Living 24 Hours In A Floating House!

čas přidán 20. 10. 2022
We survived 24 hours out at sea on a floating house and a massive yacht! It was definitely one of the hardest 24 hours of my life...


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  • The ending was crazy…

  • The jet ski looked so fun😍

    • I love your songs and your videos Brent and your time toks

    • @Ryan Muyambo bruh stop spelling wrong

    • @CloudyBean bruh you need to say hi not hii

    • @K yep

    • @Santie Claws bruh it says translate to English but its already English.

  • I love how dom is so happy and is acting so innocent like as if nothing happened

  • The effort you put in those videos for us is incredible! You always make my day! Keep it up!

  • Dom: this bedroom is bigger than their boat. Dom: I bet you these floaties cost more than their boat

  • The most important thing is that Ben put a lot of effort for making these videos and puts in the hard work just for us

  • Let’s all give Ben and Cam a round of applause because they did everything in their power to survive Ben one more thing… SHARK!!!

  • best day ever 🎉

  • Ben Always makes someone’s day🎉

  • The fact that they still hang out with dom after the things he's done 🤨Imagine how that makes soffi feel 😔

    • @Ella😅 yes

    • @Neil Reece No one cares

    • Fine she would be fine! Sssshhhh

    • @She cheat on soffi dossi

    • What did he do

  • I love when Ben gets the crazy things 😂😂

  • The things he does to entertain us is just so crazy, just take a moment to appreciate it.

    • It was so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • 🤣 when ben tried to push cam.

    • @Aloe Vera same

    • @ackerwoman IKR I feel so bad for sofie I can't belive everyone in the AMP squad is still filming with Dom

    • Haaa

  • Everyone else peacefully watching the video. Me counting how many time Dom has said “This is probably worth their whole boat!”

  • The way dom and Jeremy were like hmmmmmmm they are fine we should just throw water balloons 🎈 good idea💡

  • its grt that ben keeps all personal and professional things seprately!!! (ps- Dom)..Ben is a good being 😁🥰

  • so no one’s gonna talk about the fact ben just threw his phone in the ocean and was so sad but then forgets about it in like 10 mins if that was me i would try swim and get it but if i can’t i would just quit like bro he does anything for us😂

  • Can we all appreciate the injurys and dangerous stuff Ben goes through just to entertain us ❤

    • ye

    • Yo bro are you really serious Ben Makes videos for money Not for us If he didn't get paid do you really think he will still upload I am a big fan of Ben But I am not dumb like you And your comment is not a new one I see comments like this on every amp members videos

    • @DefinitelyNotbradygreen the first person that replied to my comment is a bot

    • @Isabella Stavrakas he almost died for us

    • @DJ-MOON-BEAN and icws are best duo yeah there’s literally a picture of me on my profile

  • Ben never fails to make me laugh

    • 💪💪

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  • Let’s appreciate how much entertainment he puts in his videos 😊


  • Can we just appreciate the fact the camera man has to go through all of this as well?

  • I love that Dom and Jeremy threw water balloons at Ben and Cam LOL 😂😂😂

  • Forgot just how good Ben's videos are. This was fun to watch. OMG thanks for 112 likes. The most likes I have gotten so far

  • Can we all talk about dom acting so normal like nothing happened. Well Ben it was a great video, loved it ❤

  • I love how dom and Jeremy are so excited and then you see Ben and cam 😂😂😂

  • *surviving on a £5 boat* *literally has a TV in there 💀*

  • Ben and Cam are SSSOO brave😂

  • DOM and Jeremy must’ve had fun

  • Love watching Ben’s videos! He goes through a lot of sacrifices just to entertain us, we should all appreciate him!

    • @Vance Koonar Ok? No one asked...

    • It looks really close to a boat my dad was looking at for 1.3m CAD

    • Is the boat really 5m?

  • Jeremy and Doms reaction to their boat was so funny I love amp squad they make my day ❤

  • Keep up the great work team glad you have so many people to do these videos with You make it so much ben I hope you enjoyed your house for 24 hours

  • Dom and Jeremy cuddling is so cute-

    • @Jonathan Nicdao he cheated on her…..

    • @Bradley Welsh uhm 😶

    • @Addie Beth The Genius ooooooooooooo yeah

    • @Jonathan Nicdao no he cheated on her

    • Uhm dom it dating sofie dossi

  • The fact how Jeremy left Dom in the middle of the ocean

  • I love that Jeremy just flew on the JetSki and left dom

  • You guys are so funny and never fail to make us laugh🥰

  • Thank you sooo much Ben for everything you do to put a smile on our faces

  • "It was at that time he new"got me laughing 😂

  • Let’s appreciate that Ben no matter what he gets he always sees the better of it

  • Dom and Jeremy remind me of Tom and jerry ice cream 😂

  • I love all the dangerous things that you do for us Ben. You make my day today because I twisted possibly sprained my ankle yesterday. Thank you Ben!

