LeBron James Tribute To Kobe Bryant Slammed By Fans

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LeBron James breaks his silence following the loss of Kobe Bryant. Plus - The UConn Huskies honor Gianna Bryant in a touching way.
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Kobe Bryant, 41, died after a helicopter he was on crashed in Calabasas, CA on the morning of Jan. 26, the city of Calabasas confirmed on Twitter. The professional basketball player was traveling with at least three other people on the private chopper, which belonged to him, when it went down and a fire broke out. Although emergency personnel responded to the scene, sadly none of the people on board survived
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LeBron James Tribute To Kobe Bryant Slammed By Fans


  • Because people aren’t blind. Lebron breaks Kobe’s record in Kobe’s hometown with the words Mamba 4 Life written on his sneakers, and then the next day he fucking dies? He sounds like he’s giving a eulogy to Kobe and using past tense words like “Admired” and “Loved” Kobe as if Kobe had already died.. and then the next day he actually fucking dies?! On the morning of an annual ritual ceremony that just happened to have been taken place in STAPLES CENTER, a place where Kobe played his entire career... Celebrities walking on the Red carpet aka Spilt Blood... Kobe’s helicopters was seen circling over Pasadena for 15 minutes which just HAPPENED to be the same city Kobe lived in when he first moved to Cali. 5 minutes later Kobe is killed. Like come on man that’s just TOO many coincidences to ignore. And now Lebron just HAPPENS to be a Laker when Cleveland was supposed to be his hometown team. It’s like what are you even doing in LA, bron? Like really, what are you doin here man? Something just ain’t right and the people who see beyond the coincidences can recognize that this might’ve been a murder/sacrifice for Lebron’s sake. I mean just days before, Lebron took a picture next to the word GOAT and basically implied that this is a personal goal for him. He’s been quoted saying he’s chasing the ghost in Chicago, but we all know that’s just not going to happen. So if you can’t be #1, be #2 right? It’s not about winning more rings. Lebron’s legacy is solidified. He’s a first ballot hall of famer. This is about becoming a fan and media favorite to EVERYONE. If the Lakers had made and won the finals in Kobe’s honor, Lebron would’ve been seen as a GOD in the basketball community. Fans and media alike would have no other choice but to “bow down” in a sense. Lebron wasn’t gifted the nickname “The Chosen One” for no reason man. Thats wasn’t just to be cute, there was an underlying message in that.

  • “These comments are disgusting and we be showing them here” so instead leaving this in the comment section where it would die with few people knowing it was said you took the opportunity to show your journalistic integrity by making a video with a quarter million views. Way to go you bottom feeding attentions whores. Great choice. When you hear fire engines do you chase after them and throw gas on the fire while claim your helping put it out.

  • Lol check it out......lebron did try to fuck kobes wife however I dont think kobe hated bron.kobe was peaceful,loving,very intelligent and knew boundaries.he shared many laughs with bron but people just want a reason to call someone crazy or stupid.why judge people because he definently was killed and it was bigger then ball.he was too important.people need to take time to listen.stop judging.take time to think for theirselves and do the research......its not conspiracy theorists.we are people that do more and deeper investigating then the cops or f.b.i or c.i.a........why was his helicopter the only one in l.a allowed to fly?,but every other helicopter company made sure their pilots stayed grounded,why did someone test fly his helicopter before he flew in it when in deed nobodies ever test flew kobes helicopter.zobyan started it warmed it up then took off when ready,why was kobes helicopter the only one with no black box?,a device made to record audio inside the cockpit and cabin?,but it was supposedly never one there.kobes helicopter was nicknamed the Cadillac of the sky.regularly maintenanced and was well taken care of.so why would it just randomly make a hard left then dive straight to the earth out of no where?.oh and anytime anything in the world happens news is right there recording.and half the time there isent f.b.i or c.i.a involved in the accident.and they are usually ok with letting people capture news footage as long as they get a little space.well tell me why the fuck would there be f.b.i and c.i.a at a helicopter accident and no news around only at a far distance?,they were definitely looking for something and what I think I it was was the black box that recorded their last conversations between the pilot and kobe and recorded screams or ruckus in the cabin and cockpit.or if they were truly taken down by the government then they would be their to find the piece that was placed in the helicopter to take it down.theyd only be there if it was legitimately a murder or the government was involved and they were ordered to be there before us so called 'CONSPIRACY THEORISTS ' or the news recorded what they didn't want us to see.which is what......the truth.he was murdered.anyone that doesn't take the time to hear people out or judge them are just ignorant motherfuckers.connect the dots.everybodie believes what the government wants them to.so crazy.oh but here goes the others attacking me now dont worry freedom of speech is wonderful I'm not one to get angry insult or judge so let it all out.here goes the your fucking stupid,your reaching,your on drugs,your a lunatic etc.when indeed I have a very important position with the government of washington state and know exactly how things play out when someone is needed to be killed.believe it or not idc.i work with nothing but dark evil angry people and all I do is want to make a change by bringing what they do in the dark to the light.thats why I have no photo etc on this account.kobe is big talk in the downstairs part of the building I work in.and I've heard some dark things.hard to say what on here because if they happen to see this they will know exactly who posted it.im tired of all this evil.last year i seen quite a bit of weird odd things in the whitehouse.so please do not judge people because simple and plain you just dont know.pls stay safe america.im doing this for you.the people...... p.s I know who killed Garry webb.he was in the mob.shot harry twice in the back of his head in Garry'sown house.he was one of the best men I ever knew and the greatest investigative journalist in the world.

