Majestic Prince - 1969 Preakness Stakes (Full Race)

čas přidán 29. 07. 2007
Majestic Prince and Arts and Letters battle it out down the stretch.


  • Arts and Letters terrific jockey Braulio Baeza never gotten over losing this one; as he said "I should’ve won that Preakness. Majestic Prince fouled me twice. It took the stewards a very long time to decide. They never take horses down in the Preakness."

  • No disagreement at all, what I was saying was when he wasn't right he was susceptable. When he was himself(meaning no abcess, no low grade fever,etc.) he was a pure steamroller. We agree on this issue,I promise not to bring up Dr. Fager(just a little joke!).

  • You are correct,they are not excuses. He wasn't unbeatable. But when he was on song (which was most of the time), he was incredible.

  • CONT: In the Woodward, he wasn't origionally going to run. Riva Ridge (his stablemate was) was supposed to run. The track came up wet, Riva didn't handle offgoing at all. So Secretariat stepped in without those "zinger" workouts designed to open his pipes. Thus he wasn't 100% percent. source- Bill Nack, who wrote a book on Secretariat.

  • CONT: He lost the Whitney to Onion,Secretariat had lost training time battling a low grade fever. What you saw was what is called a "short Horse". Meaning short on conditioning,Secretariat thrived on very fast WO's,usually that saps a horse,not him it opened his pipes.

  • CONT: Turcotte was distraught after his 1st workout for the Derby(he still had the abcess),when he worked the 2nd time for the Derby, turcotte was relieved because Secretariat was back to his old self. Right after the 1st WO, the groom told him about the abcess.

  • Secretariat evidently didn't like the letter W. Seriously, he had an abcess in his mouth(causing severe discomfort with rhe bit being in his mouth, it was kept secret from Turcotte) during the Wood Memorial.

  • I really thought he would win the triple crown. I'm lucky I got to meet him.

  • Great video!Thank you for posting cf1970!