M1 Max MacBook Pro Review! (14" + 16")

čas přidán 25. 10. 2021
My review of the best MacBook in 2021. The new Apple MacBook Pro with M1 Max and M1 Pro chips. The 14" and 16" MacBook Pro are built with professionals in mind but could be used for laptop gaming.

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  • These thicc bois are REALLY good this year if you need one.

    • I can't find your m1 MacBook air review. 😭😭😭

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    • Dave is 40?

    • Dave can you thermal paste the new 16 and see how well it does

    • if the M1 Max is so efficient and does not throttle, why is there such a huge difference in multi-cpu score in R23 and GeekBench 5? My understanding is that the R23 stress tests the CPU while GeekBench 5 does not. It makes no sense to me.

  • Your last line was the best! These are just tools is what they are. People who can't justify the cost shouldn't get temempted. Excellent video. Loved the presentation and the detail. Kept me engaged till the end. Thank you for the effort.

  • This guy is NOT 40 yrs old. Late 20s I'd say

  • You need to do a video on the amano style aquarium you’ve got.

  • Oh gee Dave is 40 now??

  • I loved the closing words

  • Your completely right I don’t need it….. but I want it so much. I have my eyes set on the 16” M1 pro 1tb ssd. The price isn’t cheap ($2,700) but I want it because I want a laptop that is future proof, good display, good battery, connects with my ecosystem, and Mac OS

  • That there is a good old person impression.

  • Wow you’re 40?

  • Been saying for years that Apple kept falling further and further away from a balance of form and function. Glad to see they are embracing that principle again. Tt was core value during the Jobs years and one of the things that made them special. Considering buying an Apple product for the first time in over a decade.

  • Love the ending. You’re so right

  • "Everything's good when you go thicc." That's why I love black girls.

  • Can anyone help? I just received my MacBook Pro 16" M1 Pro. The lid is loose (no tension) when I go to open the lid until about 2 inches up. Is this normal or a defect. It's a little more tense when you go to close it, but then it kind of collapses right at the bottom. I am looking at CS-tv videos to find out if anyone else has this issue. When I look at his opening the display in the video (tense throughout) it doesn't look like my issue. Can anyone comment about your MacBook Pro and let me know if there is "play" when opening and closing? There's also a little "shimmy" when opening up the display. Thank you.

  • You're seeing things dave, maybe a sign of aging? Good to see you thought about that tho

  • 4:19 you are 40????? WTF you look in your twenties.

  • s the backing for the keyboard coated in something? I felt my friends model and it felt like it but I can't tell cause everyone says its anodized aluminum. I know the material under it is, just trying to work out if there's a coating. For context, I am allergic to the metal and can put dbrand skins and cases everywhere else, except there. If that is coated, it would mean that I can get it!

  • Just a question I am wondering if you are switching to a MacBook form the razer blade

  • I know it's just a tool that I can't afford and don't need but I bought one anyway

  • it is just a tools. Well said!

  • He’s 40?!

  • Nice table setup .. finally :)

  • Great video!

  • Is the 14" can be easily overheated using the m1 max configuration?

  • you know shit's real when there's the black stickers.

  • It goes through the notch, thats the most important thing :D

  • still not buying.. i'm not spending 2 lakh rupees xD

  • The Notch is unnecessary. It works on the iPhone but not on MacBooks

  • wallpaper link?

  • wtfff he is 40???? my whole life has been a lie

  • So I decided to go with the greatest no brainer configuration 16.5" M1 Pro base model for an extra 200$ over the 14" M1 pro base model. Mainly because you get a bigger XDR display and it has more battery life then the MacBook air! Plus I get two extra CPU cores & two extra GPU cores which is a bonus for me. In addition I also upgraded the SSD to 1TB for future proofing. If you have any spare time and would like to check out my M1 pro unboxing with a beginners perspective since I only shot it with my iPhone 📹😁Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great day!!!

  • Nice overwatch aim

  • That old man expression has been nominated for an oscar.

  • M1 Cheese Pro

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  • Dave, can you do a gaming review comparing the performance of a 16" mbp with both cpu. Please do specifically a flight simulator review like mfs flight sim and xplane. Thank you!

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  • Hey Dave, has the new MacBook pro 16-inch been shipped yet? I just bought one and the salesman told me it was the brand new MacBook pro but this appears to have the Intel chip rather than the new M1 chip.

  • I just uploaded a new video of the new apple MacBook Pro. Hope u will come and watch it too

  • Bro you’re 40!!!! I’m 19 and you look younger than me!!!!

  • Can I ask do the stickers have a good non-reflective coating? And how long does the glue last for?

  • Thicc is good

  • Mom: You need the M1 pro MacBook for coding/editing? Me: No, I need the pro black apple logo sticker

  • Absolutely revolutionary technology, I would love to buy one, but there is a slight problem at least with my budget. M1 MAX is going for approximately 3000+ pounds where performance wise R9 5900h and RX6800M cost approximately 1400+ Pounds. There is just this massive gap, if I had all of the money I would go for MacBook believe me, but Considering this strange price tag bloated by years of development this tech it doesn't make sense for now at least. Edit. okay it seems R9 5900h isnt as good as M1 MAX in terms of pure performance but still, you get the point.