    • Storyleaf no dom checha on Sofie with a other girl her name misvshk siva

    • Done

  • The fact how Jeremy get the good stuff all the time

  • Love your videos Ben!❤️

  • Looks so much fun😍

  • The way Jeremy was slapping Dom's butt I rolled out the couch😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Yeah right Ben and Cam you’re having the best ever 😂😂😂

  • I don’t know what I would do without you guys ❤❤

  • the fact there still hanging with dom after what he did i cant believe that....

    • You're right Even though what he did was messed up we should just let him live his life

    • I understand what Dom did was messed up, but I think it’s even more messed up to make him suffer so much for it. Everyone makes mistakes

    • Ikr 😞

  • This takes effort and courage to go out at sea and on shed just floating is very hard. I mean this insane. I love u Ben ❤️

  • I love your videos Ben😊

  • Ben you never failed to make me and the others die laughing

  • Jeremy and dom was going crazy when they got the 1,000 dollar boat

  • I like how Ben Azelart makes these videos so well to make our day :)

  • All the boys: *Having Fun* Brent and Andrew: *Feeling so left out*

    • @Lorena Garcia Yeah maybe

    • They probably didn’t want to do the video

  • Ben you never fail to put a smile on our face thanks for the video

  • I love your VIDEOS SO MUCH!!!

  • I am glad that dom is finally getting more involved in their videos

  • Let’s get Ben to 20 mil everyone 😊

  • I love the videos! Love how you care about entertaining us! ❤

  • Dom over here enjoying his time and having fun after What he did to sofie


  • I love this video and it’s funny how Ben and cam react to their boat

  • 4:54 Jeremy's face is so funny

  • Ben always knows how to make us smile.😁

  • Jeremy and dawn seem very lucky😁

  • hi ben!thanks for always making us laugh, your videos are amazing!

  • Dom acting so happy and innocent

    • @mylifeas Ami yeah no, there are at least a hundred different reasons why it’s so blatantly obvious a scam

    • @ackerwoman ouch

    • @ackerwoman noooo 😭..i think its real

    • @mylifeas Ami most likely

  • I love how Dom looks so happy and innocent like he’s not even at all sad about what he did to Sophie

    • His apology video meant nothing

    • Let him live. He mad a mistake i agree but he is dealing with a lot and apologized! He is trying to move on and so should we. Stop the hate!❤

    • he shouldn’t have to act sad and just cry into tears on camera every video .

    • I know right....just looking at him makes me wanna puke

  • Respect to the cameraman

  • The way jermey cuddled dom😂

  • Jermey and dom having the best day

  • Ben never fails to entertain me 🎉

  • I wonder what sofies reaction is when she watches this 😢❤

    • I don't really think she's going to be upset if that's what you mean. She probably doesn't care what goes on in Dom's life. She's moving on just like him.

  • Lol this so so funny 😂 love Ben ❤😊

  • Poor Ben and Cam. 😂

  • Ben I just realized how are you going to cook the fish if you don't have a oven? Also, it's such a classic to throw in your phone instead of the none edible fish lol

  • Your videos were so amazing I love them They are incredible and funny

  • Ben deserves so much more with all of the effort he puts into making these videos. Keep it up! Edit: Thanks for all the likes :)

    • You're welcome uhh... no thanks :)

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  • Ben please make more fun videos like this thank you! :)

  • Love watching Ben’s videos always put a smile on my face 😁🥰

    • same here until i saw dom's face

  • I didn’t think that Ben and Cam would stay over night

  • Props to the camera man on the $5 boat

  • I love your videos ben

  • Literally ever single comment: Can we all appreciate how Ben never fails to let us down?

    • @Avery Christner ikr he just acts like nothing happened

    • @Avery Christner oh wow the first person I see that has to do with dom

    • Surprised it’s not about Dom

  • I like how they found a slide floating in the middle of nowhere made out of the same stuff as their own boat 😁

  • I love how Ben thinks Dom and Jeremy are really good friends and would never prank them but then they just-..

  • It was so funny when Ben tried to push cam in but he was the one who fell in

  • you guys are really good sports. GO BEN AND CAM!♥

  • That look so fun 🤩

  • I know that this had already been said but Ben really puts a lot of effort into these videos and really never fails to make anyone laugh. U are awesome Ben

  • They were having so much fun I don’t know why 😂😂

  • I still can’t believe that Ben and Cam survived this

  • I remember this one time this huge great white shark came up to my grandfather's boat and it was actually pretty friendly I got to touch its fin and it was really calm 😌

  • Love ur vids Ben! Keep up the hard work ❤

  • I love your videos😊

  • Ben is so amazing 😊he never ever fails to entertain us love you Ben!❤

  • I love Ben and Jeremy😂

  • I'm so grateful that you do this for our entertainment

  • Ben: they would never do that Jeremy: I love prancing Ben and cam

  • I loved this vid Ben!❤ The water must of been really cold!😅

  • I honestly would enjoy the $5 one-

  • you never fail at making our day, Ben!!