I wish I could still have those kinds memories with my family. My dad passed over 8 years ago and I don't live near my mom or siblings. Cherish those times you never know when they maybe just a distance memory. You guys are so blessed to be around your whole family and enjoy each other. So many no longer have that and it makes life a lot harder.

  • If you can’t be good, be good at it guys lol In all seriousness this is a bitter sweet episode from where it all started. Been watching you guys since 2016.

  • Crazy to realize that I've been following you for 7 years now already :O So nice to see where you've come along. I can clearly remember when you build up the old shop and what not.

    • The shop is only 4 years old. September 2018

  • I feel like the og goonzquad garage needs like a nice bronze plate like a memorial to say this was the beginning of a bright future.... I'm proud of you guys and may god bless you for another 20 years

  • The journey continues. Continued Blessings to you guys and especially your parents, they did a great job!

  • The old garage is legendary, but shows how far you boys have come!!

  • Love this episode, thank you guys for making these videos and being humble

  • I'm watching your Channel since 5 Years, all those memories, keep doing!!! All those positive energy is amazing!

  • You two have done very well for your selfs, the best of luck to you both. Keep up the great content.

  • Congrats guys!!! Very sentimental video! I’ve been watching since the first Lambo build, so happy for you and your family!!! Great work!

  • Love seeing how far you guys have come from the construction videos! Love seeing the progress and seeing how proud your family is of yall. Keep up the great work. You guys are an inspiration to a lot of young people out there!

  • It’s tough saying goodbye to home you grew up in. Off to better things guys!! Bless up!!!!

  • The excitement in your voices when you were planning the first building drew me in for sure. Jeep jeep jeep. Those early days. Congrats on all the success.

  • Man, I remember when you guys built the mustang, and the viper was still one of my favorites can’t believe it was so long ago, still my favorite CS-tvrs to this day from day one

  • OGs were here when you didn't have a garage and you were building and painting those cars outside! You guys are a living proof that dreams can come true if you follow them

  • alot of change been really happy seeing all the progress you guys did very happy for you all

  • I wonder what size your next commercial building will be. So many good memories from the original Goonzquad garage ♥, been watching you guys for years already and haven't missed an episode ever since. You're a true inspiration to the youth by simply working hard, being dedicated and following up on your dreams. Then, you're still humble guys that have never forgotten your roots. How awesome!!! Much love from Germany and all the best to your parents!

  • I have been watching you guys since the beginning and it has been a blast! Looking forward to more of your good stuff! Seven years man!! Seven years....

  • Thank you for sharing such a profound experience in the squad’s lives!

  • Man, time flies. I remember when these guys first bought the Mustang. They were working on a pad with a cheaper tarp for a garage. They've come such a long way.

  • i started to watch this channel when you guys were working in the garage....i am really happy to be apart of your goonzquad history...keep going

  • Bu garajda çok güzel anılarınız vardı yolunuz daima açık olsun sizin gibi temiz kalpli insanların yolu daima açık olsun Türkiye den selam

  • If you think it was sad for you guy's leaving the old goonsqard house, imagine how is old follower's feel to see you guy's leaving that house. I've been following this channel since 2016 . But I remember seeing you guys working outta your Mom's garage 💯 that was crazy and hard to work out of but you guy's did it. As a follower of the channel I am sincerely proud of you young men and if I were living out there in Chattanooga ,Tennessee I would recommend anyone to see you guy's. I believe in you and trust you from everything I've seen you guy's do and say 💯😎👍🙏🏻😇

  • Followed you guys since you started. its great to see how you grow this much since years go by.. its big.. Proud of you guys..

  • I Will miss that House Soo Much Guys.I've been watching you guys for over Four Years Now and Saw You guys Grow.It Was truly Amazing ❤️. Well Wishes to You as always

  • 5:48 - that's honestly a really good idea, especially for good condition parts from old builds. Prices are still elevated for that kind of stuff, especially for exotics and high end models. Cash them in and put the funds towards even newer stuff. Still say we need a rebuild/glow-up for the Danger Ranger though!

  • 3:56 man this really hit home! That tarp has had so many builds in it, so many rain soaked days inside it, and so many things painted inside it.

  • Ohhhhhh myyyyt the memories 😢but so happy to see where you guys are today !!!!! Never stop going y’all are proof 🎉

  • Your mama loves you so much. When she came out with a plate of food, it made me feel sad for her. Honoring your parents is a must in life, and they taught you well. Part of what makes this a great channel is you modeling what it means to be family.

  • Great memories there for sure. This is what made you guys who you are today. Now you will be starting many new memories at your new garage. Family is the key!

  • Good for y’all growing up and out and doing well

  • Pamiętam jak zaczynaliście robić quady, od początku jestem z Wami. Proszę udostępnij napisy język Polski.

  • Just love Mom and Pops, you can just see they live for their family xx

  • I love you guys, content makes me happy for whatever reason. Been watching since the Lamborghini build and have been hooked since.

  • I remember when I started watching goonzsquad they had just started with the ford mustang still being built outside the garage, and seeing this beautiful evolution, I saw the construction of the garage on the parents' land, and it makes me very happy to see where they arrived and to have accompanied and helped all this.

  • Still remember the videos of you guys building that garage. How time flies! God bless.

  • You guys have come a long way! Been here since the first guild.

  • Kinda of an old small shop, but the memories are what makes it. 🙌 On to bigger and better builds! 🤘

    • It was quite the improvement from working outside on the concrete pad under a tent when I began on the journey.

    • The new shop is getting smaller and smaller the more crap they keep putting into it !!! Its turning into car storage !!

  • I remember those outside builds 😂 you guys as grown so much over the years 👍🏾👍🏾

  • Thanks guys for bringing up some memories that I thought I had buried down deep but I guess I didn't. From 1963 until about 2003 I lived in the same house for all my life. till I got married and moved away. So I know what you guys are feeling right now leaving it's very sad to get a lot of memories.