Leftist Hysteria & How To Fight It

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    • Just bought a shirt for myself for Christmas. Love you, keep up the hard work 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Wow... I literally have goosebumps after that. 👏👏👏 Gives me hope that truth and logic may still prevail in the end. Thanks for that. ✊

    • After seeing this in its entirity , I must admit that i'm super impressed , Elijah ... That was one hell of as speech & I hope to see more .

    • 22:15 ..., bingo

    • Slightly Offens*ve Forgive these snowflake morons. Liberal nonesense is the new special needs. Don't pick on these indoctrinated retards.

  • How is it possible that this didn’t go viral?? Best vid made so far!!! Nothing but the truth of reality today with these nut jobs in office!!!

  • I am an over the road trucker that has been to every state many many many times over the last 30 years, the places where I see problems are the coastal states and all major cities. And guess what??? EVERY STATE I’ve had an issue or have seen issues are dumBoRat run places! Hmm think about it.

  • Why only 35k views?? Us conservatives need to share share share his vids. 👌

  • Propaganda is legal in the U.S.

  • Reformation.. HERETIC!!! HERETIC!!!

  • I am a Muslim and agree with 95% of these views, but the Islam hating on the right always confuses me and is usually based on miseducation about Sharia.. as a Muslim sharia is obviously important, but sharia also forces me to obey the laws of the land I live in. If I wanted full sharia law I’d move to Saudi or a Muslim country. 1.8B Muslims (2nd most populated group in the world) MILLIONS of them live in the west and follow the laws of their nation.. clean up the Islam hate and clean up the racists (obviously not all) people in the right, you’ll have black and Muslim votes over night.

  • You sound like a protestant preacher. I feel like I just had church. Testify!

  • You should run for president in the future you would have my vote

  • Good shit, Elijah!

  • Aww Elijah you were in Whittier how did I miss this? Will you ever come to montebello? Would love to hear your speech. 🙌

  • Nice speech, teach those kids the truth

  • Okay let me provide free speech. How come more people call out black people on their flaws and double standards than they do women and females on their flaws and double standards? Black people go through the same things women and females go through and women and females operate the same way as black people, but lots and lots of us call black people on their stuff all the time and it's okay but people who call out women and females on their stuff deal with lots and lots of backlash for it. That doesn't make any sense and I'm tired of it. Just saying.

  • Free your mind and your butt will follow.

  • What you're describing isn't humanism. There is nothing humanistic about silencing someone. These morons have done to the word "humanism" what they have done to "liberalism"

  • Good job Eli, please keep fighting brother.

  • 👏👏👏👏

  • Why is this kid so hell bent on doing that ok 👌🏾 sign every video. It’s so corny. 666? Fraternity bullshit? Guess what secret fraternities ruined this fucking country. I agree with your conservative views but let the record show these fraternal orders and the Republican Party arent fucking conservative

  • This was so awesome !!! Proud to be an American ! God bless you and America

  • Racism is freedom

  • I really like your channel man. You're great

  • The (((globalists))) want you to fail

  • Oh I hope she runs again. Then it’s a guarantee that trump will win again.

  • That was an amazing speech. You're a good man Elijah. Elijah Schaffer for President 2024.

  • damn son!! that was 23 minutes 40 seconds well spent!!

  • Virtually no one will give the time of day or have interest to either hear or verify your "supposed" facts. I've tried, from the adamant screamers to the tunnel-visioned sophisticate. People believe what makes them feel comfortable and secure w/i their group.

  • Come on,,, I can say whatever I want as long as I don't hurt your feelings or get into your safe place...lol lol Its time for people to grow up!!!!!!!!! Seems to me that people are just way to dam sensitive.....

  • Remember when Gore Vidal called Buckley a 'crypto-Nazi' live on US TV - using a now commonplace, shameless hijacking of words for effect, but making zero sense (particularly as Buckley had served in WWII).

  • Lmao it's like 1of my comments only minus all the errors and given an actual structure lol n also without any of the 4 letter words lol n said better than I lol

  • The Alt-Right aren't actually on the right. They are just white supremicist leftists. The Democrats realized that white supremecists are not large in numbers and that latinos and blacks are, so they kicked them out of their circle and labeled them as alt-right to drive blacks, latinos, and other minorities away from the Republican party. It was a brilliant strategy, but it is based on a great deception. The Democrat party is still as racist as it ever was, but they project all their racism onto the Republican party.

  • Run for office my brother, you got my vote.

  • Funny how the left says multiculturalism is our strength while simultaneously trying to force everyone into a sheep-like monoculture.

  • Research the Frankfurt School. This is critical theory, probably more effective than they ever could have imagined. Or at least going places they never would have imagined.

