Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

čas přidán 3. 09. 2018
Watch the official music video for "Rap Devil" by Machine Gun Kelly.
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  • This is a classic diss track.

  • It's like a guy playing Mario and calling self a Gamer...though I like you Mgk ✌️♥️😄🤗👍

  • I dislike MGK, but he does have some good tattoos.

  • U should see urself U no rapper u calf Rapper? Not even half Got lil fame Thinks he is king of game U r songs now hears so lame Suck a dick of your own Oh no im dissin u from phone Rap devil ok devil Slut son

  • Fuck you mgk motherfucker

  • Say what you want but this disstrack is fucking fire. The commentary section is full of eminem fan boys sadly,i mean, i am a eminem fan myself too but let's be honest,this disstrack is sick. In my opionion this battle was a draw atleast. Just compare the lyrics of both disses and you will realise how strong this diss is and that it is'nt anything worse than eminem's disstrack.

  • killshot…………………………

  • I think you gays together better than a disstrack

  • 0:18

  • Why your want broken karma

  • Eminem ist best

  • Challenging the best rapper alive writing bars for months. MGK - someone grab me some clippers, his fucking beard is weird.

  • This shit fire but Eminem’s was way better no cap 🧢

  • You are not as good as he is and you are so superficial eminem is better

  • dam

  • Fucking hater.

  • Literally you like you wanna be Eminem, boy why you dissing when you just straight up jealous. That's it my nigz

  • Police can you describe the man who burnt you *Sniffle* his beard *sniffle* is weird

  • You have the fucking avengers logo on your chest but you got destroyed by a hero

  • Hotel Diablo Sales 18k Pure Album First week 🤮💩🗑. 5k Second week🤮🤮💩💩🗑🗑.

  • He said he is the "Rap Devil"but di Didn't god create the Devil?

  • Killshot is better.

  • Considering hes taking on the king himself...hes done a damn good job, better than any other fucker thats attempted it thats for sure.

  • Respect to your dad (eminem)

  • The final answer: *This rap is not bad, but Em's is better*

  • Bullshit

  • This is some shit

  • Hey listen Okay Machine Gun Kelly you freaking I hate you I hate you I hate you because Eminem has helped me through a lot of tough times that you're freaking idiot

  • Listen I rather it be 80 year old me in 20 year old you. Eminem is better

  • He got my respec for at least attempting to diss Em

  • Am I the only one who liked MGK's diss track better than eminems? for the record I like eminem's songs better but I just think MGK won this one. He should of stood by this song in that one interview when he coward out despite the host even saying that he liked this diss more.

  • This shit still fire

  • Luv u mgk

  • He’s the rap devil cause Eminem kicked him to hell

  • the sad part about this is that if only mgk would have dissed any other rapper this would have been fire and a clear victory for him... but he had to diss Eminem 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I mean this Disstrack is actually good...

    • @Runt Yeah, Killshot is much better than this, but... what I am saying is this is good enough for a disstrack.

    • You heard Killshot?

  • M arshall G onna K illme

  • MGK is Eminem from AliExpress lul

  • Dont let this distract you from the facts that they still big mad 😈🔫

  • Shove that shovel up your but skinny gun Kelly your like paper with baby drawings on it

    • Wtf. That's gay.

  • U r a machine gun which is out of ammo 😂😂😂

  • If MGK Disses J Cole ! It's Gonna Call Unborn Child!

  • I really don't like white trash

  • This motherfucker ended up digging his own Goddamn grave. Rest in Hell cocksucker. "Laid to rest here is: MGK, Ja Rule, Whitey Ford, Limp Bizkit, Lil Wayne, Budden, Tyler the non-creator, 3 Migos, Lil Yachty, and about 10 other mumble mouth pussies.

  • dont let this distract you from the fact that the mc donalds ice cream machine never works

  • Im hungry *Starts eating cerial in front of camera*

  • Who the fuck is this faggot if it wasn't for Kamikaze I wouldn't even know this fucking lil Wayne wanna b Dissing Em ?? Haha fucker after killshot guess u did run out of ammo plus after this dissing em next song u put up is about being addicted to drugs?? Worry about your fucking own problems before dissing someone else about there's

  • Everyones joking about MGK but this diss track spoke some truth about EM doing snake shit at Sway and how he really cant take a joke. There is a lot of truth that EM himself confirmed in his interview behind this diss track. He may not have the strong word play or bars but he dropped hella facts in a hit track. You gotta give respect where its due.

    • nah shit eminem already ended mgk soul with "not alike" go listen this shit

  • Jesus Christ bro came fn hard it's put the location on the skin

  • This not even good 😂😂😂 Eminem reemed him 😂💯