Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Official Video)

čas přidán 23. 10. 2020
Little Mix - Sweet Melody (Official Video)
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Director: KC Locke
Executive Producers: Marisa Garner & Amalia Rosen-Rawlings
Producers: Lewis Nicholson & Meghan Wilcox
Production Company: Swords & Eagles
PM: Ella Taylor Palfrey
Production Designer: Jenny O’sullivan
DOP: Stefan Yap
Editor: Jamil Shaukat
Movement Directors & Choreographers: King O’Holi & Jason Thanh
Do do do x 14

In a whole nother lifetime
There was this boy that I knew
He made me feel like a woman
We were young and silly fools
Anyway he was in a band
Wrote love songs about me
I wasn't crazy bout the words 
But the melodies were sweet
Went something like

Do do do x 14

Every time we'd go dancing
I’d see his straying eyes
Gave him too many chances
Pushed my keys too many times
Anyway he'd start acting up
And I'd be on my way to leave
But I stopped in my tracks
When I heard this melody
And it went like 

Do do do x 14

He used to sing me sweet melodies
He played me, made me believe it was real love
Sang me sweet melodies
But the day he did me wrong
The song couldn't go on & on & on

He used to sing me sweet melodies
He played me, made me believe it was real love
Sang me sweet melodies
But the day he did me wrong
The song couldn't go on & on & on

He would lie he would cheat
Over syncopated beats
I was just his tiny dancer
He had control of my feet
Yes when he came along
That's when I lost a groove
There was no song in the world
To sing along or make me move
Something something like

Do do do x 14

He used to sing me sweet melodies
He played me, made me believe it was real love
Sang me sweet melodies
But the day he did me wrong
The song couldn't go on & on & on

He used to sing me sweet melodies
He played me, made me believe it was real love
Sang me sweet melodies
But the day he did me wrong
The song couldn't go on & on & on

Do do do x 14

On and on, on and on

He used to sing me sweet melodies
He played me, made me believe it was real love
Sang me sweet melodies
But the day he did me wrong
The song couldn't go on & on & on

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  • I wish this song was the lead single ...Don't get me wrong, BUS is really good but Sweet melody has way more potentiel !!!


  • Literally the most underrated Girl group, they deserve so much more recognition for their hardwork and dedication!! ✨

  • They write songs drunk and there still bangers

  • Its impossible not to love this song

  • This song almost made me elegantly twerk in public. Pls send help

  • It's Bad that we they just released one of their Best Album, People stopped Paying Attention. 😭😭

  • This song deserve 100M. Help me to reach plssssss


  • The transitions on this video are INSANE!

  • eu fico muito exitada com esses dançarinos é isso

  • 34M !

  • this group reminds me of bratz lel

  • 34 millions views

  • 😮 OBSESSED! Great song & video ❤

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  • Centésima vez aqui kkk

  • LAS AMO ♥️

  • Hay alguien español? :v

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  • 34.1M

  • Jades hair is literally everything 😍

  • GUYS can you please write a comment on REBECCA THE VOCALIST ATHLETE to react to the live performance of Secret Love Song on LM The Search?? She’s doing some amazing reactions and it would be dope if she could react to this live performance 😍

  • you can never get tired of these girls xxx

  • No Time For Tears sounds like a hit

  • Dear Perrie, i have bangs because of you 😂😂 and i'm so happy and it looks so good! Love my girls, u all look stunning! BEST GIRL GROUP EVER! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


  • i love jessy nelson part

  • I really hope Jesy doesn't leave the group

  • Most of you aren't commenting the vie3ws are going down come on mixers pls

  • I love it 💓💓

  • Tiktokers try but fail to accomplish such clean transitions

  • It's not that cold this winter Reason little mix's Abs

  • I have watched you slns I was 6 and I am 8 now

  • I should sleep now. Hope to woke up with 34.5M tomorrow :)

  • Is jessy iserlating because she has codiv because she and redwood are the best and they are all amazing I miss jessy

  • 34M yess mixers! Can we make 40M before November ends? ♡♡

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  • this music is so ICONIC!

  • I love all of you. You are amazing

  • Perrie's new hairstyle really suits her❤❤

  • I'm so in love with this song❤

  • One month in and I'm still not tired of this song!

  • This choreography makes me say I wanna be the dancer so that I can dance like little mix

  • Are they the best ? Check their performance at Brits Awards 2017... Shout out to my ex. There you will find the answer. Thanks :-))

  • 😊💓❤❤❤❤

  • Thats simply amazing. You gouys seems like an Kpop group. All of you singing together remeber me a lot of a kpop group called Girls Generation. Do someone here knows this group ?

    • @TÔ BÉLGICA mto foda.

