Let's see what it's really worth! Fake Rolex Stripdown and Rebuild Review

čas přidán 19. 06. 2020
Let's strip down and review this fake Rolex. Is it worth spending your hard earned cash on? We shall find out. This video is just a bit of fun - don't take it too seriously!

Starking review: cs-tv.org/tv/video-L_Efar7Dlyw.html
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  • That guy's so sus lmao

  • These exact things being sold on wish.

  • When watching videos like this one I'm always confused as to how so many people in the chain of supply of these things can all make a living out of them. All of those components shown in the video had to be manufactured to some reasonable standard otherwise they would never fit together and work, so there is a cost involved there. Someone then has to be paid at least a pittance to build the thing into at least a reasonable attempt at a watch and it then gets shipped half way around the world so that some geezer can sell it for £50! They must have to produce thousands of the things so that everyone can take a sliver out of that £50.

  • It’s great watching these videos. I’m getting to know what great and fake watches look like.

  • Did you bring it back for a refund the next day? Maybe at least sell it back for "half-off"?

  • I was like "Go careful or you're gonna scratch the bottom of the lug when you put the bracelet on....ohhhhhhh....myyyyyy..... okay. Nothing to see here!". Your $500 service was worth 10x what the watch was sold for, AND it probably would have banged on for quite a long time. I feel both dirty and oddly satisfied after watching this video.

  • will be like to get this bracelet as gift)))

  • Fake Rolex or genuine Bolex? 😆👍 well said savage!

  • 1st you only buy original watches 2nd you buy watches at a watch store. Thats how its done.

  • The breakable notebook grossly invent because soda compellingly glue until a subsequent canada. poised, common baker

  • Sir, your special skillset is a joy to watch in its executing! As for the knockoff Rolex - still hate the Chinese!

  • 20 min of struggle wasted in last 30 sec

  • Hi from Germany i Think this Watch is Not Bad.50 Dollars is To cheap.Thanks for the Video.👍

  • That's better than the cheap fake one I bought....mine's a bloody quartz movement!

  • As cheap it was, it was better made then lots of watches i've seen, actually, especially russian and low end 70s cheap swiss watches. Even the corona click sounded nice after cleaning. It was not necessary for cutting it in half, you made your point by showing it's parts. I wouldn't wear it, but although fake, it had a certain value, at least as entrataining item... Sadest thing is that originals are although great quality, also heavily overpriced and 99% blue collar guys won't even have a chance to see or hold one in hands. This one would be good deal for them. One of my buddies yanked out chinese movement from watch like this and stuffed it's case with eta 28xx from broken swatch automatic. It turned to be very nice frankenpiece in the end...

  • China should make their own luxury watch stop trying to knock off Rolex

  • I don't think that will buff out!

  • Now u can go find him for warranty

  • Are you crazy...?

  • seu bosta

  • Just as good as an original

  • In 70's japan destroyed Swiss maker's backbone with qutraz and now china punching with low cost mechanical watches 😂.. important one please don't say it's fake its cost effective that's it 👍🏻

  • Wwhatis24 r marker meanpleaseclarifyforme please thank you

  • So original or duplicate

  • How long does it take you to rebuild it ? bless bro great video

  • People "It's a Rolex copy, it's bad!" Also people if the watch would have a slightly different face and an actual chinese brand title: "Wow this Watch looks nice!" If chinese wouldn't copy everything to the last mm and would have their own face design and brand name I would buy it, for that price it's a good watch lol :P

  • Funny guy

  • Povero orologio... tutto quel lavoro, quella cura e quell'amore per poi distruggerlo con un disco da taglio... un vero peccato.

  • Who can upload a documentary from the Chinese Knockoff factory?

  • Al those parts for 50 qwit it beats a stolex

  • You would have made that a 100 watch with the stripping down and rebuilding lol.

  • I did not liked the end. I was sad for that poor watch ☹️

  • 🙊after hard work,broken it??? Kkkk

  • 👍👏👏👏👏☝️🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • Looked good to me, where can I get one?

  • Tu eres un extraordinario tecnico relojero. No debistes destruir el reloj, muchos pobres quisieran tenerlo.

  • Shame you didn't retest on the Time grapher after working on it

  • How long in real-time did it take altogether for your disassemble cleaning and reassemble?

  • Even if its fake it shouldn't be destroyed, someone else who would love to wear it.

  • nice review! I only trust moneycheetah on ig when it comes to replicas

  • I'm guessing the movement, cheap as it might be, was made by a legitimate watchmaking business in China. That it was encased in a fake Rolex outside casing was by someone else.

  • Beautiful watch still

  • Having bought a Breightling Aerospace in 2000 at Heathrow Airport, I bought a Lolex in Bangkok night marlket for $5 equivalent plus one cigarette, just for fun. It ran for 5 years keeping perfect time, until the battery ran out. I risk it being confiscated, quite rightly, if I take it anywhere to have a new battery. A friend with a genuine Rolex wouldn't take his off. There was no way to distinguish which was which. Superb workmanship making perfect copies. Thanks for a fascinating video.

  • Nice 👍🏽

  • Those numbers on the date-wheel would be a painful giveaway to anyone looking at the watch as a whole

  • Times are tough for James May hocking fake Rolexes

  • You just destroyed a perfectly working watch. Shame on you Rolex fanboy! Why don't you lobby for Rolex to stop ripping people off on their prices so their watches don't get faked for a change!