  • Why lebron wrote on his shoes kobe for life the day before kobe dies

  • There are no friends in the Cabal. LeBron James and Kobe were enemies.

  • R.i.p Legend Kobe and other ones also

  • They're hating on Kobe and LeBron. They hate to see more than 1 black powerful people together.

  • Dont talk about him being " slammed by fans " and not show nor even quote something. Lol thumbs down, worse than the fumble

  • Fuck you fuck you mfs , stupid title and what a negativity covering up video bitches

  • I’m trying to figure out what tf was disgusting about what Lebron said? I’m so lost. Lebron is one of the most famous athletes in the world. He does not need to use ANYBODYS name for personal gain. Lebron and Kobe was close. It’s the dumb ass fans that continually put them against each other for years. Stop this nonsense.

  • Who would follow such a publication as this one. They are high key trying to get more people too. Hollywood life is a trash publication. His low life haters not basketball fans attacked him. They attack any and everything he does.

  • LeBron leave kobe alone let him rest in piece , go back to Cleveland your not a laker nor is the brow , ,this is kobe's town ..

  • How is this man using Kobe death as his personal gain? Hes Lebron James!!!! what does he have to prove. He already his own man... You have to move on with your life.. Thats how this world designed..RIP Kobe some people out here suck man.

  • To all those that criticized LBJ.....what is YOUR tribute????? I bet many would have something to say about that.

  • I hate hateful mf Shot out LeBron for being who u are LBJ ure appreciated my brother

  • People always looking for a story on lebron like y’all are sick why would he set him up like y’all sound stupid

  • Fuk u negative ppl 🖕🖕😎🖕🖕

  • Some people just hate and I feel sorry for them

  • Of fucking course! 😡

  • Nobody cares about Kobe Bryant fans aka Kobetards I'm not talking all Kobe Bryant fans because it's some good ones out there Kobe Bryant and LeBron James was close and had respect for each other Kobe Bryant congratulations to LeBron James for passing him on all time scoring list

  • This has been going on for years in the comment section of any post online about a celebrity death. These so-called “woke” mfs literally blame EVERY celebrity death on a conspiracy without realizing that they’re disrespecting not only the life and memory of the dead but also their families. This is what happens when the extremely gullible is hell bent on proving that everyone ELSE are the “sheep”.

  • Name of the video is "Lebron James Tribute to Kobe Bryant Slammed by Fans". Actual video says next to nothing about what these fans said. If those comments truly are disgusting like you say, then the title of this video should be something else.

  • LeBron already is a LIVING LEGEND him and Kobe or Brothers he doesn't need fame from missing and loving his Brother Kobe. Same if it was Michael Jordan

  • These not Kobe fans complaining their LeBron haters.

    • Don't go on Twitter it's alot worst alot people blame Lebron because they believe he is apart of the illuminati

  • DAMN!!!!!!!! that formless shot! DAMN!!!

  • LeBron is a total egotistical piece of shit. Carry on Kobe's legacy? Please LeBron you are not capable your not a true champ, Kobe is!!

  • Who are these fans with the criticism? And how in the world is his post disrespectful? There is something seriously wrong with human beings.

  • Wtf*...every 1 else can say something except Lebron!!! F* them miserable people.. Kobe..and your sweet daughter b @ peace..champion 4 ever!!!!

