Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights | 10.18.2018, NBA Season

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LA Lakers vs Blazers Full Game Highlights | 10.18.2018
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  • LBJ postgame interview - cs-tv.org/tv/video-e04h8CUkF2I.html Luke Walton postgame interview - cs-tv.org/tv/video-cUJFBvpFDQE.html

    • MLG Highlights .....Have a great week

    • MLG Highlights why is Lebitch Lames on the thumbnail??? He LOST!!!!! And its the SAME dunk he does everytime.

    • bad quality.

    • MLG Highlights Where are the lakers players, when blazers just started shooting 5 three points in the fourth quarter just like free throws with no defense at all except with Lillard, kuzma defended that but its the favorite spot of Lillard in 3 point Kuzma didnt have a tight defense on that.

  • Good times as a laker fan ;'(

  • Chicago bulls x portland trail bla

  • This was LeBron's first game as a Laker

  • This seems like 5 years ago now

  • What a way to start a game

  • LOL idiot Lebum James 9:21

  • 0:45 - 1:07 I just can’t get over that back to back to back dunk sequence. Watching it live was like watching a movie 😂😂💯

  • go lakers

  • Got to go see LeBron’s first game as a Laker on my birthday. Best birthday gift ever. 🔥🔥🔥

  • We came a long way

  • I wish I their. I bet them back to back to back dunks looked like a movie in everybody eyes lol the energy is just crazy

  • 0:47 through 1:05 got everyone like it was a dunk contest

  • Did anybody notice the Lakers almost blew a 25 point lead with 10 mins left? 😂

  • Lakers look good. Mind u we a new team with the best player on earth 🌍. Tyson Chandler’s on the way You haters didn’t see that one coming. Now that we take out JaVale McGee hold on let me speak on the JaVale McGee he should win most improved player because he’s balling 🏀 No one expected this type of play from JaVale McGee don’t lie no no nobody not even me. You telling me JaVale McGee is going to get rebounds, defend the paint, score, Have great hands I thought JaVale McGee was a scrub type of player. Now back to Tyson Chandler. Lakers are going to win the west They are going to the NBA finals in their first year but LeBron James remember I said that come back to this comment in June July come back to this post And put some respect on my name.

  • LeBron is the Goat

  • That was heart who knocked it away not kuzamn ; kuzman a beast go lakers

  • Dyyyyam Magee stated that dunk fest James added that square route to it !!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀 go lakers !!!!!!!

  • And now Mcgee become starplayer Lebron is a great shot blocker The final minute shot block and the pass to Mcgee is Everything Without the KING LAKERS are nothing now #TruelytheGoat Thank you Magic Jhonson & KING James but we need Another star player

  • To all Lebron King haters this is for you , eat a lot of peanut everyday and sleep 10 hours a day so that your brain will work properly ! All of you are garbage people Who else can make those playoffs without rodman like player without pippen like player Without a nice coach he put CAVS into his shoulder without kyrie , no one can stay in the court almost in the entire quarter ! And now Lets review lakers in a last 3 years until now It is clearly a Lakers from dirt to GOLD now because of Lebron King ! Almost All people , social media they are also here at Lebron's new KINGDOM even every blogger has benefited on Lebrons greatness ! How much you earned in you tube everytime you make a video like this ? He can score a lot if he want to score but he always want to involved everybody because he is a great teacher too Being a good man inside and outside the court a leader and a center forward player with insane strenght power , handles , vission and speed his IQ level is unbelievable He is the only NBA player who give and built school for free to a lot of children , his School Family Foundation is great ! he is more than a GOAT ! Ps. Sorry if my english is not good

  • Rond already trying to his own team

  • How many games are these fucking Lakers going to blow in the 4th quarter?

  • LeBron did it again at 4th 🤣

  • All I heard was the crowd shoutin aaaahhhhhhhh and mcgee is so annoyin

  • The Lakers gave that game away too. What they need to work on is how to keep a big lead it's time to go back and correct the mistakes they made against Portland in the first meeting. the Lakers are starting to know how to play together it's going to come really soon remember this is a New Team. And it's going to take time.

  • Lakers galingan nyo naman lagi na kayo talo

  • lebron is getting a taste of left coast basketball

  • lakers are trash...lebron will gut this team then go to houston

  • The Lakers are starting to know how to play together each player has a role just like in a stage play. You already know your parts before you step into the spotlight. If you are a rebounder you stay inside if you are a shot blocker that is, suppose to be your role and the shooters know who they are if you can't shoot that is not your role it's about knowing who you are.What you can do and what you can't do. Playing together as a team and knowing your role can be a very dangerous team in the making remember, the Golden state warriors are still a young team but they had to learn from all of there mistakes before they became a- very good team you really hath to take a ass whipping from the best teams to turn you into men before you can go to that next level the Lakers have a long ways to go still.

  • LB not doing anything so.... ihateit

  • West is on another level

  • Bet you all those Laker bandwagon fans behind the Laker bench were the same fans that wore a 23 Cavs jersey behind the Cavs bench last season.

