Leaving the YouTube Bubble

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  • Ngl, i do also start to feel really bad to her. Having several million people shitting on your back while working 14 hours a day to produce a show must be tough, but also she just simply refuses to change and actually do something original and enjoyable because she seem to still thinks that her jokes are funny, and that people only hate her for her gender or race, hence the constant joke about white man and stuff. She's already successful, and she can do more, but she's a bit too full of herself to make things work.

  • it's like she invented a telephone and started only writing bad telegrams

  • Only people with two digit IQs can laugh at these sad attempts she calls "jokes". She's an awful comedian. Terrible. Disgusting. Revolting. If her comedy was a YT channel, it would be BuzzFeed: Dull, illogical and boring.

  • This is Drew’s best video good job Drew

  • Jenny Slate was never funny. I saw her Netflix special stage fright it was a snooze fest. But this video was good and gave it a thumbs up. She’s not as bad as lily and Amy though... lily is just cringe from head to toe.

  • Plot twist she is a white man

  • I noticed that Dance Gavin Dance bit you put in there at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="558">9:18</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="562">9:22</a>, boi. I appreciate it tho :3

  • Holy shit when did Mindi get fucking HUGE! Not that it is a surprise look at ALL of India. After about 25 every woman looks like a coke can

  • Don’t kid yourself, she has no talent to improve upon.

  • You knew she wouldn't last she a rasist bitch how bites the hand that feeds her.

  • u know it, we all know it, women arent funny

    • Come on man. There are plenty of funny women. I could'nt tell if it was a joke or not, but people like Maya Rudolph and Cecily Strong are really funny and they deserve more respect.

  • CS-tv stars don’t have talent. I’ve said this idk how many times. It’s the new talent. Being talentless but with a lot of views online.

  • i consider myself lucky to have never heard of her until now. she was so cringy to watch

  • I didn't know the show was bad because I couldn't get far enough through the first episode before she told me it was not for me to watch.

  • Heavy pit stain <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="608">10:08</a> Not tryna fuck Drew over, I'm just glad I'm not the only person who sweats through a t shirt in 60 degree weather.

  • Lol drew angry virgin. /s

  • Her show is like the scene from The Dark Knight Rise where joker is burning the piles of money. It's apparently about sending a message. Except everyone is ignoring her message.

  • That bitch is a racist pig, no more no less.

  • You remind me of drew Danny why’d your change your room tho

  • I mean, man.. play Lily Singh and Liza Koshy on split screen, that's the ultimate cringe. I seriously doubt, if their own content is played back to them, they would laugh.

  • Iv never found people like her or Liza funny

  • Hot girl that thinks she's funny is always a problem lol

  • This awkwardness of her show is on par with ‘Scott’s Tot’s’ from The Office

  • i'm beginning to think lily *isn't* an old white man

  • Why do white liberals obsess over race so much? "Shes the first woman of color to.. better late then never." Who gives a damn? How about basing the qualifications on the persons talents instead of race and gender? Just like Lilly Singh, she obsesses over race and is one of the most racist and sexist people I've seen on television in a long time.

  • Damn, Drew breaking it down.

  • so it's been a few months since this video and i've not once seen or heard anything about her before or since this video, so i was curious what the heck she was up to now her late night show is, against all odds, STILL RUNNING.

    • The last thing she was invited to, but got cloned for, is a roast on NBA All Star weekend Feb 15th.Her n Tiffany Haddish were terrible and got clowned for it.

  • Did she say penis And y is she speaking as if she owns a dick.

  • The screen in the back can’t decide what to show

  • Poor Ewan McGregor he had to be on this show:(

  • when lilly says that the only vegetable she would eat is maybe a tomato, i rememberd her older youtube videos where she HATED tomates. amazing jokes.

  • Watching this video reminded me that she used to be superwoman and I didn't realize they were the same person until just now

  • All of these famous south asian women talk the same, have the same style of humor, and all seem to hate white people. Just call it what it is, they’re normalizing anti white humor.

  • i can't watch the screen when Drew isn't on it

  • Sometimes a breeched birth survives

  • I like Lilly content online but not her show. She should have had a skit based show.

  • Her jokes are dryer than the Sahara and the fake laughs made me research what coffin i want

  • The TV in the back tho

  • even youtube comments are better then her jokes

  • Great vid!

