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Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

čas přidán 3. 09. 2018
Watch the official music video for "Rap Devil" by Machine Gun Kelly.
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  • Rap devil is good too....any douchbag wants to say something about it....obvious fan boys trying to roll hard fuch

  • eminem won the battle,lyrics say that,music fucks everywhere

  • Comparing killshot and rap devil Rap devil is written by some 10 year old Killshot was written in 20min by eminem

  • Im a die hard Eminem fan but MGK won here

  • Follow link and watch the best MC alive:

  • Eminem automatically done won round one he has way more likes on his song than mgk Eminem has 3.2mil likes and only 85k dislikes mgk has only 1.5mil measily likes and 660k dislikes #letstalkaboutit 😂😂😂 also ems views are catching up a little too quick but I mean of course a legends shit is gonna be viewed quicker than a wannabe tatted mumble rapper also seen where he was a pussy boy and got 5 dudes of his to help him best up on one Eminem fan and then mgk proceeds to try and cuss out a cop and tell them to gtfo of his way imo mgk shoulda got cuffed for that but the cop didn't do anything if it was one of us we'd be behind bars but of course he gotta get away with bullshit but aye that restaurant sure didn't let them in and told mgk and his boys to leave cause of how rude he was being to the cop mgk ain't that nice person people think he is he's just a wannabe gangster whose pretty fake af if you ask me also his diss wasn't a diss it was a song because for one a diss normally doesn't involve a music video for one and two the repeating chorus is annoying to listen to and three he complimented Eminem here and there and the old person corny lines are just trash learn how to make a diss before you come at the rapper who was sent to destroy little baby's like the manbun Kelly 😂😂😂

  • How love these track? 💖

  • God that auto tune ew..

  • Shit

  • I like the record , but it’s weird hearing a diss track with a hook

  • Fuck you 😤😤😤. Eminem the god rap 💪💪💪

  • So are coming back at him...?

  • Water gun Mickey delete the Rap Devil track uploaded 6 months ago from his soundcloud hahahahhaha

  • 💙💙💙💙💙

  • Love him

  • Look at the likes compared to the dislikes lol

  • Lmao at all you early young fucks coming on THIS video just to comment about Em. "RIP MGKs career" "MGK who?" Lol

  • Look lyrically em won but this song is better to hear i like it way more even tho em destroyed him

  • Since when did diss tracks have hooks

  • yayayayaya autotune

  • mgk in not death ok

  • Im more of a fan of em but this shit and killshot are both really good!

  • 👍 or 👎

  • Killshot views are increasing because MGK name is in it..,😂😁😂


  • I Like = 1 L For MGK

  • I used to like MGK but now he's desperate for attention.

  • Tryin' to ride the wave, generational issue ... but still he had some good lines.

  • I can't front MGK kill't this shit and whoever say he didn't hating 🤷🏿🤷🏿 He had the better diss this round! Em is nice always have been but he out dated and could have came much harder and he drop the ball 🤷🏿🤷🏿 I'm here for MGK

  • This is decent. Got to give the man some respect considering he's the only one to fight back.

  • Anyone else wondering why this dude got a brick wall tatted of his gut ?

  • If Kells actually go at this man neck and not compliment him he can actually win this beef

  • How much views will this song have after a month , year ? Let’s talk about it !!

  • What an awesome ghost written diss track

  • Never mess with a living legend

  • You sound like Logan Paul 😂😂😂😂

  • This beats are lit 🔥🔥 *let's talk about it*

  • Eminem the best

  • 이게 과연 받아친 랩 수준인지 ㅋㅋ

  • MGK Took The Belt !!!!

  • God please no... I grew up listening to Em, D12, the real shit. This clown is SERIOUSLY trying to Diss Eminem?! I've never heard a weaker Diss track than this, and seriously this clown could get beaten up by a 12 year old schoolboy... Gosh

  • 멈블랩퍼들 븅신같이 할때부터 교육 언제당하나 보고있었는데 이제 당하네 속시원하누 ㅋㅋ

  • When your rap songs are more than 5 pages like Eminem CALL ME

  • You fucking suck mgk go die in a fucking hole you know that you will not will so go crawl away

  • he really put a hook on a diss..


