Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Unboxing!

čas přidán 10. 12. 2019
Unboxing the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR! We shot and I edited this all in 8K on the new Mac that you just watched me unbox. Watch behind the scenes of this video:

Thanks to for renting me some REDS on very short notice :)
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Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:


  • I feel so poor watching this video hahaha but at the same time is so exciting 😂

  • I think in total, this would come to around 40 grand. Wow.

  • Didn't blink even once while watching this

  • instead of watching her reviews.i Cant stop watching her beauiful eyes which makes me blind♥️♥️

  • ah yes a monitor that doesn't come with a stand

  • Justine : I'm so glad I decided to get the mate version Me : see reflection immediately 5:00

  • 0:31 so satisfying

  • This Is So Satisfying .... 😄😔

  • 4:48 When opening the clothes , to do something naught.

  • Yet it can’t play valorant

  • I feel like her channel makes little kids want to get the latest phone and stuff, it’s not a good thing-

  • I just wish I could have one of the display on my DESK!!!!!

  • When you dont have enough money to even afford her shirt..

  • This video called me poor in 87 languages like bro why she hyped over a new color?

  • If y’all don’t watch iJustine videos while eating a good meal, what are y’all doing?! 😭

  • When I say this I’m just being funny not being disrespectful but I don’t think her wallet liked her after this-

  • me buying macBook air: ah yes search for macBook air and see wowo omg so good CS-tv:BOOM haha now you want mac pro me: *why*

  • 1:26 YEET!

  • Hmmm the cores seem a bit light - my 2011 iMac has 3.4ghz cores 🤔

  • That man was weird 13:13

  • why rent 3 8K REDs if the video will be at 1080p!!??

  • This is how you completely destroy the power of a RED camera i mean was a RED even necessary to shoot this video? 🙄 also apple must be very happy with this customer coz she is clearly appreciating things that aren't even important like colours, smells etc

  • Smells like fresh winter day? How tf a winter day smells like 🤔

  • You are the first female I have ever seen appreciate the NEW SMELL of a product. Every LP I purchased as a child, I did that for each record I opened then electronics the same. I want to award you the New Smell Ribbon of honor. I've had so many people ask me if I just smelled of something new and got that look like I just came off a UFO! I would be as excited as you even be there to watch. I actually felt the excitement as you take us through each step a very memorable experience. You can surely bet this young lady has a young at heart attitude and loves her new toys which probably cost more than a new car. I hope your excitement continues as you work with your new equipment and congratulations! And welcome to the new smell club. LOL

  • is it just me or is this video calling me poor

  • Dragging and dropping files with trash preset transitions is not editing.

  • Love from India

  • Which desktop for professional video editing please answer me don't forget

  • Good morning mam..

  • how much did she spend?

  • everyone gets so lucky with there subs me on the other hand I have uh 0

  • Espectacular presentación, que hermosos diseños de Apple algún día seré millonario y lo podré comprar jajaja

  • Well with that much money I can build a threadripper 3970x a trx40 64gb of ddr4 a good looking case and maybe 2 Titan rtx cards

  • Send me old one plz

  • All I see in the thumbnail is. "look at all the money I make to buy these overpriced electronics".

  • I’m happy for u bc ur so lucky with these apple products. I wish I had some ;c

  • I watch this in 720p 😂😂 arent you insulted 🤔

  • The most satisfying thing on the Earth is to unboxing mac pro and pro display 😄😊 I wish I could buy this.

  • She looks like Karen

  • I got the exact same set up as Ijustine except I bought 2 Mac Pro with 28 core and I dont know why I like watching this using my dual pro display xdr

  • Я не очень знаю Английский язык, но почему то я тебя понимаю! I don't really know English, but for some reason I understand you!

  • That bitch should marry a mac computer just like the japanese guy who married a nintendo video game.

  • Why Hasn't Justine become the brand ambassador for Apple Yet

  • 3 words every man NEVER wants to hear... " IS IT IN ? "

  • I got it! Its amazing!

  • No matter how much it costs it's still a Crapple.

  • R.I.P Justine money

  • Hi, Justine, will you give your old Mac tower.

  • Do you wanna buy me an iPhone pro max? 🙁

  • she went a little crasy so shes not okay. its just on expensive pc

  • I love her enthusiasm it is really nice to see someone who is so excited to unbox Apple products. I am always so excited to go and be able to open a new Apple product, but the Mac Pro and Pro display is just out of this world truly a brilliantly designed machine inside and out. When all the equipment is setup it truly look very professional, but also at the same time pleasing to the eye and very clean. I am also amazed at the other comments in this video. It is really interesting to see how people react to this video. People look at the price and say it's expensive and yes it is, but the quality is amazing and if this is your job to edit videos and work with lots of media then it is worth it. Apple will only get better with their computers especially after using their own processors so the future is looking pretty bright at the moment. It puts a smile on my face to see someone that has such an interest in Apple products that I just feel good inside and so lucky that I also have opportunities to purchase many Apple products also and use them everyday. It is a pleasure and an honour. A combination of the liberal arts and technology is what makes Apple the premier tech company on earth.

  • Just wtf

  • I love that instead of having a mug of pencils Justine is just that person who has a mug of apple pencils.

  • No offence but she sounds like a such a apple fan girl

  • Do people just not see, or care anymore? Just cause covid-19 is here in the USA at full dosnt mean you can’t get up and do something with life, but this shit right here makes me sick.

  • Like, I don’t understand what makes people think it’s okay to go and post a 20 min video of them opening several thousands of dollars worth of shit that they won’t likely use that often. And the fact people choose to watch this then say they felt poor after the video, ruins me as a person.

  • See, yet you people still watch this shit even though it makes you feel poor. This generation of millennials and zoomers need to stop feeling sorry for themselves, having to watch other people’s happier lives for entertainment/to make yourself feel better.

  • Bi bok anlamıyom ama izliyom

  • The pro stand isn't worth 1000 dollars 😂 it should be 60 or something

  • iJustine: wait, is it in?? Her boyfriend: Am i a joke to u...