čas přidán 20. 06. 2022
I surprised my sister with 100 dates!! IT GETS CRAZY hahaha
500k likes and Lexi will get me 100 girls to date in 24 hours!
inspired by 100 dates in 24 hours from @airrack :)

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  • I had to put the broom away for this one, enjoy the video

  • The poor Ben that got out cuz of his name😭 sorry bro…

  • The way andrew just walked in made me laugh hard, and the way he slipped to the floor and said "dont ever talk to my girl like that again" WAS EVEN FUNNIER i repeat it 5 times🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • I love how Brent remembered about the broom and decided to use that too eliminate the guys 😂😂 the tiniest small detail

  • brents like, "we'll get out of your hair" literally a second later, "so right now we're hiding-" this had me dyingggg

  • Andrew with the drinking problem had me laughing

  • I feel like Bobby was the nicest, and sweetest guy there. He was being a gentlemen respect to him 🙏

  • I want to see Brent go on 100 Dates in 24 Hours now 😅😍

  • Can we just say i love how brent protects her little sister aww❤🙂

  • Bobby was really sweet and I would have chosen him if I was in that scenario. And I also loved the wedding part with Andrew lol

  • The way Andrew fell on the ground at the church😂😂😂

  • i love andrew so much he is my fav in this group his objection was definelty the funniest

  • I love how Andrew didn’t even have a pick up line and still passed😂❤

  • Love how Lexi judges them on their personality and how they act and if what they do like on the first date and I just love how they do that😊❤

  • I really wanna see Brent go on one hundred dates in 24 hours so bad!!😊

  • The fact that Jeremy was in it makes it 10 times better 😂

  • Andrews part to object was my fav the way he just wobbled in and said “don’t touch my girl” and then the no when he was getting taken away🤣😭

  • Andrew had me dying of laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • How Andrew tried to save the wedding by being drunk is so funny

  • Andrew we all know who she’s going to come home to at the end of the day and it’s not going to be you because of your drinking problem😂

  • I loved the phrase the Andrew said to Lexi because it’s true she’ll always come home to Andrew at the end of the day they are so cute together Landrew forever❤

  • I love how Andrew said she was going to regret that she probably does 😂

  • Thank you Brent for making me laugh 😂 my family everyday watching your videos, specially my son, LIAM LEQUIDO VALENZUELA from PHILIPPINES, MORE POWER TO YOU.

  • I love how protective Brent is of Lexi "I'm just looking for a good time if you know what I mean!!" "Get the HELL out of here" Andrew didn't even say anything super sweet, and Lexi pushed "yes" we see you girl

  • Can we just respect the fact that Andrew showed up to the wedding in a hat 😂

  • Andrews fake drunk was so good 😂

  • When all the 100 guys showed up bobby caught my eyes first he is really good looking I’m glad Lexi ended up choosing him and he looks a bit like dom I think it’s the eyes and the smile

  • I want crew to go on a 109 dates because he needs a good girl and more experience 😂😂😂

  • I love that Pireson is still wearing sunglasses in a wedding

  • The fact Bobby looks like Dom is everything

  • i’m not giving up 😩

  • Bobby is so pretty and his vibes and style and everything abt him is soooooooooooooooo amazing , hope I can find someone like him .

  • Andrew scene Andrew :STOP I OBJECT *falls* . Lexi: I told you I can’t be with you unless you fix your drinking problem , Andrew:how did you know 💩 That was the funniest part haha

  • you guys make me sad and happy at the same time

  • When Andrew acted drunk that was the best one at the church, that was so funny omg😭

  • I'm surprised that Jeremy actually made it that far😅

  • The little brooms too cute and funny 😂 and Andrew "your going to regret this Lexi" the fact that Jeremy lasted longer makes it funnier thought it would be the opposite

    • @sped heads ik that's what makes it funny 😂

    • Its scripted. Thats why

    • obviously, it wouldn't be the opposite...

    • @Janice Eltagonde The kissing booth!!!! HE TRIED TO GET MORE! Also that is funny And every one likes lexi R and Lexi H

    • Exactly

  • Lmao the way lexi laughed when the man missed the grape haha😂

  • I like how out of all the people in the world they chose Zak for the crazy ex 😂😂

  • The fact 1:49 that they are so honest with what they have done lol

  • Andrew was sooooooo funny!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Bro Andrew was just there as a joke

    • I now

    • I live in Alabama I live in Alabama

  • The fact that Lexi kept Jeremy longer than Andrew is so funny!#landrew

  • "We all know who you are coming home to at the end of the day" -Andrew Davila, 2022

  • I laughed my head off when Lexi said to Andrew .Andrew I can’t be with you unless you fix your drinking problems Andrew: how do you know😂

  • "If they end up kissing Im gonna go down there literally hit the guy with a broom" love that part😆

  • Idk why but when Bobby said "I m really about u and i really want you" his expression and his way of saying just cracked me up.🤣😃💯

  • Omg this was soo cute I wish Lexi the best and definitely think Brent needs to be surprised with this tooo 😊😊😊

  • I love how Andrews thing at the church was so funny he walked in all drunk hilarious

  • The fact that this was like a whole season of the bachlorette within 13 minutes and honestly more entertaining just goes to show how great Brent is doing as a creator. Well done Brent!

