Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd - Candy

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Machine Gun Kelly - Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)
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Directed by: Miles & AJ
Produced by: SixTwentySix Productions (
Executive Producer: Austin Barbera, Jake Krask and Jen Herrera
Line Producer: Kai Yuricich
DP: Geoffrey Taylor
Commissioner: Vincenza Conticchio
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd performing Candy. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records


  • The hell is wrong with these new rappers. Jeez...

  • As a MANDY I take great offense😐 ...I'm on my man's account...😑

  • Oh look he is alive.

  • If you dis like this song you a bitch ass harder mgk sick asf

  • Idk but, the song's more like Trippie's stuff

  • That one kid is lil tecca

  • I need that CANDY yeah 🤑💊🖕🔥

  • another trash song

  • 1:28 👌

  • When your fan becomes better than you

  • Eminem’s diss made him quit rapping or should I say mumble rap

  • your art is on its own level. you truly are incredible

  • dope shit

  • Trippie face look like a 3 year old whos quiet in the back with a marker...

  • Lit

  • Is it me or the older trippy redd gets the more he sounds more and more Doofusy... his voice sort of sounds like Goofy from Disney... not like the old 1400 love scars voice but more like Fetty Wap/rocky balboa

  • Mandy Moore -Missing you like Candy. Just got that reference 😂😂😂

  • I'm glad he sometimes puts retarded rappers on his tracks.... shows class

  • This song and sugar by BabyGoth are moods 💯

  • mgk is ass and trippie looks like a dog with rabies

  • Lit juice lmao

  • Took more addies yeah

  • Préñame

  • This radiates lil peep vibe

  • he trynna fix the damage from when he got threw off stage

  • Wow nice work promoting drugs and smoking... that kid was like 8 great job everybody also trippies face is chubby as hell

  • Hey been there done that trying to put all the pain away with so many doubts in this so called world damage control is possible. Love my five angels is what make my life worth being here straight up honest:)

  • 0:51 is when the song starts

  • Cuz she sick duhhhh

  • I got in trouble for singing this in my school hallway and I played it for my mom and principal and she was jamming low key

  • wow✌🤘

  • bought a whip for my granny yeah

  • R Kelly's favourite song

  • Trippie redd's teeth is like a bear trap

  • What I would give to hang out with MGK and Pete... 🥺

  • Banger

  • This song makes my parents sleep in my bed when they scared.

  • Mgk has mad potential but his message is fucking garbage. Let's talk about doing addies, zannies, getting drunk, gang banging and killing ourselves. You have an opportunity to send a good message to kids who live in shit fucking neighborhoods with what seems to be no hope of getting out; instead of trying to give them hope and lift them up you are telling them the only way to deal with it is to get fucked up. I dont care how much potential you have, if your message is garbage you are garbage.

  • Who else likes 🍬

  • the amount of effort to turn around everything in that store (that the camera sees) is impressive

  • 2:35 trippie red what the actual fuck

  • Fuck Kelly

  • Cancer early huh? Sounds like fun.

  • Welp we know that everything taste like candy

  • Why trippie red look like he barks at the mail man

  • Trippie red looks like the type of person to bark at people he doesn't like

  • I feel like this dude is trying to bite lol peep. Just saying

  • that song is so lit

  • Huhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Just cuz some people are sad don’t mean you have to be too, just a reminder to all the people out there that think depression is the wave lmao. Try your best to enjoy these years cuz one day you will look back and miss these times even if it seems impossible now.

  • He has to fix the damage eminem did lmao

  • Man is still getting hate for the Eminem beff

  • Trippie redd you got 15 seconds GO

  • Trippy is GAY AF!!!

  • MGK killed the music video, I can’t stand seeing his face. It would’ve been better without him but leave his voice/verse.

  • 2:05 kid really looks like mgk child version

  • Wtf?! This song is trash MGK! COME ON! YOU BETTER THAN THIS SHIT!

  • This song should be called “yeah”

  • this is mad trash

  • At 4:49 exact Trippie looks so high