  • Hi Matt, Do you have a video to show us how to spot the fake and real Rolex?

  • Ahh, now I get the point.

  • Good as new thanks to the nice angle grinder job!

  • IIMO that was a foolish, destructive act to destroy that timepiece in that way. Foolish.

  • Hi, I have one of these, a 'rolex' day date, which I bought 5 or more years ago. I know the insides aren't Rolex but I believe if you are willing to pay £300 you can buy the copy with the genuine mechanics (without the Rolex name of course.) As I'm in my 70's now I don't suppose I will ever consider one now. I love watching you taking the mechanics apart though, you obviously have a lot of experience of working with watches, of that I am jealous. Your experience, not the watch. Thank you for the video. James

  • Noooooooooooooo!!!!!

  • I think it's disingenuous for you to know that there are high-quality rolex's out there that are fake and you have the knowledge and the wherewithal to let people know but these are really good copies but they're not real but you're not showing us that you showed us the b******* ones. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • I can tell by the quality of your tools that you are a pro (very info quality video thank you)

  • 19:30 nice finger Condoms. Where can I buy them to use on my gf

  • My thoughts ; I'm amazed at the craft of the Chinese to make a replica that looks as close to the original as they do for a small fraction of the cost. And the gullability of people to pay as much as some do for a mere time piece when so many cheaper options exist. 20.40.100k for a watch. Especially when there people going hungry,and homeless,etc etc etc.

  • estúpido! mirá si era real! estas mas loco q una cabra loca

  • cuando lo volvió a armar le sobraron nada mas que 37 tornillos y puezas! jajaja

  • que ganas de desarmar un reloj nuevo en vano!

  • Since a child I’ve had an interest in watch making. So it’s is so satisfying watching this video. Thanks for posting. Except for the grinder bit.

  • Fake is Well Made too lol

  • Pedazo de estúpido, mejor lle hubieras borrado la marca rolex y lo hubieras regalado a alguien. Un asco la gente que prefiere destruir algo bueno antes que regalarlo.

  • Rip

  • Why destroy the watch after so much maintenance work?

  • This is too cheap quality fake

  • I find ur craft truly amazing, and mind blowing to know and understand each movement and which part do what,with the use of ur tools is simply amazing! I really appreciate watching this video 👍🏾

  • What a fantastic wonderful job you did , I do heating systems but it's nothing compares to this it is so intracate , ⌚Keep Safe , Good luck god bless ☘️👍🙏

  • You did the right thing. You put that green ticker masquerading as a time piece out of its misery. Good show.

  • I would just throw away to the trash

  • Prova un clone noob e poi vedi se non è moooooooolto molto vicino all'originale

  • Clap Clap!!!

  • I hope this question wasnt asked a billion times, but with the fakes, do they use a lower quality metal in the parts, or are they just not as refined in their finishing before assembling together? Like, are they better balanced in their manufacturing so they rotate with greater ease? And are those lavender parts inside the jewels? I know, its a very novice question but I am a very big watch fan but dont know a lot of the inner workings (quality). Now I want to know more about how they even make each tiny part.

  • Wow I can't believe you destroyed that watch. . Such a waste.

  • I love watching your channel but this when i saw it with a grinder is total nonsense a stupid way to have fun

  • "MADE IN US" or "UK" now :D

  • Enjoyed The Video Till 19:46

  • Nice tools watch fitting

  • This gives me anxiety from both possible lost tiny parts and forgetting how it goes back together

  • Crazy

  • I brought a 10 pound fake Rolex in Thailand in 1980. It looked ok and lasted for years. But it was funny, when I returned to England I took it to a jewellery shop and asked the bloke what he thought. He took one look and said it was a cheap copy of a Rolex. He could have taken a bit longer lol

  • Great, I buy it by LIDL great stuff I love this

  • I always feel kinda bad for fake watches. It's not their fault they were constructed as fakes. But because of this they will never see appreciation or become family heirlooms. At least by people who aren't gullible. And you showed that little fake more love and care reassembling it than the factory worker did. Even though its Destiny was to be cut in half.

  • Seems like it would be easier to go to the Moon then to build this watch back.

  • hey are u living in Thailand?

  • To be honest, the chinese steel resisted well to your grinder.

  • Hut ab. Sie sind ein echter Meister.

  • Imagine getting half way through with the saw and realising you got it mixed up with the real one 😂

  • I see that its good quality

  • It's no Rolex, but it sure looks nice, and at 50 bucks, I wouldn't feel cheated since I know what i'm buying. The only thing that would keep me from buying one is that ridiculous Rolex brand name and logo. If it last a year or two under normal abuse, it's good enough for the price paid. A decent edc watch you wouldn't care damaging. Imho.

  • How in the Hell do they make a profit for 50 pounds?

  • Very clever 👏

  • Why to destroy it? Yes it is a fake but who cares, a watch is a watch.

  • Fenerbahçe champion

  • Fausse ou pas c'est une performance de réaliser un tel objet fonctionnel et je suis en admiration devant celles ou ceux qui arrivent à concevoir, réparer et assembler ce type de mécanisme.

  • Thanks. Great video. I think I can do this now!😆

  • Seems a lot of effort to make and assemble one of these for £50.

  • Noooo por que daño un hermoso reloj si no le gustaba era mejor que me lo regale así sea copia es un hermoso reloj automático yo necesitando un reloj.

  • How stupid👎

  • why go through all the hassle of making a fake just make your own brand