  • She is an embarrasement to indians , we apologize for this woman, no one knows her in India either and i hate that prick minhaj also, these fuckers are barely indian by humor, watch Govinda instead, he is a movie start in india with the best comedy

    • @RB3 The Meme Master well atleast our probs r music related. Ur families r broken, young PPL r doing drugs they have no aim in life ur women all are getting slutier and riddled with low self esteem

    • thanks for the apology, no problem india, still have a prob with t series

  • Idk I kinda like her haha

  • The hysterical laughter from the late night show host's was nothing short of embarrassing...

  • he said early into this video that if he was the only one saying this then the problem would lie more with him but that is just completely untrue. Just because you are a specific race, gender and/or sexuality does not mean you are any less able to recognize bad comedy. the that it comes off that he is trying to convey is that because he is a white straight guy his opinion would be less valuable or correct because he wouldn't be backed up by minorities which by definition is just wildly racist.

  • The video is nice and all but.......... did you know she is a bisexual woman of color?

  • That’s sounds exactly what Conan would do

  • Whenever I tell a bad joke I immediately undrestand it maybe sooner than anyone else and I'm wondering don't these people really undrestand how unfunny they are? It's just crazy to me.

  • Lily’s episodes help me take a shit. I wipe my ass with the jokes.

  • Everyone just comment “ you’re so mediocre in a good way”

  • She’s just not funny. She used to be, but not anymore.

  • She literally tries to combat racism and sexism... with racism and sexism

  • I thought she was a white man.... I mean obviously she hasn't said it nearly every time.

  • Yes, I am a virgin. Oh wait, I’m thirteen.

  • One of the best commentary videos I've watched in a while 👏🏻👏🏻

  • These clips are painful to watch

  • As a comedy-centric Hispanic guy, I imagine that that comedy-centric women of color get the same vibes from Lilly's show that I got from watching Lopez Tonight.

  • I sure hope it does

  • why are so many jobless boys making videos about her? Leave her alone and live your life!

  • to be fair, cody doesn't offer constructive criticism to jake. because jake doesn't deserve it.

  • this was a good video. like.

  • This is why people think women aren't funny.

  • She’s fucking cringe worthy just cause you can make a skit on CS-tv don’t mean your a stand up comedian

  • So her entire shtick is about not being a white man but a self proclaimed bisexual woman of color but its not your place to comment on objective reality because youre a white man and you're just echoing the overall perceived concensus? Seems to me there lies the problem of her rise to fame: people just acting like theyre a number in a line. Doesnt matter what color your skin is, what matters is the truth you speak. Geez.

  • using this video for a rhetorical analysis essay wish me luck

  • this is such a good video. i feel like i'm watching an essay.

  • She has so much potential, I mean there is a reason for her like 15 million subscribers 🙃 She is talented, but I think her trying to recreate the CS-tv skits on tv doesn’t work. And the jokes about not being a white man or being a poc, it gets stale very fast. I really wanna see her succeed because she has made so many milestones for poc in general, but she has to be smarter about this. She is funny and all, but the CS-tv to tv format just doesn’t work🤔 I hope she truly learns from criticism.

    • a lot of them are children, she has talent but like drew said she needs to adapt

  • You've the same name as a former basketball player.

  • when you said f you im rich you looked like a middle schooler

  • You know that episode of it's always Sunny in Philadelphia where Dee becomes a comedian? This is worse than that.

  • Dont forget to flush lilly 💩💩💩

  • It switched from 2 people talking to each other to MeTube

  • I used to be subscribed to Lilly Singh when I was eleven. I unsubscribed a few weeks later because she over sexualised everything. Recently I decided to check out her show because I suddenly remembered someone telling me about that. The video I watched was making fun of Santa. Fat old white man. Fat old white man. Over and over again. I really hope she improves...

  • Tbh I’ve never really liked her videos or humour - i tried watching her youtube vids once but I always just got a cringe vibe. I decided her style probably just wasn’t for me. Now it appears like going on tv has just amplified her cringe factor. But it was always there IMO

  • As a bisexual woman of colour, I apologise for this absolute abomination to comedy.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:03</a> I’m pretty sure tomato is a fruit tho.

  • She's just hot that's all. No talent

  • You would make so much of a better late night show

  • We need an obligatory pickle Rick to make up for the funny

  • You deserve a sub

  • wait, aren't tomatoes fruits tho?