  • I say one call to interscope and you are swayze 😂😂😂😂😂 damn cold

  • Stop MGK, you have no hits but thanks for trying, you're still a lame rapper got my attention your 15 mins of fame will be gone now

  • I've started listening EM 12 years ago and MGK like 4 years ago. Just hope that now that both know each other ends with a song with those two beasts working together. Let's talk about it! Greetings from Barcelona

  • Yo Killshot has 82MILL views but RapDevil got 100MILL views can we just take a moment to realize that Eminem actually posted his dis on his channel with 3.2 MILL thumbs up, but MGK made WORLDSTARHIPHOP Promote his diss. Like actually this diss is shit.

  • Stop being full of yourself mgk. He didn’t drop that entire album only for you he dissed more than just you in that album. He literally mentioned you one time lmfao and you had to make an entire auto tuned song in reply for it. Seems like you’re a little hurt there ya big baby.

  • Just came to pay my respects to mkg. F.

  • Did anyone tell MGK that the devil was actually an angel that was cast down because he tried to over through God and failed......?? So -> Rap God Vs Rap Devil..... Who's going to win???

  • It was an meh/okay song, but at least Eminem can edit his voice good or doesn't edit it at all. This was too edited, it ain't real rap if it's edited to hell. Sorry not sorry.

  • All the likes are from MGK wannabes .... all corny ass bitches, get real an admit Eminem is better

  • did he insult helie, i dont thik so,than what the fuck is goin on,

  • Any1 here after killshot

  • Im just here to dislike the video

  • 0:46 at who?

  • You cant diss the king of Rap. Stupid child

  • L

  • Dont Try Shit Again you cant be a Slim Shady's toenail.Fucking Emo

  • weak.

  • Trash!!!

  • Eminem is wank, was good. not amazing though just fun, this song was better than Ems still utter shite compared to the uk scene, everyone would eat both of these guys alive. UK goes hard goes original

  • The people who are thinking that this is better than Eminem they're listening only to the beats. This is a diss battle, beats are not that important, you have to listen to the lyrics and understand the meaning, and if you do that you'll see that Em is wayyyy better.... Sorry MGK fans, but we all know how's the Legend !

  • let make 1mil dislike...eminem forever😎😎

  • Legshot is out ya'll

  • eat it stans

  • Yall go listen ti his dids

  • Manbun Got Killed

  • this is new

  • good as a song, but not as a diss

  • 그닥 임펙은 없네요

  • mgk RIP

  • This the 1st song EVER!!!!! I listened to by MGK all because of Em’s diss ..... swear I wasted time out of my life I can’t get back this shit TRASH 🤦‍♂️

  • I always fucked w Mgk 🤷🏽‍♀️ since black flag. This man is a snapper

  • Whats in the bowl?

  • That auto tune made this song suck

  • also, all this bullshit Em saying about how he doesn't want to make you anymore famous...I lived in St. Louis for awhile and I heard about you from everyone there before Wild Boy. You were blowing up in that underground all on your own merit. He is out of touch with reality.

  • u used auto tune now let's talk about me

  • Eminem>mgk

  • All that money cant even afford a protein shake.


  • Weak

  • like for no reason?

  • mgk actually ate all the bowl of eminems after their video taping.

  • Fck video fuck! Vörs, Eminem threw you away wiew #Killshoot baby!

  • Who is this guy

  • suck devil lol

  • Fuck mgk u talking shit about Eminem that been here longer then ur lil white ass

  • Who won? Eminem - Like this comment MGK - Comment something


  • esti praf coae tea futut eminem in cur smr :(

  • I'd never boo you, boo. Still think this is better, killshot had some bars,'s eminem, that is expected. BUT this is catchy af. ;)

  • "the real slimshady cant stand up" boi u getting booed biitch


  • Really cool rap!!!

  • MGK You're about as lyrical and have as much rhythm as iggy azalea. Do everyone a favor and stop "rapping" or kill yourself.

  • I enjoy MGK more than Eminem I don't really care that his diss was worse this sounds way better in my opinion.Probably a lot of Eminem fanboys are not going to agree with me but idgaf