  • Y'all didn't know Kobe and you don't know LeBron and you didn't know their bond. Nobody has any right to criticize James' grieving process and how he's dealing with the loss of his friend and brother.

  • Wth are the looters trying to get? Some sick sneak peak ? Weird

  • Damn they just don’t have the common decency to just let people grieve in peace

  • First off he should not have joined the lakers why the hell would you go to Kobe's team where his legacy is cemented. Alot of people never like lebron to begin with you join the lakers pass kobe in scoring and the next day kobe dies man you figure it out it ain't gonna make people love him. He fucked coming to the lakers period

  • I swear the media and fans cant crticize Lebron enough. Even in the tragic moment of Kobe, they still criticize lbj. I would've done that IG post that lebron did, but I certainly wouldnt if I would've gotten as much hate as lebron. See this is why the hate started, we compared all time greats and we forget to appreciate greatness.

  • Jesus take the Wheel!

  • What is wrong with the world ? Lebron is grieving he knew Kobe personally that is disgusting that ppl who probably never even met Kobe would have nerve to say something like that wow 🤔

  • His post has 15 million likes, tons of supporting comments. But let's focus on the 10-15 negative ones!

    • Exactly..giving the trolls their 15 min of fame

  • I can’t understand why some people so fucking dumb what Lebron has to with the man death was Lebron the pilot, everyone have to die when that time come I want to know if u can change that.

  • Kobe and his daughter weren’t the only ones who died . 2 other families passed away on that helicopter as well including the pilot , come on there life’s mattered just as much . R.I.P to everyone 💖❤️

  • What’s James going to gain? He already have everything, idiots

  • People are clowns

  • It's crazy how haters will use any excuse to hate, even when it comes to death. Sick! I'm seriously hoping that those so called “Kobe fans" no longer go to the Lakers games now that Bron is driving the franchise. There's no room for those kinds of idiots, so to hell with'em. We all know how Bron and Kobe felt about each other. Nuff said. Now let's go and win another Chip! RIP Black Mamba.

  • Bron will never be kobe Trade bron Kobe was loyal to la


    • Fuck you

  • LeBron James was inspired by Kobe Bryant to do basketball, LeBron James' idol was _Kobe Bryant_

  • At the end of the day Lebron had a close relationship with Kobe on and off the court. More than a decade friend relationship and these bum ass people not even met the guy to be criticising him just because he is Lebron. Low lifes living in there mum's basement 😂🤦‍♂️. RIP Kobe 🙏🏾❤


  • R.i.p mamba will always miss you

  • You won’t say what the fans said about Lebrons comments out of respect but will use it for a click bait title to get us to click on ur article #rich

  • this clickbait is just as disgusting -.-

  • Everyone died but the ipad survived.. hmmmmm..

  • Why SLAMM the KING!!! why don't you just welcome LBJ to that city as he is trying he's best to give you all a ring! damn! stop hating lebron!

  • Even right now people still are finding a way to hate. Man if this shit ain’t tell all them debates we love having don’t mean shit

  • Fuck TMZ!!!

  • What would he have to gain that he hasn't already accomplished? This is unreal. They were FRIENDS for fks sake. Some people make a damned HOBBY out of being offended. I see that something like this, where parents and their CHILDREN died, is no fkin different for these leeches on our culture... it makes me weep for humanity.

  • LeBron James and SHAQ need to stop their arrogant ILLUMINATI crap and realize that they too Will stand before the judgement seat of God. Kobe Bryant and his daughter attended church the morning of their tragic accident to give their time and worship to their Savior Christ Jesus. Heaven is the promise we will live Forever. The illuminati is the devil highway of forever TORMENT 👹

    • Get help bro, you need it

  • Kobe was and will all ways be the greatest baller in the game I’m a hardcore LAKER fan even though I’m not a fan of Lebron James the man really new Kobe and all the hater on the Internet should keep the conspiracy to them selfs R.I.P MAMBA and MAMBACITA

  • Why people hate on LeBron so much. This man trying to keep Kobe legacy alive by winning championships in honor of one of the greatest players ever. What would LeBron have to gain off Kobe's name. He already has way more than enough. People can't do nothing good without someone trying to down play it. #RestUPKobe ❤😪

    • Ppl hate who they can't control & fear who they don't understand..........

  • Wtf are people slamming LeBron I don't get it? Damn it's some crazy pathetic people in the world this is ridiculous!

  • Thats gotta be the worlds strongest iPad if they plan on getting anything from it

  • Thank you for NOT showing the negative texts and calling them what they are “DISGUSTING”!!! I just hit subscribe!