    • This idea was copied ben needs more original content

    • @Sister_charlez fax

    • He took the idiea from airack but I still like Brent’s version morr

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  • The fact Jeremy made it farther than Andrew makes me cry

  • I started laughing so hard when he fell And the way he look like he was ok 👌LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I love the way they got eliminated with the little broom😂

  • we all want to see brent go on 100 dates

  • This boy literally gave his gift to lexi from the heart and I feel like Lexi really needs andrew

  • The fact that he always finds a way to include the broom 😂😂

  • I love the part where the guy said “I was drunk it dosn’t count”. Then Brent said “why would you idmit to that”. So funny!

  • “Can I compete?” Got me dying 😂

  • Haha I need to see Brent go on 100 dates in 24 hours.😂😂

  • All Brent has to do is gather the courage and ask person 😊

  • The fact that Andrew was in there and acting being drunk was so funny

    • so many bots smh

    • @iiKxmTaeii samee hahha

    • ya and lexi likes funny guys


    • True

  • Lexi’s “OH MY GWOAD” is iconic

  • OMFG I LOVE BOBBYYYYY. I really feel like theres a connection between them and i just feel really good about this guy. Hope to see him soon! pls Bremt bring him back :)

  • I was literally hoping she would choose the runner up he is such a gentleman

  • I love how Jeremy actually got it 😂

  • The fact Brent made this and he still tried to stop the date😂

  • So we're just going to ignore Jeremy smiling like its the best day of his life in the thumbnail 🤣 🤣

  • I just love watching Lexi having fun ,and Brent trying to flirt with Pierson 😄 it's just all so ... Cute 💕

  • This was a nice gesture by Brent’s part! Interfering with Lexi’s love life for the legacy of a CS-tv video :D

  • Andrew’s performance was just 🤌🏻✨

  • The Way Jeremy Was In it😂

  • The fact that Jeremy wore something to get in😂

  • I can’t stop with Andrew pretending he is drunk it makes me laugh so hard 😂tysm so much for the likes

  • I wanna to see Brent go on 100 dates in 24 Hours now😅😍

  • I would’ve chosen Mitch to be the finalist 100%🤣 I mean he literally had a plane fly out with a sign for Lexi❤️

  • Mitch:I have a thing where I don’t miss *misses* Just has me dying bro😂

  • I'm surprised Brent's even letting her do this lol. How did anyone convince him?

  • omg when she said all you guys can leave she slay on that part

  • I hope Bobby shows up again. They were so cute together

  • When andrew said i object and he fall it killed me 🤣

  • i Love when he said I don't miss then he misses the grape 🤣

  • Brent is like me when I see my friend talking to her crush 😂

  • The fact that Brent still cares about Lexi all the time! ❤

  • Dude Bobby seems like a genuinely nice guy , he's so naturally a gentleman. ❤️ Kinda looks like Dom when he smiles though ! Lexi and Bobby are a cute pair

  • The way her brother tried to cheer her up

  • Thank you Brent for making me laugh 😂

  • The cucumber guy got me 🥵✨

  • Lexi : if this video gets 500k like i'll set 100 girls for brent Brent : COME ON GUYS PLEASE I NEED IT Pierson : -_-

  • The fact that Jeremy made it to the final 6 guys

  • Let’s take a moment to appreciate how Brent makes our day better with every video ❤️

    • He put so much effort into coping Airack

    • Super Duper TRUE

    • 100 guys cappp

    • Esta sesion de trap igual esta piola

  • Andrew's act on the wedding was so funny

  • I can’t with the drunk Andrew🤣

  • I love this part 😂 1:29

  • This video was adorable, and sweet of Brent to put away the broom. lmao! 😂

  • If I was her I would definitely pick Andrew❤

  • Can We all appreciate all of the effort that brent puts in these videos for us to watch ❤

    • Parking on your friends

    • nope because he just copied another youtuber named Airrack

    • @sml ❤️

    • Anybody gonna talk about how Lexi said that she was gonna set up Brent with 100 girls and Brent said he needed it yet all the filters on TikTok that he does end up being a P for Pierson

    • Yes we can appreciate

  • oliver just put the rober in the naughty corner and demanded the bat 😂😂

  • How did Jeremy make it so far 😂

  • Jeremy was a nice/kind guy,cant believe he still doesn't have a gf

  • Adorable she made the right choice indeed 😀📖

  • The fact that this video is past 500k likes and theres already a video posted about brent going on a date with 100 girls in 24 hours🤣