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Liar · Camila Cabello
℗ 2019 Simco Ltd. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
Released on: 2019-09-04
Guitar, Keyboards, Producer: Andrew Watt
Composer, Lyricist: Andrew Wotman
Keyboards, Producer: The Monsters & Strangerz
Composer, Lyricist: Ali Tamposi
Composer, Lyricist: Jonathan Bellion
Misc. Prod.: Jon Bellion
Mixing Engineer: Serban Ghenea
Composer, Lyricist: Stefan Johnson
Mixing Engineer: John Hanes
Composer, Lyricist: Jordan K Johnson
Recording Engineer: Paul Lamalfa
Vocal Engineer: Nathaniel Alford
Composer, Lyricist: Lionel Richie
Composer, Lyricist: Ulf Ekberg
Composer, Lyricist: Jonas Berggren
Composer, Lyricist: Malin Berggren
Composer, Lyricist: Jenny Berggren
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  • I'm in love with her voice-

  • MaMa tramo cesda

  • Maratón de Camila Cabello 💙🌹

  • Very cool!

  • liar oh no no no

  • Ay que hermosa chica 😬😍😊😊😍

  • Stream❤❤🔥🔥🔥

  • I like the song

  • That poppy Song !

  • i love your voice

  • Can we appreciate that she ACTUALLY looks like a goodness

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a>

  • Me: Walks in class and sees friends fighting- Them saying I started it- Also me: There you go starting up the fire calling me a liar-

  • Temazo!

  • I love this song! ❤️🤭

  • 😻😻😻😍😍😍

  • why are people hating on this? its actually good!!

  • ok

  • l love yere sons i wish i can be you wen i grow up i am olly 11 yeres old

  • Nice

  • Her Voice sounds so different from Seńorita!

  • olaaaaaa kkkk cade o povo brasileiro

  • ☁️💕

  • 💛💛💛💛

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • 😝👼🏻💗

  • i lovvvvveeee thissss sssssssooooooonnngggggggg :}

  • She obviously drank Red Bull

  • This song makes me wish I could play trumpet or saxophone 😂

  • oh no there you go makin me a liar

  • soy el unico que habla español

  • Nice song 😁

  • Why is it even though she’s famous, I think she’s underrated?

  • I don’t lie so it’s not for me what you see as a lie it’s true but you cannot understand how there for it’s not to your understanding seems true to me

  • I like this way better than Havana

  • this makes me happy idk why but its a good song )0)

  • This song reminds me of my gf,(A.K.A a player.)I always think she lies that I’m an amazing bf.Also she doesn’t text me anymore..I feel like my gf is cheating on me when I’m not online..I had to get therapy after.Even my friend thought we were a great couple..It’s really heartbreaking for me to know that she would cheat..But I don’t really think so..She has another bf named Mac.She keeps all her secrets from me..I hope soon she explains the truth of why..

    • Leave the relationship. Its clearly toxic if its taking a toll on your mental health, so let go. It's not worth investing your time in people who don't see your worth, trust me. I've been there.

  • Don’t be jealous of wisdom

  • Camila says shawn is a friend. But her song says she's a liar.😕

  • Brasileirinhas, Camrenzinhas, Camilizers, apareçam. Eu vos lhe envoco pelos poderes de greiscon. kkk

  • Oh Havana ooh na na it takes me back to my old li-li-li-li-lies

  • comment: Havana Like: Liar

  • Causs I got this powerrrrrr

  • My church lied to me

  • Did you know kudanilini is actually Gods true spirit

  • Oh no there wisdom go


  • I dont care but I see TWICE

  • ? 😳😵

  • Hey

  • *cough cough Hopeless Fountain Kingdom*

  • Fell in love with this at the start beat

  • #Started Up a Fire

  • HOLY Faithy feathers.

  • Me @ my school report: Oh no there you go making me a liar

  • 💝💝❤️❤️🌷🌷😍😍💞💞💗💗

  • I love it so much

  • do you know who is the most beautiful person between you and me read the last word.

  • All the songs Camila released from Romance 'til now -Liar -Shameless -Cry for me -Easy -Living Proof I'm exicited waiting the whole album

    • You forgot Señorita

  • a broken angel? I willed her into me she is not an angel!!!!!!!

  • You should hang out with me Camila. I'm on youtube. ;) hit me up.

  • I am so sorry for people, and their cards. When we decide to play life, we are then dealt hands to play. If we don't like home, we have to know the world "out there" isn't always kind, and we should know what we are getting into, especially what the cards mean and how to play them, or they play us. That is the two-faced reason of the game. When someone is "off-base" from the Truth, everything they _do_ is a lie.

  • "A DoNkY"

  • I love her music

  • Rococo style

  • bokita

  • I like this song

  • N.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> Thats why i love to be latino ❤️❤️❤️😈

  • кто из 2к 19 пж лайк ;]

  • love how the title is just one word :)

    • Shameless, easy, Havana, Señorita

  • Are there 2 audios of Liar? I swear I saw one with 20 mil views

  • Oh no no

  • Camilla Cabell : angel wings Ariana: dlnt call me angel Red bull: gives you wings

    • well there some poeple who gonna the person who they didn't even know.

    • MM Amiras wtf is wrong with ari? She’s gotta be one of the most considerate singers out there. On the song “get well soon” she added 40 seconds to the end of the song to make the song length 5:22 which was the date of the Manchester massacre at her concert. Why do you hate her again?

    • @Katica _ Yeah like who would hate ARIANNA FUCKIN GRANDE

    • @MM Amiras omg i’m a huge ariana fan and i’m really angry right now. WHY DO YOU HATE HER?

    • hotel? trivago

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  • Dude... I love Camila She is AMAZING!!!

  • emmmmm

  • Poor Tammy

  • Not a bad song though not gonna lie