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Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

čas přidán 3. 09. 2018
Watch the official music video for "Rap Devil" by Machine Gun Kelly.
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  • ilk yorum ben baktıgımda yoktu aq

  • This mothrrfucker looks like a God damn holocaust victim. Go eat some food, son.

  • 2019, anyone?

  • 1 milions dislikes eminem lovers

  • The beat is sickk....

  • 200 M Squad ?

  • Still cant believe this fool had a hook in a diss track and had to nerve to auto tune it also...

  • The main reason people diss-like this song is because it's against eminem, ngl the song is good and if it wasn't on em it would've been allot more liked

  • Atleast he's not a mumble rapper. Oh wait. Hmmmm

  • I thought this was good, until I heard Eminem's.

  • Eminem destroy you

  • 0:54 it sounds like he said sans

  • *I think this guy like tattoos*

  • How did he know to rhyme bitch with bitch?

  • What a douche bag. Nothing interesting or creative on this diss track. Eminem ended this beef FAST. bu bye

  • Mgk is just a dick looking for enlargement pills

  • He got EM on this one 💯💯💯 ...

  • I hope MGK can drop more songs like this. Angry rap is the best rap

  • Yawa ka

  • Loss go to he'll m g k

  • bro fuck you,how dare you talk shit about eminem at least he is a man.your half body is call this a rap. get some facts you just said he is short and old that everybody can see.

  • Shut up Eminem is best

  • He thinks Em controls everything he does...only you control your own destiny.

  • You're big smirk shit

  • This video is really getting comments on the daily still?

  • What a cock ring!

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • oh so mc stan khuja mat outfit was inspired by his style🚩

  • Music is good but doesn’t rhyme

  • This is hot.. still a Eminem fan though 🙄


  • Damn he went hard on this one

  • Man, why dont you rap like this in your albums. MGK killed this freestyle 🔥

    • I dont think we're seeing a freestyle, bud.

  • I don't even know what any of these lyrics mean but the beat go hard then a motherfucker though. I think MGK won the battle cause of the beat

  • This beard is wierd...most people dont know what Em verse that came from lmaoooo

  • Im not a hater i give credit when due. One its a dope beat, decent lyrics & flow. I give MGK props for that, he took his best shot for clout to catapult his streams n album sales, but in the end he still got Slaughtered nice try tho bro... 💯Facts

  • Fock off twat

  • This song is way better than Eminem’s

  • That beard is weird.

  • Killshot you remember ?

  • Your beard is weird

  • Like how he’s casually eating cereal outside.


  • Try to roast Eminem well Eminem fucked you up!🤬

  • He went hard on this one. At least he gave everything he's got on this diss track as a Stan. Then got roasted big times by Killshot. Eminem all the way

  • You need a protractor to measure that tilt?

  • And by the way Kelly you suck

  • MGK is dead already to Eminem

  • 1M dislikes, be nice guys

  • Still think is the most boldsy and smart move a rapper did for a long time.

  • "When your idol becomes your rival" Love it!

  • 1 M dislikes = haters...

    • He still respects eminem as the greatest rapper people cant take a fuckin joke

  • Legshot

  • Killshot

  • This dude looks like a holocaust survivor on drugs, how can you be intimidated by him😂😂😂

  • The beat on this goes too hard 🔥🔥🔥

  • Both good tunes. But mgk planned this song along time ago. Him and ems agents colluded through interscope to start a beef. Mgk can flow, he wrote a good ass song. Killshot was good too but i liked rap devil more.

  • At least he tried

  • Hes kinda cute😁😘

  • Go away you skinny untalented rat Eminem is the original

  • Rap gadget trick nija sound who down to get clowned bust off a round im bound to be the best the next inning on the mound wound up and the pitch i aint no bitch yo lets check out the situation kicking it basically whos the fakest g oo not meno wanna be or sleege bag take a pull off the drag choking you with a do rag dont cut no slack im upper class whay ask whos tight let me get a sound bite! " im not afraid " got it made just slayed the rapper. Yo flow i got the dapper ass clapper red snapper crapper fapper chaperone give me the bones or leave me a lone king of my throne 1 and im done son!

