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Lil Pump - "Butterfly Doors" (Official Music Video)

čas přidán 4. 01. 2019
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  • Fresh

  • 1:27 tô apaixonado nessa mulher de amarelo😍 meu Deus

  • Only people that got offended by “CHING CHONG” disliked

  • Найс,ютуб диз за меня поставил

  • Whoever subs to me and likes I am giving away 10000 vbucks

  • 1:09 when he said 'Two Lamborghinis with the butterfly doors." it reminded me of when Finn sung that song about punching witches when he was a baby.

  • I'm ecstatic Lil pump is highlighting asian representation in Hollywood. Well done!

  • WoW

  • I'll wait for the Joyner remix. This song is trash...

  • 1:10 anyone else notice the flow from Adventure Time when baby Finn was shaking his buns in the mirror

  • AVENTADOR 720S beautiful shape

  • Anything Lil Pump sing is turned into hit

  • he really removed the ching chong part LMAO

  • Америкосы хуесосы

  • Dok hero king

  • So glad these don't last long. I can heat up my Ramen and empty the bowl before the next video.

  • I showed this to a fat guy *he is still fat but he really liked this song*

  • WACK

  • Temazo 😍❤

  • Another trash song 🗑 from trash 🗑 king..WTFFFFF???

  • Those girls look happy that there getting called hoes

  • #&~€£¥₩£€¥€€¥¥€€€₩ oh OG dgdtc vs duh drty667

  • butterfly effect to butterfly doors

  • Smoking on dope so strong UFO's wanna smoke it too.. Im screwed.. been on the news..monsters under bed...only talk with my third leg..bend that shit now make clap.

  • I absolutely love ass

  • honestly for lil pump its not bad

  • *Ching Chong*


  • Someone: You can’t buy 10 car for this music Lil Pump:Hold my beer


  • Lil pump is type of guy who can piss on money

  • I'm I missing something? Migos added a new member?

  • Как же ахуенно!

  • Is anyone going to mention that Lil Pump took inspiration for his chorus from the baby fin song from Adventure Time...... Guess it's just me who hears it?.....

  • A romper culo este *AÑO* *NUEVO* *PUMP* 🔥

  • хуйня

  • How to this fly..?


  • Fake lil pump

  • His flow has definitely improved

  • What happen to old lil pump🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💊💊💊💊

  • 제트스키 개스키


  • Really cool Nintendo

  • All the comments now are people saying “why is like 95% of the comment section Russians”

  • Cea mai smechera melodie!

  • These lambos don't even have butterfly doors :DD

  • wheres my CHING CHONG

  • This doodoo, no offense

  • Disliked and left

  • Raffa Moreira mano

  • Look alive

  • I don't see a Tesla model X

  • Кто русский лайк!!!

  • I hate how much i love the song.

  • Why is that I hear nothing but that background music?! But Mann I just love it

  • Damn I can make this beat in garage band and get 32 million views? Wow. What a great song. Not

  • Look at that, his vocabulary is growing.

  • Talking nonsense anyone?

  • Lil pump a russian spy confirmed

  • tambem tem brasileiros que ouvem lil pump tambem

  • The weird fact he’s slowing trying to actually sing after the whole interview with j.cole

  • Getting better of not mumbling...

  • He needs to stay on this instead of that reptitive shit

  • Subscribe to me just a young man trying to make it would make my day

  • fireee😋

  • "space coup look like a UFO"

  • *lil pump vocabulary has entered the chat* *music video has entered the chat* *ad lib has hosted the server* *lil pump vocabulary has left the chat*

  • hes so shit its unbelievable that so many ppl listen to his shitty music

  • Cyka blyat from Australia

  • хуй

  • NIGGA IQ 55

  • "Baby momma whip my pot on the stove"😂🤣

  • Absolutely horrible

  • 32 million views I’m impressed

  • чё пацаны, русский ютуб)))

  • ไทย มาทางนี้ ฟังติดหู ;) I like this song. XD


  • Ma ma lon

  • *the whole world have join the chat* *Russia have join the chat* *the whole world have left the chat*


  • Butterfly roof

  • This gotta be a quavo written song

  • 🔥

  • i can no longer enjoy this song without *C H I N G C H O N G*

  • racist fuck

  • Го писать русские коменты чтоб все думали что тут написано че то крутое)))

  • Your songs getting better

  • Caraio 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👌💥💣

  • Does it censor the yao Ming part for anyone

  • habloo spañol alguien mas?


  • 1:39 is fr satisfying how they hit that dance with the beat

  • Aventador...


  • 2:18 Thank me with a like

  • 🗣 CHING ! CHONG !

  • My dad said I can join Gucci Gang for my birthday. Brrrruu Gucci gang eskitit. Haha wez is lit fam.

  • W I N G W O N G

  • ching chong version on my channel lol