Lukas Graham - "You're Not There" - Live From 2017 New Years Rockin' Eve [EXTRAS]

čas přidán 2. 01. 2017
You're Not There - Live From 2017 New Years Rockin' Eve by Lukas Graham
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  • I'm really sceptical this crowd tbh. No phones and too much joy for a sad song such as this.

  • Why are the people happy, even though the song is supposed to be sad

  • The guy at 2:49 💀💀💀💀

  • His voice is a miracle

  • hey g when are u touring india

  • This song is the most confusing ever 😂 While you're bopping your head to the beat, you're also having some tears roll down your cheeks coz of the lyrics. It's so weird dancing and celebrating that a loved one wasn't there to share your success. The crowd really confused me.

  • i love music💚

  • It’s even more heartbreaking that the people are loving and cheering during this song. It proves that he was right in that his dad can’t be there to share his success. It’s a perfect reflection of life and art at once.

  • " you `re not There ......... I really love This great song by Lukas Graham !!! Heartfelt singing ... not easy to sing with all them feelings !!! Strong and touching lyrics ... Thank for this sad , but lovely song :)

  • I cry when i sing all of songs this also makes me cries its my favorite song/music

  • 2:48 - that white boy got moves. I see you hommes!!!!


  • voice😍

  • Amazing!

  • My uncle.dide

  • Why are they smiling while Lukas sing with sad lyrics?

  • Sounds the same in live performances as he would on autotune! That's awesome, and also a bit rare!

  • Qué onda con el flow del público, nada acorde a la canción X´D

  • He really doesn't need autotune

  • I love this song

  • This song reminds me of my dad he passed on August the first at 6:00 A.M. it sucks without him here

  • the guy at 2:47 killed me xD

  • Always make me cry 😢😢

  • Love it still.

  • Good

  • It kind of bothers me how lit the crowd is when this song feels like it deserves a silent crowd with lighters or something.

  • this song makes me cry like a baby FUCK

  • Amazing fucking amazing this man is just omg love him

  • if u had been in Spain everyone would have sang with you, come back pls

  • this song made me cry decase my papu died 😭😭😭

  • Love so Much ❤ Dansk når dét er bedst ❤

  • 😭😭😭😭

  • Now that I am nearly 40, I really realizar how many people are not here with me. This kid is awesome music is for the soul and he has touched my soul.

    • Luis Martín Pérez 😢 cheers...

  • Si eres un Mexicano 100% real no feic manifiestece con su naik y su :v

  • It is a sad song.. but the crowd is...

  • it's a sad song but the audience rock it lol

  • I love that song thanks

  • 2:48 sick moves

  • at 2:49 zinedine zidane in action...LOL