Lil Peep - Life Is Beautiful

čas přidán 7. 11. 2018
‘Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2’ Out November 9:

“Life Is Beautiful” off ‘Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2’ out now:
Gus wrote this song in early 2015. He and a friend shot some footage at our home in Long Beach, NY-where a couple of his other videos were shot. Gus liked shooting in the basement, and in the garage. He liked playing with atmosphere. In this one, he was playing with light and shadow. He was also very proud of his new glasses. He needed prescription glasses, and this was the only pair he ever had with a prescription in them.

Directed by Mezzy
Animation by Bryson Michael
Shot by Will Silberfeld
Produced by Smokeasac & IIVI



  • Vc faz falta

  • Life is beautiful when you still have it . R.I.P. Peep 😭😭

  • Дорогой Пип! Надеюсь там где ты жизнь еще прекрасней! Там наверно можно есть грибочки каждый день! Спасибо тебе за твое творчество!

  • i felt the lyrics

  • Рай для ушей

  • I think lil peep is looking damn cute in the thumbnail ..💓

  • Congratulations on hurting me twice, once with your love, and again with your music recommendations.

  • Fuck man. Rest in peep

  • LEGENDS NEVER DIE❤️💔 2019 summer

  • I don’t think I’ll ever get over him passing at such a young age. He deserved more. I’m crying again.

  • That last line always gets me 😔

  • ♥️

  • 2 0 1 9 En june ? Summer ????legends

  • Русские есть?

  • This and leanin are hisnbest songs.this my philosophical

  • Where are his face tattoos?

  • Peepers will allways watch youuuu Gustav:)))))(((( RIP Gustav 1996-2017

  • Ahh i cant help but cry when i listen to this song... it hurts so much. Peep i love u soo much i wish u were still here. I will always love u youll never be forgotten. We are ALL here watching u even when ur gone. 😭😭

  • “And if I tried suicide would u stop me”

  • We miss u peep

  • 💔💔

  • They’ll kill your little brother and tell you he’s a criminal peep speaking about how cops are killing unarmed people and how he hates it hence the fuck the ops tatto

  • Te amo, Dios

  • Hola

  • How in 2019?

  • 🐣1996/2017💔

  • First song by just him, that's I've been willing to listen to on my own free time

  • Fucking gaaaaaaaay All of yall are fucking wasted lives

  • 99,009% Sad boys with the bart profile photo 0,001% hunters of the Sad boys

  • The "If you ever need a friend then you got me..." line always gets me... Sometimes my eyes get slightly watery cause I know he isn't here in the physical anymore and he's turned into Ash... His purest form... 😔 🔥

  • Rip lil peep😭

  • July 2k19 ? Whos here ? 💗💗

  • Мне кажется Пипа никогда не забудут ❤️

  • R i p lil peep fuck x :(

  • To cm saudades peep

  • Life is beautiful, comical, and horrible.

  • WOAH 😍😪

  • Who is reading comments thru all the tears?

  • 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭

  • All disliker are some Mad Kids ✌️ miss him💔


  • June?

  • and if you ever need a friend then you got me ❤️

  • 💔😪 Peep

  • Both versions are amazing

  • l i f e i s s t r a n g e . . .

  • "once you feel unstoppable you run into a obstacle. They'll fucking kill you to so you better not get physical"

  • Nobody loves you Nobody thinks you're pretty Nobody thinks you're smart Nobody Likes you Nobody wants you Nobody wants to listen to you Don't worry my name's nobody ❤️

  • Noviembre

  • A miss you Peep