  • Shit song

  • Ur jealous that he is rich

  • Not bad for a Honky...

  • When MGK holds the shovel he reminds me of the default skin from fortnite

  • I got all my shit without dre producing me hahah...facts tho

  • people really be out here saying this is better than killshot

  • rip MGK

  • MGK song was direct. Eminem song was more commercial. MGK won in my eyes💯 fuck that killing careers shit tho. Real rap is real rap

  • lets keep the fanboy shit out of this, im an Eminem fan but lets be honest wether we like it or not he ate Eminem with this due to to Ems current condition, lets not lie Em during his prime would have ate him alive but..... now at this is the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rip

  • scarf around neck for dick hold choke faggot fuck..mgk only...scarfs... or some French lil boi fag shit... fuck u mgk..ur a make-up bitch...u lil hoe...u have no fucking cred except d sucking cred. People whohave children and family have the most to live for... I know ur a joke and a shit stain...afraid to die.. fuck off. I could do this shit on TV with MGK and ten step stand off....lets see who dies...just a offer since u so gangsta….. called ur life out... are u ready to dispose of it.

  • #FuckMGK

  • Eminem a punk straight up. I dont even like mgk but he tore eminem a new asshole

  • Still gives me goosebumps hearing some of these bars

  • lol....and the nigga who wrote the song for his kitten lol..mgk is a kitten you a kitten...lets talk bout it... u got resources to look all things bout it D-mite to chest to vest faggot fuck u

  • I love Eminem but this dudes hot. He has his own unique sound its tight

  • You have to respect this song! Huge Em fan here but shit!

  • He rap like Eminem but sound like drop koofy frfr


  • MGK: “Your beard is weird.” You’re short Your old. Em: “Had to give you a career to destroy it.” “I say one call to Interscope and you’re Swayze.” (Dead☠️) Lol. What a joke. MGK still hasn’t replied. So long MGK. Nice beat though.

  • StiffTen97 Voltron87 YES REALLY, I meant every word I said this man can’t spit bars let alone bars on Eminem!

  • Got to give credit to MGM for making an actual song

  • Em knows in heart that this diss song really is dope asf!

  • Lister to this at 2x hes speaking robot

  • His rap career went to shit after this diss that he started focusing on his acting career instead 😵🤣🤣

  • Lol people still comment on this video?

  • when u acting all hard at first but then fast forward a couple months u destroying autographs

  • Came here to see what MGK's diss was all about.... Now I'm no expert and nothin more than an Em fanboy but I will admit that Kelly held up pretty good in this one :)

  • For you fucks thinking mgk won..battle always come down to crowd reaction..this video has 50 percentage dislikes...and eminem has 7 percentage dislikes .. mgk lost .

  • Nice funeral dirge.

  • Subscribe ❤

  • New Rap artist here! My flow is dope and I got bars. Check me fam and let me know what you think?

  • Eminem is still salty 😂 mgk still has a music career and a movie career 🧐 Eminem what happened to stopping all that lol

    • MGK seems to be focused more on his acting career rather than his rapping career now. MGK is the salty one here. He fucking destroyed a fan's autograph when someone in the crowd asked him about Eminem. If anyone's salty, it's MGK, not Eminem.

  • R U High? THEN Watch this all the way through

  • What are all those tattoos for... for covering his shame?! This diss is full of bs, doesn’t make any sense, there is barely any truth. This is what happens when you ain’t good. First 2 of his last 4 albums were better than Kelly’s life, let alone let alone the fact that Kelly thinks Eminem’s last album was about his... sorry but only 20 seconds were.! And I think it’s hilarious that after he insults him he says he’s the greatest rapper and refers to him as the “Rap God” and nelly only calls himself the “Rap Devil”, which is funny because of Christianity, if you don’t know this means Kelly is less than Eminem!!! And the only reason this song is so popular and came out was because Eminem truly cares and loves his family, and not Kelly.

  • Kill Shot was better just sayin

  • Let’s talk about those fake ass gang signs

  • he is a loser u all know wht i mean mgk loser

  • Mgk é um lixo 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