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  • Nonono Thats pronounced = Glore-iya Burg-er Not Gloriya Borger

  • I rewatch this video everyday, don't ask why.

  • Brad 1 and Brad 2 are the actual best

  • im russian and im subbed i-

  • thumbnail looks like ninja...

  • Our culture isn't your prom dress! *Posts the n word multiple times* This is fine.

  • Lol 7:35

  • 7:32 "Common sense is forbidden because it doesn't fall into the pool of thots." -Pewdiepie

  • 5:15

  • nrimb.blogspot.com/

  • 5:14, this is the maximum effort you get.

  • In the URL it says 'pls'. It's Brad 1 & 2 calling out for help.

  • Isn't it good that people who aren't Chinese are also wearing Chinese dresses? Isn't cultural diffusion a good thing?

  • Omg so even you have billion of dollars you still sad ???

  • I watch all your videos

  • Me: *Notices title* Also me:” *V I C T O R Y R O Y A L E* “

  • “And in the end, the love you take... is equal to the love you make”

  • i am from new zealand, one of the most culturally diverse places. And there is no restriction on what culture group you want to join in schools, you'll see Maori's in the Samoan groups, Pakeha in the Cook Island groups etc. The fact that culture is restricted to a certain amount of people is ridiculous.

  • I actually kind of agree with Candace though

  • Let's start a fundraiser for Brad 1 and 2

  • 2:22 when a non handicap person parks in a handicap spot and all of a sudden a gang of people in wheelchairs show up

  • (rip slav)

  • Everytime I hear that sentimental music, I think of: NOOOoooo... Eh, EHEH!

  • I like how Pewdipie talked about suicide and personal stuff but all comments are about Chinese dress

  • I just saw a black girl with a weave that was long, straight and soft. Does that mean I can accuse her of cultural appropriation since white people are the ones who generally have long soft straight blond hair? 😶

  • 🗿

  • What? People want diversity but cant wear another races attires because that is racist? That is racist! ...Gah, if i get cancer it is from internet.

  • Seeing Pewds talk about orange justice being new is weird now that 2018 is almost over

  • This whole Kanye thing was before "the" song though.

  • It it bad that at first I thought the prom girl was Reilly Reid

  • 7:34 PewDiePie stops speaking but his voice still plays. Nice work Brad 1 and Brad 1

  • Yup I feel that too. I wish I could do something. I just don't know what.

  • That Jeremy guy is the definition of a fagtard

  • I dont get the Orange Kid dance....it literally looks like him flailing his body in an attempt to throw gang signs with his body.

  • Aqui é Brasil porra!!!

  • how can people hate you PewDiePie! UR AWESOME!!!!

  • She looks nice

  • This reminded me of Robin Williams 😭😭 RIP Tim and Robin RIP 😭😭

  • Kanye and Donald Trump are scared of common sense, that's why there best friends.

  • Great now I'm being a hypocrite because I can't even spell idiot right...****

  • You can't have or have not have freedom of thought idoit

  • WOW the black lives matters thing was WOW

  • What the hell is the animal squad, it sounds like some elementary ****

  • And she could be Asian or something you don't judge a book by its cover.

  • I don't see anything wrong with the dress, as long as she isn't mocking the culture with or without the dress on.

  • But it is kinda weird and unique at the same???????

  • This is funny

  • 10:01 the way he says “speculating” is so cute lol

  • Watching this on Thanksgiving I'm thankful for Brad 1 and 2

  • Feel unappreciated? Stop doing it. Simple.

  • Sub tu Lazerbim

  • The dance was in the game before hi made that video

  • I'm rewatching the video for entertainment and then the Avicii news comes and it hits me,I don't know why i seem to be connected to him even though i just listened to one of his songs more than others۔ Sometimes life is just hard and we're here to live through it

  • Wow,I just got a t-series ad on a pewdiewpie video!!🤣

  • Good job brand 1 and 2

  • Algum BR

  • I miss Poppy Harlow

  • T

  • I really appreciate your honesty and openness about these issues. A lot of people just follow the crowd

  • I love the way Pewdiepie thinks.

  • Your editors are genius.

  • Rest In Piece. Avicii.

  • Pewds looks like avicii too it’s weird

  • Way to end it on a high note he says just after talking about someone that died and like music MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmHhhhhhhhh

  • I mean I'm Chinese and I had no problem with her wearing that dress even though I was a bit confused to why she would do it anyways, I mean unless she did it to be racist or said any racist things about it, I don't think people should call her out (especially people who don't understand culture appropriation themselves *COUGH COUGH*)

  • That Hat Though :D

  • #savethebrads

  • Kanye West does not have common sense as he's a Trump supporter.

  • 5:14 This is the maximum effort you get

  • Do you think what Kanye said is just common sense tho, or were you talking more genereally?

  • for years i have been wondering why you are the biggest youtuber. i cannot stand your screaming and, therefore, cannot watch any playthrough. but, after your controversy, i was glad to see people backing you up (namely, Philip de Franco) because to me, you were benevolent and the whole thing was a misunderstanding of your humor. nowadays, i see the difference in your content and your attitude (even though you still bust my eardrums) and i'm glad to say i now think you deserve your success. i get it. i'm an adult viewer of Pewdiepie's and i'm not embarrassed to say it. keep it up!

  • I love the edits with the calls between the editors. Thats clever.

  • Is it me or at 7:35 it’s frozen

  • Somewhere someone is wearing something he’s not allowed to- think about all furries

  • im chinese

  • I actually agree with most of what Kanye said tho

  • Brad, you savage.😂

  • Sad

  • That ending made me cry! :'(

  • WAIT!... Gloria Borga is a young Swedish man!!!

  • Ok no offense at all felix but what the hell are you wearing? 😂😂😂

  • Pewds, r u suicidal?

  • brad 1 and brad 2 are building a resistance against pewds

  • Alright if a Chinese dress is cultural appropriation you guys have to stop wearing plaid. It was a sign of rebellion and heritage for the Scots to wear it when the British outlawed tartan as they took Scotland over. So no one but Scots are allowed to wear plaid. (Obvious joke cause tartan has been found everywhere throughout history just like similar styles to this dress they were mad about)

  • wut boi ?

  • Is it just me or was the political controversy surrounding pewdiepie a blessing in disguise?

  • I hope I don't get branded a culture thief when I wear my parka this winter. If the indigenous peoples of Canada see my picture on the internet...oh, wait a minute, they probably don't have the internet yet in Inuit villages.

  • Please bring back the сука блять merch 😭😭😭

  • Why is it in polish wtf?

  • I hate pewdiepie’s hater

  • Felix seems to have the same kind of thought as me... idk why

  • if u think money, and fame = happiness, i wish you the best. you're thinking very primitive and i'll pray for you.

  • Brad you better stfu and do it.

  • Flash comment: This is the maximum effort you get

  • Deutsche übersetzt

  • i facking love dose editers XD

  • If PewDiePie is PewNews... *Read more*

  • ASS won't play on my Atari 2600. Help?

  • Gloria Borger wait- *Pkrussl?*

  • For me the greatest goal of human existence is to align who you are with who u want to be (read that somewhere, but dont remember).