Let's shovel some snow!

čas přidán 23. 02. 2023
Car repossession is the process of taking back ownership of a vehicle from the borrower who has fallen behind on loan payments. This typically happens when the borrower has defaulted on their auto loan and is unable to catch up on their payments. The lender will send a repo agent to take possession of the vehicle and sell it in order to recoup their losses. Car repossession can have a negative impact on the borrower's credit score and ability to obtain future loans.

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  • Owning your vehicle makes the beat hit different.

  • What a nice man.

  • You hit the front bumper bro. Good job

  • Dude really checked the vin after he could have potentially stole it

  • Tucked up that damn bumper 😭

  • man’s forgot cash and gave the car as a tip. what a kind soul ☮️ we need more people like him

  • F’ed up the front bumper. Real professional!!!

  • Such a respectable profession

  • Jacked that front bumper up…

  • Thank god he helped the owner clear the snow from his driveway for free! What a nice man 🙏

  • Tow company: This ain't what you want

  • This reminded me of a situation that happened when a buddy of mine had a modded CJ he used a diff locker in addition parking breaks so the damn thing would not move at all when it was engaged. Well, bank got it in their mind that he still owed despite having gave him the title from payoff months earlier and they sent a repo to grab it. The guy didn’t even check the jeep. Just grabbed it and went. Ended up destroying the differentials and the bank had to shovel out like 2 times what the ride was worth in repairs and replacement aftermarket parts.

  • He's so skillful with that hook thing! I can barely reverse park my damn car... And I have a rear camera!

  • This is why I leave proximity mines under my car

  • POV: your car payment is 10 minutes late.

  • Good job on checking that VIN

  • Got em! 😂

  • This guy is like the mailman....through sleet, snow, rain, hail, lightning, riots, famine, pandemic. Nothing will stop the hustle .

  • Franklin doing his repo mission

  • Such a kind soul helping people get their car out of the snow