Hit The Target, Win $300,000

čas přidán 12. 06. 2021
If they miss the shot, the prize goes up by $10,000
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The reason the title says $300,000 instead of $200,000 is because I didn’t want to spoil when the video ended! I didn’t want people to actually know what the last shot was haha


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    • Ok And Your comment is a Lie

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    • @minh khoi nguyen me too lol

    • Hey MrBeat I just wanted to ask your advice about something just happen with me right now. I hope u getting to see this

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  • You can give me the left over

  • 6:55 That neck beard is fierce!!

  • Wait if the basket ball hit the blades would he pay for that basket ball

  • Jesus loves you guys!

  • Best burger in Ms please

  • I installed honey, but you need points to use a coupon. RIP-OFF!!

  • Salute from india 🔥

  • this is osm 😍

  • 2:55 that wasnt a homerun that was out of the park!

  • Sheeeeeeesh

  • Ayyy Mike shake.

  • Ferb i know what we are gonna do today

  • He is the karthik surya in english

  • Icchengaayi pande poliyaa

  • you have a lot of money and coincidentally I need money too

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  • 9:15 - 9:17 mr beast was a simp

  • I want a beast burger in Mary Esther Florida

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  • Mr beast is so good at sports

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  • I love your videos

  • Waaaaaaayyyy to hard

  • Amazing 👍💛

  • Mrbeast is weaker then Noah how didn't Noah hit a home run

  • Pretty much all of them hit the target in the demonstrations LOL😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • 3

  • Imagine if Dude Perfect was here

  • 5:36 how did Chris saw the third?

  • May I ask what music is 6:36?

  • I see no spaghetti

  • My respect to chandler

  • i thought the model was a person

  • but after i realised there was now blood and......ya, things didn't go too well

  • Mr. Beast I bought one of your merch

  • Help people in Africa they need so much more,and u are playing around with money...

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  • So we gonna ignore the no look shot


  • Bismillah , playstation 5

  • I wish you come India🇮🇳

  • 0:54 Jimmy NBA/baseball, Karl Messi/NBA, Chris is hawk eye and Nolan sucks

  • I love you guys man y’all bring tears to me when I see good things happen to people that really don’t have nothing I’m proud of you guy keep doing god work love you guys 💯💯🍾🍾


  • A target is to have that chance

  • Te quiero Mr beast

  • Mr. Beast: There's a Mr. Beast restaurant everywhere across America. Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Mississippi, Maine, New Jersey & South Dakota: *Sad state noises*

  • My second favorite youteber

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  • Sam is the real star of this episode

  • How is Karl just that good at sports, lol

  • That guy this is gonna change my life forever Failed 🤣😫😫🤣

  • Jimmy: I feel bad Also Jimmy: you know what have a car!

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  • I wish you lived in Indiana , I could really use the help ! ❤️ thanks for the content

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  • 7:49

  • Baby Cannon lol

  • Yo I'm a hard working father of three and me and my 2 boys watch your show all the time!!!! Would be awesome to be in one of your videos!!!!

  • Mrbeast 2069: destroying America and giving them a bigger one

  • Hello sir

  • I lost track of all the times I leaned forward in my chair of excitement and all the times I laughed. I love his videos sm omfg

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  • Don't Show your Money, Show your Heart.

  • 200,000 was super easy

  • Mr beast in 2079:last one to get burn gets money 💰🤑

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  • Literally dude perfect and mr beast combined

  • 8:30 why is Karl’s head on fire💀

  • If u think about it he made his money back from this vid

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  • Does anyone know what’s the the name of a “victory” music playing at the end? hope someone knows. hugs 💓

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  • If mr beast got pulled over with brief cases of money in the back the cops would definitely arrest him

  • Just Gift me, A set of gaming computer or maybe a gaming laptop or maaaaybeee money. I'll be happy on that Mrbeast😭

  • I laughed so hard when Chris that I am Elon musk

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