Our House Got a Big Makeover!!

čas přidán 3. 12. 2022
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Komentáře: 2 400

  • Honestly, CS-tv is not dead. I think that people much rather watch wholesome, everyday life, feel good videos like these rather than make up and beauty. Also, the right kinda people still have the attention span to actually enjoy a video that is longer than 10 seconds

    • Totally agree

    • CS-tv isn't gonna die for a long time. Tik tok will die first.

    • I agree. I love 30-45 min videos of wholesome content like this

    • @@casey9658 lol, that's funny. Facebook will die before tiktok.

    • They think it’s dead because of how many comment filters they have on

  • I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, watching Shane regain his confidence and happiness back is the greatest thing I’ve watched this year! So proud of you guys!! Happy holidays to your family and the animals🤍🎄✨

    • I agree with you 100%. I love seeing him so happy.

    • Yesssssss, he is given me Life

    • Yessss, seriously same. It makes my heart happy seeing Shane wanting to go out and about, be on camera and just cheerful!! Knowing what he went through he came out on top at the end and that's all that matters🙏🏼🥰

    • Same. I’ve been watching his old videos from like 2017-2019 because I miss that fun, feel-good era

  • Shane makes me so emotional his personal growth since moving to colorado truly shows. I just adore him and he deserves the world

  • Shane genuinely has never looked better, something about his happiness and personality in the recent videos really makes him genuinely glow. Luv it

  • Shane’s mom must be protected at all costs. She is the cutest.

  • It’s been so hard to fully get into the Christmas spirit this year, but Vlogmas is definitely changing that. I’m living for Shane’s energy ❤

  • Shane needs to buy a whole wardrobe in that emerald green color, it looks amazing on him.

    • I totally came to the comments to say this very thing. Green is so his color!!!

    • We love the green Shane!

    • It’s so nice with his eye color

  • Ryland and Shane’s Vlogmas is what I look forward to. Shane’s energy and how excited he gets makes my day. Can’t wait for you both to be parents like this ❤

  • Shane being excited about new clothes.... I'm in awe. Love how far you've come, dear. Keep shining!

  • Awweee Shane running to Ryland in his puffer jacket too is sooo adorable.Shane loving himself & his body🥲🫶💐

  • It's funny that normally I have literally zero Christmas spirit in me but the excitement of you guys is so addictive. Literally had to build my Christmas tree while singing all Christmas songs and stuff. 🎄❤️ Thank you for being you!

  • Shane looks so nice in green. May he keep up this momentum of gaining confidence and allowing his closet colorways to grow!

  • Shane you should do an advent calendar for Ryland (like a DIY), that way you can give him 1 gift a day and don't have to worry with the excitement to give him early Christmas presents 😂 And the best ones you save for last 😙 Love you guys ❣️❣️❣️

    • Such a good idea!!❤

    • That`s such a good Idea!!! Selfmade Advent Calender for Vlogmas 2023 pleaase

  • This is the happiest I have seen Shane in years and I am living for it!

  • Shane was extra adorable this vlog! I think the holidays really cheer him up! Love you too Ryland but seeing Shane so happy is nice.

  • Ryland’s Vlogmas not only saving the World, but also saving CS-tv! Highly enjoyable feel good episode guys, I’m now officially in the Spirit! 🌲 Needed it as well, so Thank You! ⛄️

  • After a crappy day, I love to just chill on the couch and watch Ryland and Shane videos. Seeing them happy and smiling always puts a smile on my face. Love you guys ❤

  • As a 37 year old mom I love watching Ryan and Shane. I can relate and can not wait for them to be dads!

    • Omg same! I’m 37 and have loved them since the beginning! Can’t wait to see them be dads!

    • Ryland

    • Shane shouldn’t have a child let alone be left alone in the same room with one

  • Shane looks so good in his new coat. I wish I had someone with his sparkle in my life. Ryland, you do such a great job decorating the house with the lights. Great attention to detail and you can tell you put a lot of time and effort into making it look nice and uniform.

