Look up to the end... 🤯

čas přidán 1. 01. 2022


  • This was like the game ads that says:

  • pov: you cliped into the backroom

  • 最後その人すご過ぎ

  • I love how the two guys just in the jump that are going to fail throw the camera later, like "I'm doing well but I want to lose so I can get angry later"

  • idk how this is on my page, I watched one video talking about this creator and now he’ss in my yt shorts, screw this

  • "Be honest who else is just scrolling through shorts rn? 😂"

  • I like how they are literally purposely failing by randomly looking up lol

  • so far i know the third one is decent and i want to see how good mthey really are also if the other two cant do that they mustve been playing for like a month

  • こんにちは、私はあなたのビデオをどのように好きですか、本当に、挨拶xd

  • It isn’t that difficult, just keep looking down.

  • Legends say dream can't even do the 360 with the boat clutch

  • How fake do you want your vide-

  • Are we going to ignore the fact that they were rolling the chair to the other side of the room 💀☠

  • How a girl can reatch the end and do the 360's, that imposible

  • Thats why they say

  • Bro they both literally look forward on Purpose

  • The end: demonic screaming

  • *Me realizing that the wool isnt burning*

  • “How much drama and exaggeration do you want, oh and how fake?”

  • fact : Last turn always works