Lil Tecca - Love Me (Official Music Video)

čas přidán 18. 11. 2018
Watch the official music video for "Love Me" by Lil Tecca.
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Prod. Dystinkt Beats
Directed by: David Del Rosario
Shot and Edited: David Del Rosario
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  • Yeah ik you see the drip and you like it ❤️🔥

  • Love me so Salvinho 😝😝

  • I can relate to this song

  • Bro u are an absolute legend,nobody will ever forget you

  • The way the guys with the green sweatshirt wear his hood is sexy.

  • How dare u spit the u know finger >:3 u aren't a sinner u just trying to find love

  • I ain’t even know that was $not

  • Dammm tecca u gor cool drip 💧 chill dude🔥🔥

  • Nice songs

  • dang he got the yellow rolls royce wraith

  • OMG this is so gud

  • where everyone from 2020

  • Yes sir

  • Dis the og days when me an my bro was Bumbin dis in summer❤️😂

  • Best song

  • Te amo Tecca.

  • this song hard 🥳🥳🥳

  • “ deep throat, shootin like a free throw, shawty she a freak tho, thats my line” thats a bar

  • Ay like ur song

  • Hicieron la versión en español xd

  • Yo Lil tecca I don’t konw I really like your song bro you just start making songs bro all ready top 4 in the 100rap billboard

  • Im' in Miami we love you Tecca

  • Bruh this shit is lil tecca bruh his songs based on me asf!!!!!!

  • I like how the ending has like a poster of a movie and says rated R

  • Na ik this is kinda old but this is vibe

  • I love your songs lil tecca☺️💴💎💴

  • if you dont like this, your next barber will mess up your haircut

  • killed it hand down nigga cold

  • ใัพพพะัพภัีรทนต

  • The guy in the green hoodie is my mood everyday

  • I love you tecca you are my favourite singer I would love to meet you 😃

  • I love you lil tecca

  • He's not even old enough to watch his own vid........

  • Make a nother song

  • heyo my name is Dylan im only 9 lil tecca is my fav and thiiss song is the best lets hope he dont die like juice or xxx my draem car is a lambogeni and to gets lots of followers on instagwam so can u guys hit this blue butten nd press follow make me draem come true my instagwam is @dylangc__

  • Oh wow

  • Tecca🔥🔥🔥

  • I love your songs

  • Love you tecca

    • First of all he's not a nerd so shut up your mouth

  • The beat tho🔥🔥🔥

  • we need this tecca back

  • Stay out of drugs. *Please*

  • *We love you Tecca!*

  • My name is ritcher ramos

  • I like you Lil tecca❤️

  • I love you lil tecca

  • We love you tecca.

  • This song is so crazy this is my favourit song of the world

  • wow this is soooooo bad jk why would anybody say that?

  • I love this song me and my bff listen to this all the time

  • Who else listening in 2020❤🔥

  • love your music man

  • im not a lier i didnt know who tecca was till he drop the song ransom whos with me

  • Your songs are fire

  • tf does Sn0t do there

  • I love this 🔥🔥❤❤🥵

  • Love me is my fav song❤️ lil tecca drippy

  • we love you especially me

  • when u realize the guy in the green is @snot 😮

  • Lil Tecca how old is u?