Lil Donald "YKWTFGO" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio)

čas přidán
Listen to the official audio for "YKWTFGO" by Lil Donald.
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  • 1 hit wonder 🤢

  • This Shit Hard

  • 969

  • You say "YKWTFGO" too much. Sick beat though

  • Who needs some dope beats? 🔥


  • lyrics be like ykfnasekfs

  • Who is trying to get a beat? 🔥

  • Ce son est vraiment terrible, on s'enjaaaillle!!

  • "New Faces" - Jaye Alpha -

  • Lil Donald is fr. 💯💯💯 The realest Keep up the good work bruh real talk f#*& all these weak _A$$ HATERS💙💯🙏👍💚

  • Like

  • That beat tho

  • Keep eating on em bro ikwtfgo.

  • U Mack a song to respect women and now we are hoe's am unsubsidesing

  • 🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾

  • casket i invented sensu beans!!! 7. dover woods my house dover woods my home

  • this shit hard asf lowkey tho

  • Im feeling rich today. 💸💰💰

  • Mumble mumble mumble

  • beats on my page for everyone who can rap

  • blah blah blah blah blah. garbage mumble rap bullshit

  • Had a feeling 🔥🔥😎 💵!! !!!! ! !!! !

  • I'm up next ...

  • This shit hard

  • Squad

  • How do I send my music to you guys?!

  • But ikwtfgo

  • It's crazy how most all these "sayings" like "fuk goin on" starts in prison. I came home talking 👽 language till these songs come out

  • U stole someone sound

  • remind me of peewee longway rerocc

  • He back at it again 😩❤!!!


  • Brasil

  • Lil Donald is up next 💯💯💯

  • When I see you Imma shlaap u...YKWTFGO🌋

  • Wtf goin on?

  • Ayy

  • Just a new artist looking for some positive feedback please check me out also subscribe please 🙏🙏

  • #J4K

  • Shit ass

  • what s up what

  • nahhhh this OD LITTTTTTYYYYY

  • You can *do better*

  • this is that gangster shit

  • Aint trash...lil donald my niqqqqaa

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 shit this way 👉 Trapfic Muzik on some Detroit shit over here Subscribe to my channel and I'll subscribe back.

  • i been getting money bread over bed type money what the fuk wrong with them yea

  • like its their day off high rollers payme cause im their baby doll light sop bright swear ro god you seen dayvon

  • yea im filtyht rich man and they stinking stink man i get this gain like over paymentys i dont even talk too much i dont even have to make calls got them niggas in the dirt panning for gold shyt

  • hi Donald

  • I like it

  • You know what the fucks going on

  • DONALD 🗑 can

  • Yee yee

  • Nice !

  • Brazil

  • Dude song lit asf

  • Produced by me 🙏🙏

  • Lil mayoo

  • New rap. No auto tune no mumble

  • 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀....WORD!!

  • This Trump's illegitimate son.

  • K y engineering hald of yall dont wven know who that is

  • music videos on my channel^^^

  • Yall Know What The Fuck Going On

  • Trash but not as trash as me

  • Stop rapping please we need another 6ix9ine hit !!!! 🤦‍♂️

  • accidentally clicked on this but i don’t regret it

  • Aye check out my Beats on my channel and SoundCloud! Hmu if u wanna rap to any.

  • Where's Lil Trump ?

  • Another lil jerk

  • Soon as i seen the caption, i knew what the hook was lol

  • Nigga so cool......verses are just so coordinated and lit......Hope i get rich some day.

  • Dale Play....!

  • Just dropped, what you think

  • Veo Que Me Estas Apoyando Puedes Hacer Algo Por Mi ? ❌Suscribete Al Nuevo Canal De CS-tv❌ Si Aun No Lo haz hecho 👉🏻

  • Aint gon lie this shit go hard 🔥

  • Listen to my music. No regrets. Keep lyricism ALIVE!

  • Oooooohhhhh

  • OFWGKTA rip off

  • keep dropping them bangas

  • Listen to Neil Chase Banz - Make It Rain Ft. Brent9 & Sham EBK by KingK9Productions/MoneyWaveENT #np on #SoundCloud

  • Okok

  • Bruh i just dropped a song that is a guarantee hit i promise yall

  • Do better was a great song but this right here.....i mean the beat lit but the lyrics trash i mean frl wtf is going on ?

    • Dangelo Keys this a strip club song. But I think it’s old bc nobody says that anymore

  • It’s ya boy *LIL CUM STAIN*

  • Its been a minute lil Donald ❤❤

  • I used to see him all the time in ATLANTA. Off Campbelton Rd. At Rahims Fish spot

  • copied lil tay

  • This is fire


  • Shit slaps

  • He dont deserve you! Thought bruh was catering to the ladies...wht da fk goin on?😂

  • This shit true ass fuck!!💯💪🏾

  • This shit heat

  • always waiting for the latest music

  • If you listen to him this shyt slap on the low

  • Not bad. Creepy. Mysterious. I still DKWTFGO. 🤣 Need Lyrics.

  • Porra cadê as notificações pra mim CS-tv?