  • :)

  • Loved this speech! You did an amazing job, and thank you so much for the advice regarding dealing with liberals and the encouragement to unashamedly stand up for what we believe.

  • Good talk. Lots of interesting points. That Alexandria Cortez quote is actually similar to some stuff Tucker Carlson was saying recently. He was asking questions about NYC giving huge tax breaks to Amazon (one of the richest companies in the world) to open an office there. Seems like a fair question to ask...how many jobs does it bring in vs how much money they're getting in tax breaks and incentives.

  • Great speech, bud.

  • well..... Amazon destroys far more jobs than it creates.

  • You may be on the side that is right about 90% of issues. But being so tribal adds nothing to the world. Enjoy tho.

  • Well look at you, slaying a speaking engagement!! It's odd, not seeing you out in the streets, but this was awesome! 👍🏻👍🏻 You got some talent, boy. 😎

  • Great job, Elijah.

  • My 3 year old watched this with me cause you “have HIS name.” 😂😂 He also claims you have his jacket.

  • Amazing!

  • Exactly, the professor who teach these embarrassing courses such as social sciences, political sciences, sociology, the majority of them behave more as gurus then professors. They preach their minions a dogma, so a view that's not possible to question and if there are oposing views they are taught how to react and act if necessary. Time for an external audit and stop funding these courses who have no place in universities

  • You should do more of this. Get on the whole college tour thing haha. We need more voices like yours on college campuses.

  • Racism, Fascism, White Supremacy, and Nazi's. Really America? GROW THE FUCK UP, comparing Trump to Hitler, pffft! you twats. It's 2018 people, why don't you concentrate on all the Positives that your President has accomplished since his inauguration. WTF! All this shite is crushing western democracy. Left, right, red, blue. Gimme a break America. LET PEOPLE LAUGH AGAIN!

  • Loved the bit on the left using language to control a narrative. Never heard it put that way before. Very nice man!

  • Globalist controlled/owned media don't bring us the "news", they create the news. . . they A R E the news. Trump = Anti-Globalist President vs. the world's Globalists.

  • Great job!

  • Wow. Absolutely brilliant!

  • Awesome speech, Eli. Moving up in your range of influence couldn't be given to a better happy Warrior. Happy to see u, whether on the streets or talking to a crowd, dropping truth bombs in a nonconfrontational way that could truly change minds if those hearing are willing to go a step forward and truly LISTEN. Thank u for ur work

  • I'm so proud of you for overcoming your homosexuality.

  • A very thought-provoking speech!

  • Thank you very very much for this, Elijah. Warm greetings from Ireland. "The mark of an educated mind is to entertain an idea without accepting it." -Aristotle

  • Awesome job!

  • Great speech muh dude...👍👌

  • They don't care about arguments- only character slander. You can work with this by reframing the argument. For instance, the senator here in New Mexico had ads promoting "100% renewable energy"- solar and wind. I tried explaining how that's an unachievable goal with today's technology due to needing an on-demand base load. That'd go in one ear and out the other. What worked was saying "Why do you think only rich people should be able to afford energy? What do you have against the poor?"

  • You are very smart and well spoken. I love your channel

  • Very impressive speech Elijah. Way to go. I unequivocally can see how your Christian background has influenced your style. Definitely a pastor like cadence and delivery. It was very easy to listen to and had a nice flow aside from being informative and motivating. Keep up the fight.

    • Kevin Quartemont love this! Good feedback and thanks for the nice words

  • very well spoken

  • The problem with the radical far Left is that they are poisoned. Mercury/aluminum brains lacking zinc/magnesium thanks to weaponized western medicine and toxic food supply/Glyphosate toxin. These kids need detox/nutrition care to set their minds right.

  • I love your style , man . And i'm not sure why but i'm super impressed at your public speaking ability ... It was great ! I guess i'm just so used to you having a more comedic side to you but either way it just shows how much range you have as a REAL media personality . Love what your'e doing , man ... Keep up the great work !!

    • Roach Zero that’s really good to hear. Appreciate it beyond belief!

  • Uh oh, Slightly Offensive is now doing talks at college campuses? I'm surprised Antifa wasn't there to shut you down

    • +Slightly Offens*ve I bet!

    • muddy hotdog they weren’t even allowed to correctly advertise the event as not to trigger people

  • Fine speech brother!!

  • Great presentation and lecture. Congratulations

  • Great speech 👍

  • I liked you before but holy shit, you killed this. It was a brilliant speech, throwing the word truth from time to time was a great move to keep people on their toes, because it psychologically works pretty well. Excepting you to grow as a political commentator, you've got all that good stuff in you.

    • Virolock dope! Thanks for the good feedback and encouragement mate!

