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  • Candace Owens is a beast

  • Who’s here after JAKE PAUL IS CANCELLED

  • Hat merchant 🤣🤣

  • the background music changes at about 11:04-11:06, instead of being a beat it just became like pulse, threw me hella off the loop man

  • Do you ever notice how when these news people always come up with fake death stories for celebrities, they always follow this eerily specific narrative? Jacksepticeye’s death articles are always surrounding cars (Jack getting into a car crash, Jack jumping in front of a car to save someone) Felix’s death articles tend to surround the theme of suicide. It’s not something I like to think about, but it’s something I think he’s seriously considered even during periods of time before he started uploading videos. It gives me the chills. Goes to show people aren’t alone in going through scary shit like this. Anyone can get themselves into a bad mental place; some of the most caring, logical people have found themselves there. And it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. Better things will come if you continue to keep fighting. I don’t think a world without pewdiepie is a world worth living in, and the same can be said for anyone who feels like they’re not worth themselves. A world without YOU isn’t a world worth living in. Never forget that.

  • Lmaoo I used to go to school with that kimono dress chick, wish pew news would cover me like that.

  • thanks pew (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • 4:44 song is spaceghostpussy

  • Wow pewds does help out small channels with the suggestion thx Felix just got to hit 1k subs and 4k hours of views on my channel.

  • Fabricated wrath

  • At 5:42 Logan Paul looks like a barn owl on meth

  • its beeyeen 1 yearrrr😂😄

  • Yo, it's this videos 1 year anniversary

  • 1 year ago today...

  • Ok, it's now a good year now

  • Gained massive respect for PewDiePie after he talked about Avicii

  • Kanye really stayed true to his ideas lol. He's a vapid moron.

  • Wtf blue shirt kid, orange shirt kid, what’s next?

  • Felix discussing how sometimes introvert people just want to be genuinely happy with there passion and that fame and fortune is not the answer really helps me as a fellow introvert. It's hard to understand life when you are an introvert and to address this I think would benefit a lot of people. Thank you Felix, much love from a fellow introvert. ✌️👊

  • What happened here 7:34

  • Just a simple hat merchant xD

  • But Brad! We deserve the lazers and outro! Why would you take that from us?

  • *Y O U D O N T G E T A N O U T R O*

  • The whole cultural appropriation thing is just silly. In that sense, Jeremy should stop wearing jeans because its "appropriating" western culture.

  • Sry but why is it Gloria bUUUUUrger???? And not bUUUUUrger (you know the difference) you knwo like the burger 🍔

  • This is where brad1 finds out brad2 gets paid how sad

  • You have a сука блять hat... you appropriator! 🧐🌈🐸

  • take note logan paul. this is how you talk about suicide.

  • Yh I recently began to see another side to pewds. He’s more articulate and self aware and unironically humble, luv him and the ways he talks about some topics are really mature and (in an Undescribable way) relatable

  • Brad 1 and brad 2 finest work

  • You guys ever noticed how many jumpcuts there are?

  • Brad 1 and Brad 2 should copy strike pewds until they get paid

  • We will miss you Avicii

  • Pew News: Most best internet news since 1826!

  • Rip

  • Watching a 5:40 ad (actually a complete tech review video) to contribute to your wedding Felix. Enjoy.

  • RIP Tim Bergling (Avicii)

  • Cyka blyat😂

  • I really like the way you talk about Aviici and the suicide deal, at the end we're all humans, being emphatic is something that is getting lost

  • Kanye west meme review

  • Thanks for talking about avicii❤

  • Thank you for this amazing videos I absolutely love them and they make my life better editors. Pewdiepie , please die


  • Btws the chongsam thingy is nawt offensive bros bcuz im chinese too

  • I don't know if he has a point or not, but i just listened to Avicii's music for the first time, Levels and Wake Me Up, And there was something about it that really reminded me of watching young PewDiePie, it was surreal. Made me feel weirdly sad. It sounded exactly like what should have been the soundtrack of the PewDiePie vibe

  • Wait, is Brad 2 in DHMIS?

  • speculating

  • What is the music he uses in the background always ?

  • What's the song at 1:49?

  • Is Avicii more successful than Pewdiepie? I’m not even sure that’s true

  • But does ASS game come out on ps1 console ? you said Gloria Borger that it will come on to every console ever you liar.

  • what is the name of the music playing at 1:20?

  • this game is still relavent god dammit

  • Petition to ban Logan and Jake Paul from existence.

    • 2016 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m in

  • Avicii was murdered for exposing human trafficking by the highest people. (His last music video) He had a family.

  • RIP Avicii

  • Bran One and Brad Two come on give the man what he wants

  • Beautifully said

  • He is actually dressed as a fisherman. Wtf pewdiepie.

  • culture appropriation isn't ok, stop eating it, c'est ma baguette !

  • He stole roy purdy's dance ffs

  • In the conversation Brad 1 and 2 said he. Gloria Borger is a whaman

  • rip avicii

  • At 12:05 Pewds nearly cried ......it is so sad😭😭😭

  • I like everything that you said about Avicii. It felt very genuine. I hope you’re doing okay pewds

  • Whether or not this ended on a high note, it ended on a meaningful one

  • Vfysjrbehrci

  • when watching this video, I walked up to my sisters laptop and I asked to see her CS-tv account. I saw she wasn't subscribed to PewDiePie and wanted to click on subscribe but she said no smh.

  • You should watch the last Avicii doc if you wanna know why it happened. Hundreds of millions of people listened to Avicii. Nobody listened to Tim Bergling.

  • Avicii:(

  • Lyssnade på detta nu idag, och när du pratade om Tim sa du att du ville göra något... Detta är snarlikt Ted Gärdestads självmord och tusentals andra svenska pojkar och män i liknande situation (med eller utan liknande framgång). Det du skulle kunna göra är att uppmuntra till ett högre självförtroende hos svenska män. Få de (oss) att stå upp för sig själva. Jag kan spekulera i att det är det som du känner att du vill göra.

  • Lol I guess be happy for what you have, it could always get worse

  • Logan kinda looks like ninja in the thumbnail lmaooo

  • Is it just me or does brad here sound a lot like Bennett foddy in getting over it?

  • How do they even edit a video in 1 hour!!!

  • He's such a great guy and deserves to be number one. Great video Felix

  • Pew news is amazing

  • lol the intro

  • It's called a haberdasher, you are Pewdiepie the Haberdasher

  • Orange Justice was a favorite emote when I first got it, now knowing the history I'm an even bigger fan.

  • RIP Avicii, don't agree with your way out at all, but your trance is some of the best there ever will be.

  • The girls ARM

  • *pewdiepie approves* *_all other opinions are irrelevant_*

  • Wtf i a m frim poland

  • The Tim discussion honestly reminds me of Kurt cobain.. sometimes being famous is just too much pressure for one person to handle.

  • how can i get that hat ??


  • I wish real new was like this👌👌

  • This is the maximum effort you get :)

  • Love the edit at 7:33 LOL

  • You know pewdiepies good, but without brad 1 and 2 idk how good his videos would be

  • I'm a Chinese and I don't see any problem for that girl to wear a Chinese dress instead I think that's really nice

  • I am glad you get money pewds but youtube god damn 2nd video ad after 8 second of video, kidding me?

  • I love brad and brad 2! Hahaha!

  • I love the subtitle at 5:44

  • U just need to add some weather across the us (MN) and this will become my favorite news channel

  • im called bradley no shit sereous

  • rip avicii

  • That inhale 6:17

  • The most evil thing in the world is not crime, CS-tv rewind, or 6th grade group chats. It’s the ads before your video