    • @Lucas Clemente Você é brasileiro ? :-)) Se puder e quiser por favor... dá uma olhadinha nesse link, eu só queria mostrar o meu aquário Se preferir clica na minha foto. Obrigado Don’t stop the Do do do do :-))

    • @TÔ BÉLGICA I know, friend. I just said that they remind me a little of SNSD. and actually this for me and just one more reason to love them.

    • @TÔ BÉLGICA ahh your right! How could I forget those songs?! They have so many great songs I know I’m always missing one or two

    • Little Mix is POP !!! POP !!! P O P .

  • Am I the only one getting pirate of the caribbean vibes? 0:47

  • They going into the history books❤️❤️❤️


  • 0:07 Ps I made this comment for me, because i am learning the choreo from Jade and i can switch to the beginning every time ;)

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  • Get Well Soon Jesy and ilysm Baby Girl, U are Enough too AF! Mwah.😘❤👱❤👱👱❤👱❤And From Me Alex Stay Safe and Keep Safe too Because U are all Enough too!😷🏡🏠Get Well Soon Jesy.👏💪👍👌👱💞👯❤xxxx

  • little mix - making amazing songs me - liking my comment from all my other accounts

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  • SO CLOSE TO 35M!!!


  • Vim aqui julgar o trabalho delas é muito fácil, e eu vou defendê-las sim, por que elas salvaram minha vida, a música delas me fazem sentir um pouco melhor comigo mesmo, pois saibam se eu batesse 1M de visualizações na minha música já tava ótimo, 34 milhões para tudo que essas meninas passaram é uma dádiva, principalmente para a Jesy, ou seja essa BELEZA vai bater 100M, e no dia eu quero vim postar e marcar todos que disseram o contrário, qualquer um tem sua opinião, e tudo bem. Mas se não gosta deixa o deslike e sai, não precisa maltratar e nem por FLOPOU, isso magoa as cantoras, mesmo que nossa língua seja diferente, certeza que a acessoria delas, ou elas próprias fazem questão de ler cada comentário. Mas amor no coração gente, sou FÃ e defendo sim! ❤

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    • @i'm worldwide handsome bitch Maybe. But if you don't, people make it a big issue.

    • @Shreya N censoring the word stream litteraly do nothing . These are just myth that fooled y'all

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  • Assim como todo mundo dizia no clip da Pabllo Vittar e Lucas Lucco, que nunca bateria 100M, que o clip era flopado e tals, Sweet Melody também vai para queimar a cara desses haters de merda!

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  • Just focus to Jesy. Its weird that they didnt show her sm. Also; 00:24 00:48 even if she is not feelin' good she is in the video but not this parts. Why? I mean this are the parts that they show us 'members' right? So why not Jesy? There is somethin' going on. Edit: She doesn't have too much parts too. Even cameraman focused to her for once when they were together.

    • You shouldn't make assumptions. Just wait and see what happens because you're discouraging some of us. Please don't. We love jesy so much and each of them ,thinking that she's leaving the group is hurting us.

    • @Chithra R I dont blame little mix, I think about company. We already know that they forced Perrie to be a solo, thx to god she never left her friends. So I dont trust to their team. Also they never sang this song all together on live. Thats weird. Couple weeks ago jade wasnt in a live show but jesy was okay and singing.

    • Little Mix is not toxic to do Jesy bad like that.

    • She's not in the transition part because she's singing du du du du in that part that's why.

    • 😂😂😂

  • They deserve the world 💜

  • It's been over a month since this masterpiece got released and I STILL cannot get over the choreo, their looks, their vocals, OH MYY GAAWWDD!! This song is literally the BEST

  • sweet melody is that ✨BITCH✨💅

  • Am I the only one that thinks this is their only good mv with the new label?Like a good production and stuff

    • I loved bounce back mv too

    • Yeah I have to agree, the new label not yet giving them what they deserved though music wise they still slay

    • I like all they videos to be honest

    • you’re right

    • I’m with you on this one

  • 50million by the end of 2020 mixers

  • Brasil??? Da like

  • Their transitions was so clean

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  • This is such a bop

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  • I love this song so much I've listened to this so many times in a row...

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  • This song deserves more recognition

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  • Sweet melody is that bitch

  • I like what they were wearing, very good.

  • Can we at least get this to 36-40M before the release of No time for tears on friday

  • Hardly appropriate having your ass hanging it when little girls and boys are watching these videos, disgusting behaviour!

    • @Limelight Mixer Every troll account created 1 or 2 week before :D and also they delete comments after 2 days

    • @Limelight Mixer what are you?

    • Ok guys, all the hate comments come from accounts made a week or two ago

    • Yeah, you joined a week ago and get furious over women's asses. You'd have a heartache if you listen to WAP

    • Lol they’re grown up woman & they are free to do what they want. What if kids sees this? Parents should watch their kids and that’s why there is something called CS-tv FOR KIDS

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