  • report this channel. its a clickbait just to earn more money.

  • RIP kobe


    • COCO COCO nah bitch this shit came to me, fuck you and ya life

    • But, yet you're here, & Kobe, didn't know u existed. 🤔

  • We dont know Kobe, and most of us are broken. I can't imagine how Lebron, d wade, and others feel, they knew him, played with him at team usa, and played against him. They all liked him. Lebron is a proud dude, and he wants to use this as fuel to win one for LA. I hope he does. RIP Kobe and Gianna.

    • LeBron didn't know kobe what are you guys talking about his closest friend was tmac and jerry wests son , LeBron leave the goat alone …………..

  • I’m glad you’re not showing what the haters posted about James LeBron! James has lost his dear friend Kobe & his daughter & 7 other members of the family in the sports world!

    • lance Kelley right.kobe woulda been pissed to see LeBron getting crowned champion on his turf. These people know nothing about the competitiveness of these guys. The day after LeBron passes him in his hometown philly on the all time scoring list he dies in a plane crash. The lakers look like they might win it all this year. The last thing Kobe would have wanted to see is LeBron have a coronation and add another ring on his finger so he can claim he’s the greatest nba player in history. No doubt he would have been seething inside had he watched that. I don’t think he would have watched it at staples or on tv. Now he never needs to see it.

    • Man they wasnt friends man yall people are sheep

  • Media Narrative again...

  • Ignorant ass low life people. They both had nothing but love and respect for eachother. I m the biggest Lebron fan, but Kobe Bryant was a legend. Much respect. RIP Kobe,Gigi, the 7 other passengers. My heart hurts.💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭

  • Always hate on LEBRON .Unreal why?

  • Why tf would you criticize LeBron? He's shocked, hurting and mourning. Leave him alone!!!!

  • Fuck all the haters kobe and lebron was good friends get facts str8 Lakers nation god bless kobe and his family

  • Fuck Lebron James. Always Lebitch. Even if Kobe is gone, Lebitch will always be below him.

  • Fans are dumb. Kobe respected LeBron.

  • Sad that they still haven't learned anything from Kobe's death. Ignorant people can't distinguish the difference between a basketball player and human being. In between the lines and off the court. Kobe was a beast on the court but he was the ultimate friend off the court. How yall hate Lebron when Kobe loved him smh.

  • R.I.P Mamba🙏🏼❤️

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a> ... yes these comments are disgusting... yet we will name the title that... and click bait people who were wondering what humans had to say about this... except you didnt show it..

    • @MickMikeA She ain't even attractive. She ugly than a mf.

    • Yeah exactly what I was thinking. The chick bate is more disgusting

  • Annoying white girl voices...That was gruelling to listen to ..shit!! now Fuck Lebron that media overhyped piece of trash for tv ratings and marketing dollars; no skills.. RIP KOBE/ GIGI G.O.A.T!!!

  • Hot reporter

  • lebron belongs to the occult. the one who wants all the love killed the beloved

    • the occult rewarded lebron for consenting to kobes assassination. now they giving it to lebron just the way he likes it. lefagg

    • Anh I'm Praying, you're commenting from A MENTAL INSTITUTION 🤯

  • I been waiting for yall to make this video first 2020 world war 3 trending and now Kobe Bryant dead 2020 of to quite a spot

  • Imagine losing your best friend who had been by ur side for years and the day of his passing y’all talked on the phone not knowing that was the every last conversation between the two of you. To all the prices of shit out their saying he’s using these tragic deaths for personal gain y’all can literally shove this up y’all’s asses 🖕 u fucken disgusts me

    • Miranda Garcia not to mention day before Caldwell pope wore a tshirt with Kobe #24 skeleton on fire...Caldwell pope and LeBron are rep by the same agent...

    • Kane Abel not gone lie to you I thought the same thing I was like he talking about him like he’s already gone but at the same time I know how Lebron rock he my favorite of all time but he been on that Illuminati shit since he got famous then all the number play around his death plus that cartoon everybody know what happened or should know it’s sad but this world has worked like this for a long time

    • Kane Abel yup everyone now wants Lakers to win...this is a joke...Lakers scorend 81 in 24 minutes...now they are just trying to mock us

    • @Kane Abel omg .. I felt that way too . It gave me a ugly feeling when I heard him speak about Kobe .

    • Your envy is showing

  • Damn LeBron jus tryna mourn his friends death like y'all gotta repekt that and leave hem alon