Mac Miller - Good News

čas přidán 9. 01. 2020
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  • He has seriously saved my life even after he passed on. This is my favorite Mac song.

  • I see a lot of you saying this line is about suicide "There's a whole lot more for me waiting on the other side I'm always wondering, if it feel like summer" but to me these lines and the last verse are about coming out of depression, opinions?

  • Rest In Peace handsome 💜💜🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Still miss you bro .

  • wow. it's just been a lot since he died. rest easy mac pittsburgh misses you

  • I end with my girlfriend... I really love her and this is how I feel right now. You are grat Mac thank you for your music

  • im so sad

  • 💜

  • Love this comment section so much

  • Ummm...someone changed the fuck out of this video since it's release.

  • Dedicating this to my two friends that turned in (early 30s) too soon, two weeks from each other. Hope there’s a whole lot more waiting for them on the other side cuz they had a lot going for them on this side too. Check on ur people, people!!

  • Rip mac but he is still in our hearts

  • Dear 2030, this rapper is a legend RIP MAC

  • Anthony Fantano crying during his review of this song is completely justified.

  • I only listened to donald trump and best day ever, until i started getting into the divine feminine and go:od am. his music is getting me though one of the most depressing times of my life right now.

  • This clip is amazing with weed and friend

  • LYRICS~ Mac Miller Good News I spent the whole day in my head Do a little Spring cleaning I’m always too busy dreaming Well, maybe I should wake up instead A lot of things I regret, But, I just say I forget Why can’t it just be easy? Why does everybody need me to stay? Oh, I hate the feeling When you’re high but you’re underneath the ceiling Got the cards in my hand I hate dealing Yeah, get everything I need, then I’m gone But it ain’t stealing Can I get a break? I wish that I could just, get out my God damned way What is there to say? There ain’t a better time than today Ohhh, maybe I’ll lay down for a little Yeah, instead of always trying to, figure everything out And all I do is say sorry Half the time I don’t even know What, I’m saying it about {Chorus} { Good News, Good News, Good News That’s All They Wanna Hear No They Don’t Like You When I’m Down But When I’m Flying, Oh It Make Em’ So Uncomfortable So Different What’s The Difference? } When it ain’t that bad It could always be worse I’m running out of gas Hardly anything left Hope I make it home from work Well, so tired of being so tired Why I gotta build something beautiful just to go set it on fire? I’m no liar, but, sometimes the truth don’t sound like the truth Maybe cause it ain’t I just love the way it sound when I say it Yeah, it’s what I do If you know me it ain’t anything new Wake up to the Moon Haven’t seen the sun in a while But I heard that the sky is still blue Yeah, I heard they don’t talk about me tooo much no moe’ And that’s a problem with a closed door {Chorus} { Good News, Good News, Good News That’s All They Wanna Hear No They Don’t Like You When I’m Down But When I’m Flying, Oh It Make Em’ So Uncomfortable So Different What’s The Difference? } There’s a whole lot more for me Waiting on the other side I’m always wondering If, it feel like Summer I know maybe I’m too late I can make it there some other time I’ll finally discover {x2} That there’s a whole lot more for me waiting That there’s a whole lot more for me waiting I know maybe I’m too late I can make it there some other time And I’ll finally discover That it ain’t that bad Ain’t sooo bad Well it, ain’t that bad Mhmm At least it don’t gotta be, no moe’ No moe’ No moe’ No moe’ No moe’ No moe’ No moe’ No moe’ No moe’ {Humming}

  • No more no more no more no more...

  • Carol I still love u

  • Dude I’m going through so much right now is think this video helped me bring out some emotion especially when he walks toward the airplane window from the swimming cover while wearing his stay outfit

  • Man, I miss Mac

  • If i could have met you i would have picked your brain an made some dope tracks i wish i was able to meet 1 friend you knew from the past just to tell someone thank you mac miller

  • Thank you for existing. I know you won't see this, but I see you. I will always see you. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. You have helped me so much. My darkest days I reach for you and you show me the way. Thank you for everything you've ever done. You will be a legend. Forever. RIP Mac Miller. You will forever be an influential, beautiful soul. We all love you and miss you every day, you are forever in our hearts.

  • As if he’s talking to me from the 3rd realm, what a talent, what a loss! Love 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️

  • Bless you all, my brothers and sisters.

  • he sounds like my dad

  • 2020 theme song

  • I have cried a thousand times with this song

  • To the 15k ppl that disliked the vid I hope that you guys are doing ok and whatever you are going through I hope it gets better. ♥

  • Miller getting me through sobriety #ripmacmiller

  • ☹️ miss you Mac

  • These past few weeks have been pretty awful. And even in death, Mac your music helps me through every single day . Your legacy will never dIE and the power in your words is what will keep that alive. RIP 🙏

  • Most Dope

  • Mac wherever you are I’m sorry you lost your life to a shallow heartless woman. I pray you’re safe and you’re happier where you are.

  • Met this girl who liked this song. I said me too but it makes me sad, she didn’t get it hmm..

    • Oh no! Such a crime to be uninformed amiriiiite?!

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  • Whoever edited this video is amazing, so much heart and soul in it. Miss mac, I really still can't get over the fact he'll never release anything again. Like fuck man, we need you now more than ever. RIP my dude, I hope you found whatever it was you were missing. Rest easy, Easy mac

  • it still hurts knowing we wont get any more songs from him

  • whoever dislikes this doesnt know who he is

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  • Sitting in rehab changing my life thank you mac.

  • The first time of me watching this was the first time I realized I actually need therapy. Thank you man, you've done your part helping the world alot more than you could ever imagine. Rest easy.

  • I'm glad he's able to bring positive results to everyone

  • look, if you're watching this while on drugs, fine do you then. However, don't forget that doing drugs and falling into addiction is sadly what took Mac from us. Just please keep that in mind and stay safe yall

  • I miss you so fucking much, I think about you all the time 😔 Rest In Peace angel, I love you

  • Who Is watching covid- 19

  • Most relatable song I have ever heard. REST IN PEACE MALCOLM McCORMICK

  • Mac is helping me gettimg through and tough life from me lossing my brother and my freind and lossing my grandpa at least we all have each other

  • Rip mac

  • My post isn't as heartbreaking as some others on here. This video was posted Jan 9th, the day I had to put my best friend to sleep. Bane had bone cancer. That day was the worst of my life. I saw this on CS-tv that night. Now whenever I watch this video or listen to the song I think of Mr. Bane. Great song for hard times.

  • You can appreciate this!


  • Fuck..I miss him so much....

  • We all no this isn't your first time here ! Welcome back!!!

  • Best video while you’re on dmt

  • This song came out 12 hours after when I came back home from hospital after my suicide attempt. I was so sad and upset and Good News came out and everyday I listen to this song and it just makes me feel happy. Thanks Mac for this amazing song ❤️

    • You will get through it, I don't know you.but I know one thing,it will be alright,shit will get better. dont give up.❤️

  • can you even dislike this masterpiece.

  • In the new proyect release MERRY GO ROUND 🔥🙌🏼 Please.

  • Let your faith be bigger than your fears 💞