Lukas Graham - Mama Said (KROQ Sessions)

čas přidán 4. 03. 2016
Watch Lukas Graham perform Mama Said For KROQ Sessions
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  • Come to the Philippines 🇵🇭 please!

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  • my favorite 😙

  • The bassist is my spirit animal

  • Every time I listen this song I wanna cry idkw😭😭

  • I love the energy and the vibe of the band, especially the guitar guy.

  • come to michigan plzz :)

  • Is it possible he 'smoked' before performing? His eye are struggling staying open. Regardless, he sounds amazing. Lovestick is amazing on the drums.

  • Bassist kinda feelin it too much

  • Amazing!

  • #Jordy lont why

  • I saw somewhere that Lukas Graham plays the voice of Andy in a dub of toy story

    • he did voice overs for Andy for TS and TS ll.

  • Please come to Ireland and play in marly park

  • Brazil?!!

  • Sass sassy

  • good songs and voice) like it!!!

  • Please, come to London or Poland.

  • loveeee iiit ❤❤❤❤

  • I like this version a lot more than the album version

  • beast song

  • How old is he?

  • Come to DENMARK 🇩🇰

    • han har været her masser af gange, han er jo dansker så han spiller tit

  • Your the best Lukas graham

  • and I am now obsessed

  • I sang this at a talent show and won someone singing twinkle twinkle little star came second I cane first by 51 votes I got 90 votes It was in a HUGE hall

  • Fuk this song it is wick

  • Come to Britain

  • just love his music

  • Sooooooooooo Gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nice bro

  • Keep it up brother u rock the stage I lie your story it's amazing

  • I thumbs down the people who thumbs down this song


  • You should totally come to spain. I love your music

  • I have no ideia about how people dislike it, it is an amazing song, by the way, come to Brazil haha, we love you!

  • I love you Lukas Graham

  • Huge fan of your music..

  • does anyone else think that the beginning sounds like "it's a hard knock life" from Annie

  • The basist looks like a gif

  • Your songs are good ,your voice is prefect ,UR N' UR FRIENDS ARE PREFECT