  • This guy said he is 40. 😦

  • Such a good point about the fact they are tools and specific tools at that. If you do a lot of editing these couldn't be more perfect. If you're looking for a general laptop, probably not worth it.

  • “Everything good when u go thick” haha

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  • 40! He looks younger then 22!!

  • Love your videos Dave! You're the best!

  • 40 today. Don't forget to let us know when you get to 30.

  • amazing

  • that notch .... no thank you .. snap on camera that you can remove would be better

  • A friend of mine got one of these and he is concerned about how got it gets. It was getting up there in the 80 degree. Wondering if it is a hardware issue or software. Or if most of the heat is supposed to come out of the chassis. How did the ones you got get on?

  • Hi !, i play some league of legends,tft,apex and runescape... 2 weeks ago i bought a hp omen 15 with ryzen 7 and 3070 for 1800 euro's but the cpu was 90degrees celcius when playing runescape and it was hella loud !! so i refunded it ... i was wondering if someone has recommandations for good/silent 2021 laptops. this macbook m1pro is tempting

  • "Everything good when you go thick"

  • Should I get a barely used MacBook air M1 or wait half a year for the new air M2?

  • How many years would I expect to get out of this device? 4-6-8?

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  • Premiere is trash.

  • I still have my 2012 MacBook Pro… and I love it. Waited till this day… and finally Apple made something that makes me want to buy a new MacBook. I’m probably not the target for this product, but after almost 10 years I deserve this :)

    • Lol I felt the same. Been using my late 2011 MBP for a decade. It’s time for an upgrade.

  • Hey, a question to anyone who can help: Would it be better to buy 14‘‘ M1Pro 8 Core CPU / 14 Core GPU with 32GB RAM or 14‘‘ M1Pro 10 Core CPU / 16 Core CPU with 16 GB RAM. Which one is more future-proof, both upgrades together (RAM+Chip) are probably too expensive for me. Use cases are creative work, school and the usual daily tasks (media consumption, etc.) and I‘d like to keep this laptop for at least 6 years without any major perfomance issues. (My current HP laptop has lasted me about 7-8 years, but it‘s had bigger issues for about 3 years now)

  • I like how the space grey blends in with the screen I can’t even see the edges

  • 1:16 Thats what she said

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  • Dave I don't buy the "cam quality" excuse for the notch... We have bezels like the ones found in Xperia devices where the camera resides and it is a 5mm bezel. The selfie camera while not top of the market it is definitely years away laptop webcams including Surfaces and MacBooks. In reality the notch is there to give the MacBook a signature look and prepare the path to the next MacBook with Face ID. That is it.

  • cs-tv.org/ch/UCDbkVVgAx6rj9RSoUrPipKQ

  • Who will be the first to have the ‘courage’ to present a fair ‘like for like’ comparison between Pro vs Max but with same chassis, same RAM, same SSD? All reviews thus far compare Max vs Pro but with other differentials. Either 16GB RAM vs 32GB or 32GB vs 64GB or 512GB SSD vs 1TB SSD. Given the SSD read/write differences or 16/32 RAM or memory b/w 200GB vs 400Gb etc none are equal representation. I want to see a Pro vs Max comparison where all else is equal. Otherwise all other comparisons are moot. Is there some moratorium on such a side by side shootout?

  • It's mind blowing that this guy looks 20 but is actually 40 ;-;

  • Someone please help me! I am buying the base model 16” with 1 TB SSD. But I’m confused whether I should upgrade the ram to 32gb. I do 4K video editing, photo editing and am learning music production. I’m already spending above my budget. But I really want the device to last long as well! So please help me! I am so damn confused! Thanks🖤

  • 6:57 not going to lie...I just shit my pants. I thought my screen just died!

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  • i am hoping they bring this design to the 13inch mbp. Having just the base M1 with all those ports would be so nice for an everyday laptop and a very good travel photo/video editing laptop especially when you already have a power desktop at home.

  • you are defending basic stuff on a machine that costs like a car? lol, new level of bottoms. Lucky me i got Apple stocks instead of their products XD

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  • Thank you Dave for that end summary/warning. They almost had me buying one.

  • srry but the notch is NOT ok

  • As a producer and audio engineer for edm with hundred tracks per project without need for video processing, this is a life saver.

  • 40 is not old I love the video.

  • Hope got this one soon 😊

  • Remember, this has the pro apple sticker. Thats all you really to know really.

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  • Was really considering buying one, then i saw the notch hahaha, insta skip ! waiting 2022 version once they removed that joke of a notch

  • “Everything is good when you go thicc” -Dave

  • everthing is good when you go thicc -Dave2D

  • I hope that the video editing process will be much smoother than in my 2020 M1

  • this macbook is proof that Jhonny I’ve left apple for good

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  • No Face ID is because it’s too thick

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