Living on my Own

čas přidán 1. 12. 2019
Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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  • I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

  • Hahah

  • I didn’t understand how you felt until my mom actually stole my god DAMN *CHOCCIE* *_MHALK!_*

  • Yo this b*tch betta have Samoas! Me: my favorite!

  • YT : you live you pay you die, sorry I need sit for sec we all need to pay bills maybe not you because your freakin' child! Me : LOL xD

  • I am seven and my mom paid 999999999 for a house 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Who else noticed that Bakugo poster in that one frame 😅

  • Shut up bruh

  • Me : watching video Also me : smirks in choccy milk

  • 10:20 SAY IT L O U D E R

  • i know how you fell

  • Did anyone else see the Bakugou poster @ 2:59

  • Hey I sub hey I’m something else teawhy why are you say channel called I’m something elsety

  • I see katsuki bakugou I click I see SomeThingElseyt I click I see someone taking my choccy milk..... I attacc ÙwÚ

  • Your dog looks like a hyena


  • Adam: DONT PLAY ENNI MINI MIY MOO Me: *plays it* REEET

  • I got some weird bobs world ad

  • 0:58 *League of Legends (Nevercake)*

  • Ö

  • *He is a Devil but have a angel wings* Me: *Wait that's illegal*

  • 00:2 fame is lame is on the building why is no one talking about this

  • 1:14 lol the fuck

  • Groceries:get some meat,veggies, eggs,milk,water,sauces

  • SomeThingElseYT: *Puts fire in the wood* Me: Im impressed that that wood is still holding

  • I am

  • Hi adom

  • U saying 15sq ft is big think again I have seven Anckers lol

  • 2:59 wait... Why is bakugou there...

  • SomethingElseYt: Water bills, power bills, you name it! Me: So?..Life Bills? Wow never knew you had to pay for life..

  • wish i could be a youtuber lol XD

  • adam u rul

  • stop swearing and being dirty or i can't watch your amazing vidios


  • On 2:58 I saw a bakugo poster xD ( im not making fun of you i love mha and all anime )

  • 1:40 I don't know pick a fight with a family member for the last *God damn chalky milk*

  • Nice picture of Bakugo in the background.

  • Is a youngin but you ik what bills are lol

  • This story NEEDS to be fake

  • 2:59 lol in the background there’s a poster of Bakugo XD

  • 😐 is So really you you’re being just watching TV while you work discussed

  • Good on

  • After watching this 5 times I think that’s Terence in the corner when he’s looking up how to hide a body

  • Rip coffee table

  • the smart kid:i think girls are a waste of time the kid who has a crush on her:i like you ;)))

  • 7:36 did u realize he might have forgot to blur out the word bitch 😂😂😂 I rlly don’t care if he’s says bitch like it’s his life lmao

  • That bakugo poster explains the bakugo references I see in his videos.

  • $_$ ()_()

  • Devil with his wings cut off- Coool

  • i just notice the poster in the background is bakugo 2:59

  • Oi


  • Doesn’t anyone notice that there is a freaking bakugou poster on the left side of his wall at 2:59 !?


  • Im pretty sure it’s nut ella and not new tella

  • Bakugou poster 2:59


  • Is it just me or when he was reading fan art you said awwwwwwwwww

  • Grocery list for your next grocery shopping Adam: 1. Chicken breasts(tehe) 2. Eggs 3. Cheese 4. Milk ( or non-stolen choky milk) 5. Potatoes 6. Or whatever vegetables u like 7. Seasonings like salt and pepper 8. Olive oil or whatever cooking oil 9. Bacon(and whatever proteins u like) 10. Whatever fruits u like like bananas 11. Pasta 12. Pasta sauce 13. Ramen etc......

  • i watched this with adblock

  • Good shopping list: bread, butter, cheese, milk, chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, salt, sugar, pepper Hope this helped :3

  • im craving some chocky milk

  • Boys: friends Girls: 2:20

  • Why should I pay bill cipher

  • My mother is a realtor. Ye

  • Hello

  • 4:09 my family realizing that my mom has been living in an apartment for 7 years with children

  • Yeah I’m pretty sure you moved into a new apartment so a Girl Scout in the end it was actually you having to pay the bills of the electricity so why I don’t know why because of the stupid dumb flipping bills yeah next time you see a Girl Scout do not do not open it up because of it might be bills so yeah no do not also if you see Boy Scouts for pops couch and my soul might also be the demonetize symbol or the poop emoji goodbye poop emoji I mean this emoji💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Plz don't cuss I watch theoddonesout and he doesn't cuss

  • somethingelseyt's mom: so.... did u find a home somethingelseyt: IDK DID U FIND MY GOD DAMN CHOCY MILK

  • I know what you feel like with the chocolate milk

  • I dwank u chokie milk adom

  • Somethingelseyt got a good day

  • yo this bitch

  • im glad to have a mom that can really cook. Im 10 and can cook waffles, make cookies, eggs, sandwhiches, bacon, ect.

  • 1:55 woah how do you do that voice

  • Bad ass.

  • 2:59 bakugou is in da f**king background

  • the only thing adam wants is his choggie milk

  • 3:16 I laughed in the exact same time and pattern as u lol