lettering and pinstriping tools

čas přidán 26. 11. 2012
the contents of my sign kit, and other implements for lettering and pinstriping on the road.


  • That looks about what I carry with me too. I never liked pinstriping or lettering right out of the can, so I buy my 1-Shot in quart cans and pour it into small jars to carry with me. I find you waste too much paint painting out of a can. It dries to the lid and skins over and you lose a lot. When I use it out of smaller jars, it seals better than a can does and I waste less. I use baby food jars or small canning jars with good seals on the lids.

  • I love to know the brands and types of your brushes. Thank you.

  • that's a "D-Flight" box that was puchased from a sign supplier over twenty years ago. thanks for watching!

    • signman1937 I just inherited about the same box only it has less dividers I’m guessing they came with removable dividers. Cool kit

  • I just have my wife save all the clear plastic or glass bottle with sealable lids on them to keep my paint in. It's better (or easier) to unscrew the lid to get paint instead of taking off a can lid every time. It's easier to pour out of a small jar then a can - less waste! Just FYI.

    • Painter D I just open a can once to drop a screw in, then close it and put another (bolt head) screw through the lid. Now I can mix and poor without opening the can at all. :)

  • oh man! great set up! cant wait to see my site to look that good haha thanks for the videos!

  • Really enjoying your videos. What brand is your tool box?

  • great videos, I do have a ?.. On the HOK paint.. how do you get a long line.. I find the HOK to not flow as well as 1 shot.. I reduce with the HOK lettering reducer.. do you use something different? to me the HOK seems somewhat "plastic" in feel.. thank you for the videos.

  • My dad had a same set up. Ray smith. Gotta love the one shot.

  • Where do you get that "toolbox"?


  • what kind of brush are you using?.............I usually go with a mack series 20 for long lines, and don't have an issue with HOK. It does feel a bit different, and some colors don't seem to cover as well as one shot, or ronan. I've heard some guys do better with synthetic bristles, so you might give that a try. good luck brother, wish I could be of more help.

  • Thanks for sharing 👍🏼

  • Hahahaha.... One little thing that cost maybe ten cents could save your day...... On the other hand you could have money in your pocket and no place to buy what you really need in a middle of your work. Much better to have extra than been short

  • new video upload named pinstripe troubles I made this video so you can see some trouble I am having.. If you have time could you please view the video and give me some suggestions.. One shot.. thank you

  • Nice background music Chris. You should show your face at the end of the presentation and smile for the camera. The people will see how much you look like that actor on TREME. Pete.