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  • wut boi ?

  • Is it just me or was the political controversy surrounding pewdiepie a blessing in disguise?

  • I hope I don't get branded a culture thief when I wear my parka this winter. If the indigenous peoples of Canada see my picture on the internet...oh, wait a minute, they probably don't have the internet yet in Inuit villages.

  • Please bring back the сука блять merch 😭😭😭

  • Why is it in polish wtf?

  • I hate pewdiepie’s hater

  • Felix seems to have the same kind of thought as me... idk why

  • if u think money, and fame = happiness, i wish you the best. you're thinking very primitive and i'll pray for you.

  • Brad you better stfu and do it.

  • Flash comment: This is the maximum effort you get

  • Deutsche übersetzt

  • i facking love dose editers XD

  • If PewDiePie is PewNews... *Read more*

  • ASS won't play on my Atari 2600. Help?

  • Gloria Borger wait- *Pkrussl?*

  • For me the greatest goal of human existence is to align who you are with who u want to be (read that somewhere, but dont remember).

  • I studdird avichi when I was studying the edm market independently. I can relate. I always have related to him.

  • So with Jeremy it's like "ohhhh this white is wearing a Mexican poncho" Or "huhhhh why is he wearing a sombrero

  • DURMIT I WANT SOME DAMN MERCH BUT I'M ONLYN12😂😂😂😂😅😅😫😫😫😫(I don't have money at the moment)

  • Kanye is currently over privileged and forgot what it is like to be a minority in America

  • Pewdipie is a ghost

  • Who else plays ASS?

  • RIP Avicii

  • Is that monetization

  • The brads conversation part is sooooo funny!

  • Awesome addition from brad 1 & 2 😂

  • 0:16 ok that was funny.

  • 7:32 if you look at his mouth and listen to the audio you can tell he is speaking with his mind

  • Justice to Roy purdy

  • What if Gloria borger is really Marcia wearing a David Beckham mask and using a voice changer to sound like peter parker

  • Did I hear "and this is what it's all about" from bully hunters

  • Could you add Japanese captions to this video?

  • I helped my friend get his favorite dance on fortnite Orange Justice

  • My country is not your goddamn refuge camp!

  • 5:14 this is the maximum effort you get lmao

  • Holy shit going back here after not watching u for bout a year it seems ur channel has become more mature...ima subribe back now :p

  • *LATEST NEWS: THE DEAD BODY IN JAPAN WAS FAKE!* Police have just confirmed the suicide was "a staged prank". It was faked with actors. There was no real dead victim. Please tell Gloria Borger! This is latest news! And yes I put all my sources and proof into a public youtube playlist for those that asked. Plz let Pewdiepie know this latest update!

  • Why don't u try and make ur own content and not use others Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls quit youtube

  • Jeremy, don’t get triggered over a dress. Stfu I don’t get triggered when people call me a soul eating ginger.

  • Omg the editors are fk genius! And pewdiepie too

  • He didnt kill himself

  • "In my youth" Wasn't that two days before?

  • Why dose Logan with this edit omg the thumbnail look like ninja

  • i got six adds on this video

  • RIP Avicii :(

  • This is the maximum effort you get

  • I'm Chinese and I can care less if she wears the dress, it just gives our culture more exposure. She looks beautiful in it. Saying she's not allowed to wear what she wants is like saying u can't have dreads unless you're black, can't wear polos unless ur white.....

  • White people should pick a word that no on else can say?! What would it be hummmmmmm?

  • Nowhere near as successful

  • These thumbnails are killing me 😂

  • pew is the shit. father of youtube god of internet. #freepewdie

  • best intro ever lol

  • *points at Russian merch* Russia’s culture not your goddamn hat

  • CYKA BLYAT isn't your culture, cyka blyat

  • Did *pewds* just get real?

  • Anyone else notice 7:35😂

  • 2 ads in 2:31 minutes im proud of u pewds

  • Hey!

  • Anyone know the vest/front bag pewds is wearing in this video?!?!

  • are brad 1 and brad 2 real?

  • New vid title: *The Brads assert dominance*

  • Felix please don't kill yourself. You have Marzia, you have love. And that's enough to continue living.

  • I prefer poppy harlow

  • 7:34 Brad 1 or 2 messed up editing

  • lol i keeping getting 3-4 adds on these vids good job pewds

  • #justicefororangekid

  • I like tacos.

  • Gloria Borga is S H O O K

  • Pewdiepie “Ad revenue sucks rn.” Also pewds; has three ads on this video.

  • That's a 👌thumbnail right there

  • Uh oh. We can't use Chinese merchendise if we ain't Chinese....RIP Dollarama

  • Tbh most famous people who have something "missing" in their life only find (assuming they do) saticfaction in Jesus. Not to convert ppl or anything, but there are many examples of ppl who have converted and felt like they now have a purpose.

  • 7:31 So y'all just gonna ignore the edit fail

  • hahahahaha.. love the intro... chit chat

  • Is pewds strapped to his chair like a children's car seat

  • Success is not the same as happiness, you are right. It's beautiful that you are talking about such a personal problem. Thank you Pew.

  • the key to my personal luck was to approve of the fact that nothing is granted in life if i ever get mad i think of the guy that would die for a pc or a nice meal and some whine we literaly life like kings - everyone can in western countrys the thing is why we so sad is because we have forgotten what it was like to have nothing

  • Looks like Riley Reed in that red dress

  • Im pretty sure that viet dress

  • My names is kanye

  • Pewds only gives his editors *one* hour to edit these? Better tell CNN.

  • 9:10

  • Can someone make a meme with Pewd's calling himself a hat salesmen and TF2?

  • We miss you gloryiah borger

  • I would just like to dedicate this comment to the Brads. You are very underappreciated and we lobe you.

  • how come you got 65million subs but only get like 5-7 million views

  • My culture is not your goddamn falafel sandwich

  • 10:50 u just described the education system

  • 9:52 his story reminds me of Kurt Cobain

  • LOGAN PAUL is a fun person. You, too, the future of talented people far exceeds the predictions of ordinary people. I am always grateful for your help. Japan is hot now. Youkai watches are popular.

  • One thing in pew news is really good the news can be just honest no sugar coating or any shit. Hahaha just message what happened on the viewers.

  • The most reliable news source everywhere

  • wow 4 ads on a Pewdiepie video how surprising ( no joke)

  • I’m still so confused about aviciis death because I swear he died in 2016

  • Hare Krishna is the answer for happiness.

  • The hat is back!!!!

  • “I’m not supposed to share my opinion on Pew News, but...” *Immediately shares opinion

  • Honestly I love it when pewds and the brads meme on each other in videos like it just makes me so happy and feel like I’m part of the fam. Kinda like the h3 podcast with Ian and Dan n everyone like it’s so chill and makes me so happy idk I probably sound stoopid but

  • no son of mine is gonna be a hat maker

  • Felix always do what makes you feel happy. If you ever feel down reach out to someone.