  • Ryland, I am loving the weekly holiday vlogs! 💗 They are putting me in the holiday spirit and Shane and your relationship is incredible. I love how your family has grown and now you are parents to so many incredible fur babies and have plans to become parents to a precious baby as well. You both have so much love to give and happiness to share. Thank you for making our weeks even brighter when you post a new vlog. Thank you for being you and sharing a bit of your life with all of us. 💞 And I relate to Shane so much because gift giving is my love language as well.

  • honestly life has been so weird the past three years for me, i've been through hell and back and coming back to watch shane and ryland like i did back in the day is exactly what i need to cheer me up and put me in a good mood. i'll never get tired of watching these two ❤

  • To see Shane go from being not happy to come out in ryland vlogs a few years ago to this happy new bubbly person makes my heart melt! I’m so happy for Shane to become his best self and be care free! You do you boo ❤ we are all here for it ❤

  • I feel like Shane and Ryland need their own CS-tv channel. I just love watching them. They are so cute, entertaining and just funny. They compliment each other so well! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I live for Shane & Ryland's surprises and pure joy for each other 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Shane channeling his inner model self is everything always,we love that model energy ❤️

  • I loved all the bickering between Shane and Ryland in this video 🤣😂 Shane was such a Xmas Diva wanting the spot light the whole time 🤣😂 loved it! And Shane’s reaction to Ryland’s Christmas lights decor was so cute & wholesome 🥹🫶🏼

  • I can’t explain how thankful I am that you’re doing vlogmas. I miss when EVERYONE did vlogmas, even if it was sporadic. This makes me feel like it’s Christmas, idk how else to explain it ❤ thank you I literally LOVE

  • I absolutely love and adore Shane’s mom! She reminds me of my mom with the red hair and personality ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hey Ryland, Colorado native here. Have you heard of st nicks in englewood? You guys HAVE to check that place out. It’s a giant Christmas store with a ginormous section of Christmas villages!!!! Millions of ornaments, lights, decorations, trees, and everything Christmas. Please go and vlog there!!!

  • Shane’s love language has definitely got to be gift giving and Rylands is acts of service?! You both mesh so well. ❤

  • Shane running and screaming when he heard the crunching popcorn was so relatable 😂

    • Especially the playful "I am going to murder you" bit when he covered his mouth and shoved him away 🤣😂

    • Misophonia squaaaad 🤙🏻

    • @@jankajonova6583 I dislike white noise also. Like fans drive me up a wall or any sort of unnecessary repetitive noise in an otherwise quiet room that isn't music. I'm genuinely calm, cool, and collected person otherwise. People smacking their gum/food and chewing with their mouth open just no,.for so many reasons.

    • @@HouseMDaddict ahh that must be just awful :( try the Loop earplugs (or other brand), they've helped me a ton!

    • Yes! My husband has misophonia. I know what triggers him usually and will avoid eating specific things around him, popcorn is definitely one of his triggers lol.

  • Oh I am so happy to see Shane's mom. I have always wondered about her and haven't seen her in a video in so long. Such a sweet lady. ❤

  • PRAISE THE MIGHTY ALGORITHM!!! Used to watch you guys, this was so cute and wholesome. So glad I clicked on this.

  • I seriously love you guys! I always get a little emotional when I see how excited Shane gets about everything. You guys are really helping with my depression and I am going to start decorating my house today! ❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄⛄️⛄️☃️☃️

  • How cute and Adorable , teo so lucky have each other and how making so festive and jolly together super jelly!! Watching you two will be my jolly time for the season 😜😍😎👏👏👏

  • Matching Jackets!! So cute! And you both look so good in them ❤ I think the Penguin is jiggeling because he`s freezing...you know, "just chilling" as in being cold. 😅

  • This is the CS-tv I signed up for! Thank you all for bringing back some peaceful and fun entertainment! Thank you ryland and Shane Claus for bringing the Christmas spirit to us all!

