Makers Test 7 DIY Life Hacks

čas přidán 5. 06. 2020
As makers, we come across a lot of DIY life hacks. It’s time to put them to the test! Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. And check out the tools / materials we used below! 👇
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    • Hi Evan and Katelyn, how do you get a back-pack on your website???

    • Hello from Belgium. I have a suggestion for you, you should try To make a big progect with long fake nails

    • Hi Evan and Kaylyn it's Mme poppy and yes I did sponswer your charite xxxx poppy

    • Evan and Katelyn! you should make Minecraft dungeons weapon from RESIN. Like if you agree!

    • Katelyn, you are my twinsy lol. You are just as clumsy as me! I cut my finger while cutting a watermelon and 2 weeks ago I cut one of my other fingers on the knuckle and that one was pretty deep. I would have a whole passage if I told everything I have done

  • they already make magnetic screw drivers ...

  • Trying to purposely strip a screw. Evan: "I can't do it, I'm too good." Katelyn: Evil grin for the inevitability. "Here I can do it." Me: EVERY TIME I am dealing with SCREWS.

  • “Maybe I stripped too good.” New career path anyone?👀

  • The stream removing dents trick works better on hardwood and only if its a dent and hasn't broken the wood fibres. You can put a damp towel on the dented wood and then use a steam iron and after a few applications it brings the dent right out. Great for repairing dented walnut gun stocks.

  • too much salt....

  • "is it a... personal massager?!?!?" AHAHAHAH

  • F

  • Aka What would work for wood work

  • Screwdriver already was magnetic, meeeeh

  • I did some decking professionally, and the self driving screws come with lubricant on them, and if you try to take one out and use it again, without the lubricant it doesn't work at all. I found the metal to be soft and bend easily without the lubricant, even though I was using a soft wood, redwood.

  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even Troom Troom: The Salty Glue: Err meee gad >:(

  • Please do not get political

  • Evan: "The secret to stripping, my friends" Katelyn: 1:31

  • Instead of buying those earphones, why don’t you just buy an AirPod???

  • Oh when he said "this whole life hack thing has got me feeling really salty" on the salt hack that didn't work was hilarious.

  • A "personal massager" Why?

  • Salt absorbs moisture... Dry glue

  • All you have to do is rubb the magnet o the tip of your screwdriver and it becomes magnetic.

  • the rubber band one is more geared towards screws you have partially stripped and are afraid of stripping further. Also the screws on wood is not a great test. Screws dont come out of wood as easy as they do household electronics, which is also what the rubber band trick is geared towards

  • The one with the rubber band and stripped screw did actually work for me like once. I did end up with a rubber band with various holes in it tho😂😂

  • Ffffffffffff poor woooodddd ffffffffffffffffffff rip

  • Really surprised you did not have good results with the screw and rubber band, I have used it myself and it worked. Was taught it by my grandfather who was a carpenter (it's a pretty old hack)

  • the salt trick with wood WORKS! its actually amazing. you used way too much. its a bout a 2-3 pinches per square foot.

  • I've never been able to get the rubber band trick to work but my husband can!

  • The rubber band hack actually does work. Not sure why you guys had such a hard time doing it.

  • "Packet-box" just doesn't have the same trashy ring as "packet drawer". Reminds me, I really need to clean out my packet drawer.

  • They are the same person but one is tiny and the other is a giant

  • I use rubber bands for stripped screws at work all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️


  • 13:46 hehe


  • yo, you got a relationship podcast? yall are so cute and you seem to work so well together, i'd love to hear what you guys ask each other and what barriers you've had to break down together to be so successful!

  • Socks with sandals

  • the salt probably dehydrates the glue too much

  • I use salt to remove craft glue from my hands, it's easier than washing hands only, so was thinking what you were trying there as from experience it's prevents a bond from being formed.

