Make a Motorised Drift Trike with Basic Tools

čas přidán 2. 04. 2020
Looking for a cool project or something to do in lockdown well this is for you, 140cc of fun and only a handful of tools needed.

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  • This is the perfect starter project but what others would you like me to do.....Also get your colfurze sticker sheets so everything likes like a furze build Hope your all healthy and well

    • can I get a materials list for this please

    • I love it, congratulations bro

    • @colinfurze Please can you build a mobile treadmill for working out while on the move? Mount a treadmill on a 4 wheels and power it up with a Petrol engine , so you can drive around while still working out. When you test it dress up like rocky and do the rocky opening theme.

    • Can you make an electric one with no welder

    • This was awesome I would buy that off you for sure

  • Collin, i have a question. Hopefully you see this. Or maybe someone else can answer. Im doing this build the exact way you have done it. However, i am using 2x2 box section that is 1/4 inch thick. Its all i could find for free lol Anyway, how did you go about mounting the box section to the bike perfectly even? I cut as accurate as i could on both sides with a whole saw, but if your even a few millimeters off, it will throw of the centering completely. I cant seem to get a 100% snug fit the the box section going against the bike. Did you have to finesse it a little? also I highly recommend not using quarter inch thick steel box section for anyone else who's looking to do this lol. too thick

  • Build a green machine trike gas powered. Hydraulic steering. You can buy a kids green machine so you know what you are working working on. You can do it. Yes

  • “I’m a neat person, I like to be neat.” Me looks at the drawers behind him

  • Hallo. Where can I buy parts

  • You look like a younger version of Gordon Ramsay.

  • How much to build me one

  • “Most basic tool kit” pulls out ankle grinder

  • You lucky wotsit, can't do 95% of the stuff you do here in Aus due to the Health and Safety Wombles!.... Mindyou, I don't have the skiĺls to make stuff work properly, so maybe not a too bad a thing!..... 🤣

  • ficou muito foda vo fazer um tambem

  • 8:56 "I'M BATMAN"

  • Build a cyclekart styled like an old Bugatti


  • Colin, I’m a part time wheelchair user. I’d love a front attachment like the firefly to motorise my chair but they are quite expensive. Do you reckon you could build one cheaply with basic tools?

  • bruh he looks like horrid henrys little brother peter

  • Do you think a mountain bike would work just as well???

  • Can you send this to india colin plizz tell me

  • Nobody: Colin's cheek: *confused screaming*

  • How long is the axle

  • Every thing is so neat 😍 I’m dead

  • I wanna make this but also limited place to even use it lol

  • What size are the tires?

  • These need to be sold as kit form

  • Please make mini rat rod using basic tools. 😍

  • Al fin loco me llegó tu vídeo soy súper fan me súper Copán tus vídeos genio total me encantó tu moto voladora y todos todos todos los inventarios lo mejor de lo mejor para vos lastima que no tengas un canal en español saludo enorme desde Argentina San Lorenzo santa fe si vienes al Argentina te invito un súper Archie mega extra plus asado

  • I just googled How to do this thing 😂

  • This guy can think his way through anything!

  • Make electric car ,please

  • This is not good idea because the motor is heating and the result is cooking of egg. He he he

  • imagine having this guy as ur dad

  • Ciao che motore hai utilizzato?

  • thats cool and all but.... did i ask?

  • Where I can buy this ?

  • I am currently in my second semester of welding school. What other skills do I need to be able to do these amazing things? Engineering? (Eeek, math!) Machining? All of the above? My initial goal was doing yard art/ forward to having a 5 year old who loves Iron Man and my 2nd goal is to build Mark 1 for a piece of yard art! I appreciate your skills, enthusiasm and willingness to share your ideas!

  • Just discovered this guy, that craftmanship is insane. Very satisfying

  • You're bonkers! Looks like fun though.

  • Hey Collinfruze please do THUNDERBIRD (1) thanks mate

  • Id run the gyro to throttle and front brake cable go thru the forks no hole drill necessary


  • I need this engine in my Pocket Bike project! Please tell me where you got one! (Going to make a video about it too)

  • I built tons of things like that when I was younger never had a welder but once I got my first welder and learn how to weld life was good and so much easier...

  • God is good amen .

  • This is 4t or 2t

  • I love it, great work

  • Great, but I can’t create it in 17 minutes and 15 seconds 😆 I hope you don’t break your ears (maybe this joke is only understandable by myself) 🤓

  • bet

  • That thing is rad. I built one just like it for offroad

  • CS-tv was created in preparation for you Colin, coz in my mind you own it mate. Incredible enginuity and zaniness. Rock on ;-)

  • What about a treadmill powered vehicle , go kart or whatever 🤔

  • Can i buy it ? 😂

  • I love his accent.

  • I’m so glad I found this channel

  • Throw a hayabusa engine on it and travel through dimensions

  • That "alrighty then mister exhausty piperoony" kills me every time lmao

  • Curious, what did you use to clean up the excess metal on the bike after you cut it down. Not sure what I should be using for that, also don’t want extra sharp bits.

  • i would have put the motor behind the seat and not under. if you not super carefull you burn yourself

  • did anyone get inspired to make one of these after watching this video? i want to make one NOW

  • Can you please make a simple tool no weld mini bike.

  • แง้นๆ

  • British?

  • You use the most basic tools you think Skip to 1.11

  • Omg Nikita mazeSpin’s car

  • Can someone tell me how can i find cheaper motor for it

  • Grazie

  • Very nice 👍

  • Colin is STILL living my best life.

  • 11.3 mill people can take the horrible music on this channel. Im impressed. Everything about this channel is great, but the music (very amateurish and all over awful) I just cant stand. To me, the music makes this unwatchable.

  • Who builds stuff in his garage with a shirt and tie.

  • how much can i buy this for

  • I should subscribe a brain like this 😁

  • Colin create something with a kayak

  • absolutely loved it, I am gonna make one fr myself now

  • I forgot he made this during the pandemic.

  • Truly invigorating

  •  ↩gogogo!

  • How can I buy this from you

  • Can I buy one

  • That is not safe, but it looks fun!

  • That looks fun I want a go

  • Basic my ass

  • Colin's out here living his best life.

  • Imagine he was your dad and for your 16th birthday he gave you this

  • So cool, I've seen several of your projects & gotta say I'm impressed. This one looks like too much fun! Might have to see about this my 10 year old twins would love it. Thanks for the idea, & take it easy.

  • what cc is that engine

  • I have that welder... The orange one... Can you please do a review

  • D2 mojo tires

  • Furz = Fart in german

  • You have mad skillz. Love the channel. This looks like a project for my sons and I.


  • How much for one if you make one for me. BTW I live in norway

  • How much u selling for

  • what kind of engine is it?

  • *Brilliant*

  • Build a quad without a welder

  • Make a speedway bike don’t care if you use basic tools or not it would be pretty hard with basic tools

  • Add Da Vinci Glider wings and EDF jet engines under wings 😋

  • Can u sell me one pls

  • What if kick botowski rides this bike?

  • Sir what is the sized of the wheels and what is the name for it reply as soon as possible sir thankyou and gid blessed

  • No helmet