Making food that lasts forever

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Over the last several years, I have experienced many traumatic events. However, with the power of science, I hope to never have to experience this ever again.
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  • This man has pretty much every type of equipment he needs for chemistry but has to cut pizza with a spoon.

  • NileRed: Takes all precautions to make sure there are no accidents

  • Nigel and his cameraman's interactions are my favorite part, they have such good chemistry

  • I feel like when Nigel walks into the office with a plate of food for you to test without any context, you have reason to be concerned

  • NileBlue in the future: "I don't want to lose anymore of my friends, so I found a way to preserve them."

  • I feel like I'm gonna need to talk to my therapist about how uncomfortable the words 'the chicken looks a bit glassy' make me feel

  • Because of how Nile reacts to horrible smells, I don't trust him at all when he says, "It actually tastes fine".

  • "Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them."

  • Nileblue: food gets disgustingly freezer burnt

  • NileBlue leaving food reviews like "This is 100% edible"


  • This reminds me of when I got braces and I couldn't chew solid food, so my brother put pizza into a mixer. It was way too dry, so he poured in some water. By then it was cold, so he microwaved it.

  • NileRed is calm and collected, NileBlue is flash freezing a hole in your floor.

  • I always wondered how freeze drying worked but never thought to read up on it for some reason. After this, I looked it up and found that there's a heavy amount of work done on "pretreating" food that is meant to be freeze-dried (such as for MRE's and meals for space travel). A lot of the time, it requires reformulation of the food to prevent alteration or degradation of the texture/flavor.

  • There are some really good editing moments here, props to the editor(s).

  • I think ideally you'd want to measure how much moisture is extracted from each meal, and use that to guide how much to add back in.

  • This is great, I've always wanted to try it. You can buy food sold as ex government bunker freeze dried food - rated for 20 years - it's also stored in an oxygen free container. They have anything from pound cake to avocados and pork chops. They have instructions on how to rehydrate also. Should definitely check it out

  • Nigel is the only kind of guy i have ever seen laughing upon a pizza slice floating on liquid nitrogen

  • Nigel: Disappears to build his fancy new lab.

  • Freeze dried fruit or ice cream is awesome, i love it. Feels like your biting into a block of chalk at first, but it just melts in your mouth. I imagine all these different things probably acted kind of the same way.