  • Ummmmm I don’t think they know that their screwdriver is already magnetic

  • The Salt is to suppose to clean the glue up easier 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • I Evan and Katelyn you can also use same Prestik with the screw instead of using a magnet it just works

  • Needs superfine salt!

  • Yeah, don't put the magnet on the electric high-speed screwdriver, that's how you go to the hospital with metal shard in the eyes

  • It drys glue

  • I love you two. I wish you were my family, you are so nice and creative beautiful people :) I love to watch your videos

  • I gave it a like just because of Evan's great puns

  • With the hacks Evan picked but didn't work, he's not mad, he's just disappointed. XD

  • Actually...ironing wood with a wet cloth over it is something you learn in carpentry school...well at least in Germany. They have like 3 to 5 irons in every workroom at my school. It can't help with big dents, but it's very useful when you just knocked to pieces together to hard or something.

  • The magnetic screwdriver hack I’ve been using for years

  • Every house has a packet droor (of shame...)

  • Evan definitely overdid it

  • My grandpa who was in the air force and fixed airplanes during wars and he always does the money thing where you rub the magnet until the magnetic dust sticks to the screwdriver

  • Nope

  • The secret to using salt in your glue up is a FEW GRAINS of salt spread sparingly on your piece. Evan you used about 10 times more salt than needed. I’d like to see you try that hack again but correctly. It’s a great hack that has saved me a lot of grief

  • F for the piece of wood FFFFFFF

  • Wow, who woulda guessed that magnets magnetize things?

  • 18:20. How the hell did she get her hair to stay there...........

  • (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ f un the chat

  • More attempts with a steamer will work wonders even wetting the dents and let it soak into the wood and iron it can help to.....drilling life hack clap down two bits of wood for a better guide by cornering the bit?

  • ‘The secret to stripping my friends.’ My roommate walks in...

  • The salt thing annoyed me. I use salt in my shop all the time. They used WAYYY too much salt and way to course salt. I just buy 1 good bottle of name brand "fine" salt. it's ground real fine and lasts you ages. You just need the slightest dusting to work. sorta like if you salt bae it.

  • They make them look to good don't fall for it

  • I say ur next project is a moveable stool with storage for Katelyn

  • I’m so happy for you guys you raised one million dollars 💵!♥️

  • This was made on my birthday 😊

  • I mean, why wouldn't the magnetic screwdiver work? It's metal. If a magnet can stick, the whole thing becomes a magnet. That's just how magnetism... works?

  • Katelyn: yeah but whose got like four by four thick wallnut Me: ME! MY WALLLS!

  • EvanAndKatelyn the top of your hammer is for your nail to rest on (it’s a magnet) try it! It’s should work no pliers or fingers in the way

  • When I was younger my grandfather told me about magnetizing a screwdriver. 🙂

  • *When the stripping is too good*

  • A lot of this was you guys getting jump-scared by the random successes/failures lmao

  • I didn’t know that everyone did the steam hack. My class did that in year 7 when we were making boxes in Woodwork, except with an iron, an ancient, not really working iron

  • Hehe, would work..

  • Wait, why do you need to hear up a personal massager?

  • But... logically even before seeing you guys use the glue and salt, common sense knows that salt won't just dissolve in glue and takes up space, so there would be a gap.

  • Without being an old man with a crush, Evan, you lucky guy, you are punching and punching well. Katelyn is not only gorgeous, but also incredibly bubbly and full of life. Oh to be about 30 years younger ......... oh and not live 1000s of miles away in France! Lol. Love your stuff guys, keep it going.

  • I've been wondering if a lot of these actually work! Questions answered 😂 editing top notch as usual!

  • rubberband and strpped screw works for me tho!

  • That soapy screw went in cleanly. LOL. That magnet trick is cool.

  • Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Okay. Wait. Did you just wrap your hair around and not secure it and it just. Did it just stay????

  • Lol 1:29

  • You guys should react to 5 minute crafts 😂😂