  • Subbed. Great content. Keep up the good fight friend. Idaho checking in where's all the other Patriots from? Unite!

  • Solid speech Elijah.

  • Anyone else surprised that Elijah is so damn smart lecturing us? Impressive

    • Me too 😂😂 so much intent is lost with just texting or DM’s. Your lecture however was surprising! Great lecture and you seem like a natural- in your element 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • I’m just joking. You know that 😂 🤟 you and you know it. It’s so much fun

    • Slightly Offens*ve be nice I’m a patron and fan...

    • You don't even know what SO is capable of ahahah

  • Great speech man

  • I hate that a few people laughed. You were straight up a comedian spitting FACTS and EPIC KNOWLEDGE up there

  • God bless you Elijah! Keep up the great work brother in Christ.

  • Solid speach bruh. Keep speaking truth!!

  • This guy gets it🇺🇸

  • 15mins in and I'm wondering if there's anyone in the room with Elijah.

  • "If money doesn't grow on trees, why do banks have branches?" Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

  • I know you’re a youth pastor, so you have lots of practice, but man you’re a great public speaker! Please do more : )

  • That was awesome Well said

  • Even more of a fan now!! Great work!

  • I wish I knew he was going to be at Whittier College, could of been there to support.

  • I just want your attention and say I like your stuff and meet you but too bad I live in Asia

  • Very nice. Very respectable. Over all great presentation, great speech.

  • Doctor Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were both dedicated Republicans. Malcolm X famously said any black the votes Democrat is a political chump why would you ever vote for a party that has never kept a promise to you. also fun fact when blacks voted Republican black people were married 75% of the time when they produced offspring voting Democrat blacks are on the married 25% of the time when they produce children. And black people unless land and less businesses than they did proportionately when they were Republicans

  • How DARE YOU THINK DIFFERENTLY. Join the NPC HIVE!!!!!!!! Met a good gentleman, small business owner who's daughter hates Trump, he confessed to me that without a doubt this year he won't have to worry about payroll unlike the time under Obama. Nuff said.

  • You will lose. Individualism and free markets is globalism. Says you need truth to win, uses a misquote of Hitler. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_lie The big lie is what Hitler believed the jewish marxists used.

  • It's crazy to watch the insane fight to take AWAY our rights. They should be put in the nut house to try & help these rich, white Morons.

  • Great speech man!

  • The problem with liberals is you can say one thing like “I believe in borders” yet they have been conditioned to hear another thing, in this case “I believe in borders because I’m a racist, white supremacist”. There is a really good Ted Talk by Cassie Jays where she doesn’t an excellent job at explaining this to the audience. She is a feminist who interviewed men’s rights activists for her documentary on MRA’s. She was so indoctrinated by Marxist thinking that it took her a couple of years to just to be able to listen to what they are saying without misinterpreting it has having some sort of hidden misogynistic meaning or intent. So, the key to discussing or debating political topics with leftists is to help them listen to what you are ACTUALLY saying instead of misinterpreting everything as being “racist”, “sexist”, “bigoted”, and so on.

  • The one way ticket theory was really interesting. Never thought about that. “Conversion camps” are demonized for trying to help closeted heterosexuals, but the conversion camps that try to turn men/women gay (aka college) are, of course, critical institutions.

  • Sweet, Slightly Offensive guy is a good speaker.

  • Amen brother.

  • An ad for Slightly O?? Hell yea!

  • "I'm not the one who started the fight, I'm just here to win it." love seeing you in this setting, great job!

  • *Slightly Cool*

  • Since he brought up losing Robert orourke. I’m from Texas and had people telling me “he’s gonna legalize weed” “he created so much imagination” “he’s very good looking” People have no sense of politics. They were getting playing like a fiddle.

  • Man, your a frigging good speaker. Should do this more often. Would love to see you on Rogan and Rubin. You deserve a bigger platform!

  • *I was unsubscribed from your channel. Has this happened to anyone else?*

  • In the trenches fighting the hard fight Elijah! KEEP GOING! You are SO good at what you do and I truly believe that you are placing the ground work for a sparkling future career even more amazing than what your already doing. I really think you’re going to be one of the most important people of our time.

    • My girl, that's seriously epic to hear that. I'm excited to hear what is next and see whatever it is that's ahead!

  • Thanx slightly offensive I only just watched you a few days ago.I received a email from a old friend of mine now a mother of 2 young girls.I haven't seen her in 16 years and I exchanged phone numbers with her.I sent this speech to her to give her an idea of how I think nowadays.I told her to watch it before she rang.lol Just to let her know she may not like me now.lol This is Melbourne Australia and we are more brainwashed and damaged than your average Californian.Sorry Elijah no offence.

    • No worries, my fiancé is from Australia, there is hope!