Making Hamburger Sized Skittles

čas přidán 19. 09. 2019
In today's video we're taking the recipe shared by the channel Bon Appétit to make your own homemade skittles, and supersizing it! How will it taste?
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  • Me: * Eats raw shell of giant skittle * Also me: ITS ONLY CORN STARCH!!!!!!!!

  • You know the inside of skittles are white right?

  • Everyone loves Claire!

  • So, can this work with M&Ms?

  • lol, how many o ring lights do you need?

  • Make a pool full of oobleck

  • You need to make a queen of random shirt

  • Plz freeze dry theme

  • 10:01 hahaha some of it fell

  • There is another youtuber that made a giant skittles with his brother and their names are collins key and devan key and the youtube channels name is collins key.

  • But inside of skittles are white.......

  • Man simple melt some original skittles and then make a mould of large skittles

  • Lilly Singh wants to know your location

  • Wait the inside is white lol.


  • Can you try making giant nerds next

  • Some uhh edible shine

  • My teeth and myself wont survive if I actually ate one of those


  • K but why?

  • Freeze dry a giant Skittle

  • Check out Collins Key they also made huge skittles! 🍬

  • Omg I love Claire :(

  • Tasty: *Ok*

  • And the magical Diabetes shows up

  • Now that's an idea

  • 11.56 it is 1257

  • You should put a giant skittles in the dry freezer 😄

  • i got so confused when you said grape because i’m british so i’m used to blackcurrant skittles for the purple

  • 4:43 Dude you know kids watch this Right Srsly tho alot of kids watch this And i mean ALOT

  • Can you try to make candies they no longer make. Like sour Altoids or creme savers.

  • It looks more like a giant M&M

  • I can eat a lime

  • You should freeze dry a giant skittle and see if you get the same reaction as the regular ones.

  • Are you gone eat all that?

  • Make a giant twizler

  • What about a canoe made of chocolate

  • Freeze dry them!

  • Isn’t the middle of a skittle white?

  • 9:20 who walked passed?

  • Get two put them between you fingers and crush them

  • Now freeze dry your 1.5 lbs skittle !!

  • Thanks, now I want skittles😐🔫💯

  • Hi wish u could do give always with those 😭

  • Make a skittle sized hamburger 😂🍔!

  • *Now freeze dry it*


  • Who else is looking for Clares comment?

  • Can you guys make a giant starburst or giant cotton candy/candy floss

  • Take the hamburger sized skittle and freeze dry it

  • Because why not.

  • Try this one , my mom seems to think that vinegar solves alot of problems around the house. Maybe try out some experiments like a simulation of an upset stomach or a cleaner.

  • OMG I LOVE CLAIRE 🤣 I LOVE THOSE EPISODES! I think my fav was the pocky one.

  • Can you do a skittle the size of a birthday cake?

  • The green ones are green apple, not lime 😐

  • O O ll . ll ll ll ll ll

  • The inside of a real skittles are white so the inside being purple is not a big deal

  • If I was there, eitherthe purple or the red one would be gone. Or the green Or maybe just all of them

  • 7:00 "Let's talk about that".. What YT universe colliding sorcery is this??

  • That the frack is with the hillbilly music? xD