  • The lack of shooters shows most definitely

  • Lebron really tried to be like curry trying to pass his behind his back without looking 😂😂😂😂

  • Labron =No Loyalty

  • Lebron over the first 2 games of the season: - vs. Portland: With 7:00 left in the 4th, down 7 - no one can buy a bucket and Lebron goes 2/3 FG for 4 pts (0 ast, 2 rbd) for the rest of the game. - vs. Houston: With 6:00 left in the 4th down 5 - Lebron goes 0/2 only scores 2 points off free throws (0 ast, 0 rbd) for the rest of the game. AND blames Kuzma for the dagger 3 by Tucker who Lebron was covering, not Kuzma.

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  • Hey boys pucker up let's that net it

  • Lakers gotta play better defense

  • Somebody getting rich man...ain't no way in hell... Politics.

  • Lebron's dunks are always perfect.

  • What the last "miss"..

  • 9:22 wtf lebrick lmao

  • 今年每個球隊是都只有一種顏色的球衣嗎..............?

  • Damn wanted the win, lakers they was balling

  • That was a good game

  • Obviously alot lf people did NOT watch this game cuz if you did you would know that Nik Stauskas was ON FIRE and that is the ONLY reason Blazers won! Check the 3pt Shooting% for McCullom and DameDolla, If Nik was NOT on fire Blazers would have LOST that game! Lakers actually played pretty good Defense and dominated the paint, they obviously lost the 3point battle and that should be no suprise to anyone. But Lakers fans should be excited about what they saw!

  • The starting line is trash

  • Well there you go. Lol

  • Wek

  • Defense fell off at the end

  • That whistle in the background is so cancerous

  • give svi some minutes.

  • This team is already 10x better than the Cavs team he had. Everybody hand is in the passing lane, they have a Center that actually jumps for almost all attempts at the rim, and the guys are younger. Sure they lost but you can always grab positives from it

  • That was a good game the game has changed plus we never win in Portland they don’t miss reminded me of a Kobe laker team

  • That whistling shit is annoying

  • Ggwp

  • They played like it was for the championship

  • 3:15 when you gotta whoop yo teammate ass for being too good

  • lebron played like a trash in this game he can do better than this

  • haha lebron fucked up leaving cleveland...no ring for you no more...atleast he got tmz out there

    • The only rings he was gonna possibly get more of in Cleveland were Eastern Conference Champ rings. And probably not even that with the rise of Boston and Toronto.

  • Nganga

  • That was a sweet behind-the-back pass LeFlop made to someone in the crowd at the end of the game. LOL!!!

  • Fuck lonzo

  • Portland would of blown em out if refs weren't cheating lillard had 2 4 point plays they took away that they would of gave to curry

    • Ha ha, wow, you have to whine about Curry in a Lakers/Blazers game.

  • Tuyet voi

  • Hey Lakers, guess what... PRESEASON is over! 😂

  • Can't start game 0-15 from downtown and expect to win that's just retarded to believe, hit less than half of those and that's almost 20pts still lol

  • Good opener. I'm excited to see King James play in the West! RIP Paul Allen.

  • Wait till IT is back. LeSwept needs more help. Lakers going 81-1, 16-0, Champs.

    • LeSwept..ha ha! LeQuickie!

  • Josh Hart is Better than KCP..


  • chupaa lakers GO BLAZERS, Dame Dolla MVP

  • Damn a mill in 9 hours.

  • Good game

  • Welcome to the Wild Wild West LeBron it won't be a cake walk here. Good luck

  • The Lakers looked pretty good despite the loss. They will get much better as the season progresses as long as they stay healthy. They could play a little better defensively, and improve their three-point shooting a bit, but, they will be alright. They will definitely be much better than they have been in the last five years and that is without a doubt. They may get either Durant, Thompson, Davis or Leonard next year.

    • I bet they are GLAD they did NOT get sorry ass, Paul George. This guy is not a big-time player. Durant has hinted he MAY be interested in joining the Lakers as have several other good players.

    • Just like they were for sure without a doubt gonna get Paul George this year. LOL!

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  • Bring in Mark Jackson!

  • No one's homecourt

  • Portland is the New Houston rockets... mark my word

  • "LeBrOn DoSeN't HaVe EnOuGh HeLp ArOuNd HiM"

  • Why the hell did Lebron go to LA for this? They're worse than the Cavs

  • Seems lillard should ask lebron to join the blazers 😅

  • Lebron done😂😂 beasley the best at Lakers and they ain't playing the boy smh

  • great game

  • If Lebron doesn't play the whole game do they lose by 20? That's the question you have to ask yourself. Also, I think the emergence of Rondo and Hart might spell doom for Lonzo. Lonzo just doesn't have that much energy.

  • Look at my nigga Javale Chamberlain out here ballin the fuck out

  • Lol fuck lebum n lakers everyone saying lakers would be the best 😅😅😅 lakers not going to win nothing 😅😅😅😅😅

  • Lebron not even trying and still scores 26 wtf

  • The lakers lost but they are playing way better than before

  • Who LeBron was passing it to?

  • Omg lebron dunked it like my 78ovr myplayer in 2k18 O M G. Panties wet.

  • my god javale,thank god he didnt play like this in gsw

  • S/o 11 lmao sheesh

  • McGee found best teamate..😉👍

  • LeBron in cle: we dont have any playmakers LeBron in la: we dont have any shooters

  • What is Brandon Ingram? 6'10' and 120 pounds? He gets pushed around like he's on roller skates.

  • Lakers defense is doo doo watch when you take away their scoring

  • Wen the Lakers mesh they will be unstoppable