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  • He is actually dressed as a fisherman. Wtf pewdiepie.

  • culture appropriation isn't ok, stop eating it, c'est ma baguette !

  • He stole roy purdy's dance ffs

  • In the conversation Brad 1 and 2 said he. Gloria Borger is a whaman

  • rip avicii

  • At 12:05 Pewds nearly cried ......it is so sad😭😭😭

  • I like everything that you said about Avicii. It felt very genuine. I hope you’re doing okay pewds

  • Whether or not this ended on a high note, it ended on a meaningful one

  • Vfysjrbehrci

  • when watching this video, I walked up to my sisters laptop and I asked to see her CS-tv account. I saw she wasn't subscribed to PewDiePie and wanted to click on subscribe but she said no smh.

  • You should watch the last Avicii doc if you wanna know why it happened. Hundreds of millions of people listened to Avicii. Nobody listened to Tim Bergling.

  • Avicii:(

  • Lyssnade på detta nu idag, och när du pratade om Tim sa du att du ville göra något... Detta är snarlikt Ted Gärdestads självmord och tusentals andra svenska pojkar och män i liknande situation (med eller utan liknande framgång). Det du skulle kunna göra är att uppmuntra till ett högre självförtroende hos svenska män. Få de (oss) att stå upp för sig själva. Jag kan spekulera i att det är det som du känner att du vill göra.

  • Lol I guess be happy for what you have, it could always get worse

  • Logan kinda looks like ninja in the thumbnail lmaooo

  • Is it just me or does brad here sound a lot like Bennett foddy in getting over it?

  • How do they even edit a video in 1 hour!!!

  • He's such a great guy and deserves to be number one. Great video Felix

  • Pew news is amazing

  • lol the intro

  • It's called a haberdasher, you are Pewdiepie the Haberdasher

  • Orange Justice was a favorite emote when I first got it, now knowing the history I'm an even bigger fan.

  • RIP Avicii, don't agree with your way out at all, but your trance is some of the best there ever will be.

  • The girls ARM

  • *pewdiepie approves* *_all other opinions are irrelevant_*

  • Wtf i a m frim poland

  • The Tim discussion honestly reminds me of Kurt cobain.. sometimes being famous is just too much pressure for one person to handle.

  • how can i get that hat ??


  • I wish real new was like this👌👌

  • This is the maximum effort you get :)

  • Love the edit at 7:33 LOL

  • You know pewdiepies good, but without brad 1 and 2 idk how good his videos would be

  • I'm a Chinese and I don't see any problem for that girl to wear a Chinese dress instead I think that's really nice

  • I am glad you get money pewds but youtube god damn 2nd video ad after 8 second of video, kidding me?

  • I love brad and brad 2! Hahaha!

  • I love the subtitle at 5:44

  • U just need to add some weather across the us (MN) and this will become my favorite news channel

  • im called bradley no shit sereous

  • rip avicii

  • That inhale 6:17

  • The most evil thing in the world is not crime, CS-tv rewind, or 6th grade group chats. It’s the ads before your video

  • Is he wearing a sherpa and black overalls? Fashion *clap* icon.

  • I love Kanye.

  • Oof BRAD

  • guys turn on subtitles, it adds a whole nutta dimension

  • Poor avicii

  • I'm Chinese and Jeremy doesn't speak for us

  • *hugs PewDiePie* (in non-creepy way! Not like that!) I'm not famous or anything but I can empathise with you, and I hope you have people to talk to in case things ever get bad.

  • Gloriah Burger at 5:12 and PewDiePie at 6:02 are the same person!!!!! OOO MAA GAAWWD!!!

  • you get pay for this work stfu brad

  • Pewds You're more successfull then Aviicii

  • "How could he go if he's got everything? I'll mourn for a kid but won't cry for a king." - Neon Gravestones by Twenty One Pilots. It popped into my head when you were talking about Avicii.

  • Pewdiepie is wearing a wool jacket and that is racist to the sheeps to be wearing their clothing.

  • Salty editing was 👌🏼 mmmmmdeliciously hilarious

  • I am wearing a boxer while my dad and mom ( adam and eve) were buttnaked. call me racist

  • I suddenly get the feeling that Pewds doesn’t run the channel.....

  • 5:q5 damn you brad

  • The best part was the revolt of Brads.

  • We're fine with tourists dressing up in our traditional clothes whenever they come to Dubai

  • Lol I’ve never had a white guy coming over and slapping my knife and fork out my hands coz I’m eating steak as an Asian so idk what’s wrong with other races wearing dresses from our culture coz usually the Asians get quite a bit of shit like if u go make fun of black people u’ll get crucified but try having a go at an Asian nobody gives a shit so the fact that someone likes something from our culture and appreciates it like y would we be mad at that lol

  • Kanye is so stupid hes the typical one that thinks is intelligent and deep when he din know shit xD

  • that's the maximum effort you get

  • Brad: You don't get an outro you dont deserve one 12:25

  • If someone wore a dress from my country I'd blush

  • 7:33 Finally something I can say your editors did wrong but at the same time we don't care because they are your slaves so I'll let it slide. It's a joke people calm down ik people make mistakes sub to pewds edit: keep up all the great videos my dude :P

  • You should pay ur edeetoors

  • So the last part he was talking about avicii😢😢😢 r.i.p avicii


  • For every like I will add one 🤬

  • sad sweden hours

  • “This is the maximum effort you get” - the brads Wow Felix you should pay them more


  • ohhhhhh Brad 1 and Brad 2 is going in on poods

  • can we get a heart in the chat for Brad 1 and Brad 2

  • 7:33 thank me later

  • Nonono Thats pronounced = Glore-iya Burg-er Not Gloriya Borger

  • I rewatch this video everyday, don't ask why.

  • Brad 1 and Brad 2 are the actual best

  • im russian and im subbed i-

  • thumbnail looks like ninja...

  • Our culture isn't your prom dress! *Posts the n word multiple times* This is fine.

  • Lol 7:35

  • 7:32 "Common sense is forbidden because it doesn't fall into the pool of thots." -Pewdiepie

  • 5:15

  • nrimb.blogspot.com/

  • 5:14, this is the maximum effort you get.

  • In the URL it says 'pls'. It's Brad 1 & 2 calling out for help.

  • Isn't it good that people who aren't Chinese are also wearing Chinese dresses? Isn't cultural diffusion a good thing?

    • Yes, but many people don't understand the difference between diffusion and appropriation

  • Omg so even you have billion of dollars you still sad ???

  • I watch all your videos

  • Me: *Notices title* Also me:” *V I C T O R Y R O Y A L E* “

  • “And in the end, the love you take... is equal to the love you make”

  • i am from new zealand, one of the most culturally diverse places. And there is no restriction on what culture group you want to join in schools, you'll see Maori's in the Samoan groups, Pakeha in the Cook Island groups etc. The fact that culture is restricted to a certain amount of people is ridiculous.

  • I actually kind of agree with Candace though

  • Let's start a fundraiser for Brad 1 and 2

  • 2:22 when a non handicap person parks in a handicap spot and all of a sudden a gang of people in wheelchairs show up

  • (rip slav)

  • Everytime I hear that sentimental music, I think of: NOOOoooo... Eh, EHEH!

  • I like how Pewdipie talked about suicide and personal stuff but all comments are about Chinese dress