Light and Shadow (ft. Hiroyuki Sawano) | Star Guardian Animated Trailer - League of Legends

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A cosmic darkness threatens to overcome three former teammates who were thought to have perished.
Star Guardian Neeko, Xayah, Rakan, and Zoe are available now.
"Light and Shadow"
Music by: Hiroyuki Sawano
Vocals by: Gemie
Sawano’s CS-tv Channel:
Sawano’s Official Website:
How does it feel
Got no one on your side
It isn't how
It is really meant to be
As light and shadow
The sun and the moon
Torn between love and hate
I've gotta get it somehow
Gaining by losing
Always haunt us
To our dying day
Stuck in the haze
How do you ever come to this
I thought I'll never see you again
Once the stars been scattered in
Pieces all over the galaxy
Eyes on eyes
What d'you wanna regain
After all I wonder how
You feel 'bout this madness


  • I wonder whose perspective this is being sung from? Ahri? Or Xayah? Either one would make sense.

  • Would love to sawano compose the music for Berserks’ anime.

  • Отлично сделано Рито,превосходная анимация и конечно же превосходные Рэйкан и Шая

  • Man i fell in love with hiroyuki sawano's music since Guilty crown, the orchestra theme is so beautiful and that voice is perfect

  • Rakan: Literally Saving Xayah Xayah: GOtta KilL NeEkOaaoooooO Neeko: Runs Around and gets Sucked Into A Portal Me: WhAt IS THis?

  • Is it me, or this ost sound's like something from nier automata?

  • Make Sona a star guardian already pls RIOT.😭😭😭

  • 😌

  • Why So japan? -.-

  • 3:16 wot r those Ahri

  • I want the drum part, can't find it anywhere elseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Anyone get attack on Titan Vibe from the music?

  • They took too much corruption pots

  • i would watch this anime, make it please

  • Still waiting for Star Guardian Urgot or Gragas skin lol

  • LUX is the first star gurdian Screaming:DEMACIAAA

  • Mına her boku animeye çevirdiniz bırakına doğal kalsın animasyonları şu boktan oyunun.

  • Of course you use ult RIGHT BEFORE neeko's ult, Xayah

  • Movie when?

  • The first arc zoe the corrupted star after defeating her and healing rakan and xayah or giving them inner peace COMES THE SECOND ARC STARHUNTER RENGAR the whom the galaxy is terrified of the who does't care about his prey if it's a void creature or a star guadian and also hunts stars just for his own amusemet with his past with ahri i let u work at this part

  • If riot made a spin-off game based on the star guardian universe, it would actually make a pretty good rpg. and im not talking about an MMO.


  • Who has Star Guardian Ahri?

  • creo que lol se paso con esto DEBERIAN HACER UNA PELICULA OPINO YO sin duda guardianes estelares esta incluso para una pelicula

  • Imagine if Zoe's R was a double-cast Ezreal/Kassadin ult but without the bolt or surge of damage.

  • Ugh, Hiroyuki Sawano's compositions always give me good goosebumps and im here for it

  • How many Cooldown reduction item did zoe have all he just do is teleport here teleport there and did zoe ult can make someone teleported

  • Its 2019, it all started in 2014-2015. This time, you got Sawano making music for the cinematics. In about 2 years you're going to definitely end up making an anime out of the Star Guardian lore and I can't wait for that moment to come.

  • 0:32 What happened...? Did he just hit his partner by accident ....?

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddd :)))) i really love it

  • Got goosebumps when neeko ulted lol

  • Fyi this is the same song maker of attack on titan

  • Oh nice they got Hiroyuki Sawano, I thought I recognized the music

  • They Legit 3 v 1 a Neeko and she survived for about 3 mins.

  • Xayah :mom Rakan:dad Zoe. :Kids

  • Why is their game worse then their video / movies, kinda sad for a company called riot GAMES.

  • Neeko Neeko niii 1:18

  • Zoe resemble à une petite fille a qui on a donnée trop de maquillage pour son âge ça me tue X)

  • report xayaah for troll

  • ohh wow ... goose bumps i want an anime of LOL.......really nice

  • Can anyone tell me what is this ??? A game ot an anime ??? Or animated of some story ???

  • Wait, WTF !? Neeko Passive are for Allies Right !? Best Anime Plot Twist 😘

    • Lore based Neeko can copy anyone but in the game she can only copy her teammates. They stick to the lore.

  • Song please

  • watch this at least once a day. love the vocals at 1:54

  • i was about to cry but I saw all these comments :))

  • Guys please go check out Hiroyuki Sawano's other works, they are as fantastic as this one! Amazing soundtrack like always! Thank you Sawano!

    • Sawano is my favorite composer off all time! The way he creates awesome soundtracks and the harmonic existence between orchestra and eletronic songs is amazing

  • Riot Planning Team: let's make a skin advert- Riot Design Team: *releases k/DA* Riot Planning Team: No no, now they think we produce JPOP. Try again. Riot Design Team: *releases Light and Shadow* Riot Planning Team: they think we make anime. JUST SELL SKINS.

  • Make a star guardian anime please.

  • мдя шаю и рейкана сделали плохими персами как печально помоему так звучал мой предыдущий коммент

  • This is wonderful, beautiful and amazing animation trailer so interesting.

  • Neither video nor comment section disappointed! This was so good and the comments are hilarious

  • That statue seems important to neeko but why?

  • Hey it's the guy from Attack on The Seven Deadly Gundamblade Chronicles X La Kill

  • I knew the music is familiar... Hiroyuki Sawano dang... LoL now is changing into anime by copying concepts of magical girls from anime(Sailor Moon/Madoka etc...). How happy I am that I deleted my account... Riot trying everything to please all kind of groups: weebs/k-pop fans and others... Just can't wait which group of people will be next... Any guess who is it gonna be?

  • Make star guardian oriana & evelynn if possible please ;_;

  • 1:19 who is that on the far left? Moakai?

  • Guys is it just me or did this hit you like right in the feels.... i felt this whole thing spiritually.... Whoever made those put a lot of effort and time into it, I loved it. Anime really needs to be made about this.

  • Honestly hate this shallow star guardian garbage.

  • Riot still sleeping on Star Guardian Urgot though😪

  • me no comprehend. why are the star guardians fighting with one another? where can i read this story?