  • The lights are everythingg I can't believe you set them all up, i could just chill outside looking at them all day

  • I wish Shane posted more however I do love seeing you two building your life together. Rylands vlogs always make me smile, you two are just adorable and it's beautiful to see such a natural human bond between two. Merry Christmas all 🎁

  • Your videos (and Shanes) bring me SO much comfort for some reason. Happy holidays to you lovelies

  • I’m LOVING Shane’s positivity!! Ryland this Vlog made me so happy!! You two look so endearing and happy and positive. It just made me smile the whole vlog through! Thanks for sharing!

  • This put me in the holiday spirit, and I thank you for that, Ryland. I lost my Mom and it’s hard. You’re helping people! Thank you! ☃️❄️🎄

  • Shane adding “we have to play in the snow” in the list of things to do for vlogmas just makes me heart happy :’)))

  • its the final week for me in college and watching Ryland and Shane is literally my happiest time of day it relives all my stress. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas but watching you guys be so happy makes me so happy I wish I can part of it :,)

  • Shane’s mom Teresa with the alpacas 🦙 is so funny… I want more alpacas 🦙- I want a video of their personalities and them talking

  • Shane’s body positive makes me so happy and proud of him ❤️

  • Ryland genuinely makes great vlogs…him and shane just have a glow about them and seem so happy! I love seeing them elevate! Shane seems so much more comfortable being himself..and honestly he deserves it 💗💗💗 Thank you Shane for many years of laughter and Ryland for being such a strong willed person and that alone is inspiring 💗💗💗 I love rylands vlogmas 💗 I love seeing them just being their true selves that’s what we love 💗💗💗 Thank y’all for always putting a smile on my face at my lowest through out the years. 💗

  • christmas village in Cherry creek! Going to the Denver zoo for lights and a trip to winter park, dillon, or aspen for tubing and fun mountain activities.

  • Since Shane is so horrible about waiting till the day of Christmas and gets excited with early gift giving, y’all should just do 25 days of gifts, one gift a day to each other leading up to Christmas ❤

  • Rylan, the house is coming out so beautiful I love all the Christmas decorations. My favorite is probably the village. You and Shane are a great couple for each other. You can see the love that you have for each other.

  • Shane should make Ryland an advent calendar next year for vlogmas !

  • 💚🎄❤️🎄💚🎄❤️🎄💚🎄❤️ The Christmas Vlogs with Ryland 🧑‍🎄 & 🧑‍🎄 Shane are one of my all time favorites on YT & something I so look forward to watching before or after a busy day at work (especially during during sick season!) Can't wait for you guys to have a baby to add ithe mixture & magic✨️of it all!🦌

  • I’m in nursing school. It’s finals week and so I’m stressed. These videos make me so happy and relieve my stress. I don’t know what I would do without Ryland and Shane. Love you guys! ❤️ I also love seeing Shane so bright and happy about Christmas 🎄 It’s contagious! 🥰

  • There’s literally nothing else on the internet this wholesome! Shane and ryland bring me so much joy. I ❤ them.

  • CS-tv is not dead. We just want realness ! Love you both living yours and making magic everyday just by living in your truths and sharing the life you build together, the life you get up out of bed for. Your fans want to see you just live your lives and making memories ! Just love checking in with family , seeing how yall are doing. And these videos are like us just staying at our families house for the weekend catching up. Love it. Love yous ! Happy holidays lovesss

  • I was so excited for this vlog. I was exhausted yesterday. I snuck it in before I opened for work. Made me smile! Happy vlogmas!

  • You two make every part of Christmas fun, with the joy you find in everything. Thanks for sharing you joy with us!🥰🥰🥰

  • The wholesome, everyday content is what I’m here for. It makes us feel normal again. I am so happy for your lives and where you’re at. So genuine and sweet. Love you both.

  • “just chilling” He’s shivering cos it chilly/cold ❄️☃️❄️☃️❄️

  • Shane is always wanting to spoil Ryland and it’s the cutest! I love his big heart! These cute vlogs make my entire day and always make me smile! I wish I could watch you all everyday!

    • Thanks for the comment ❤️Congratulations you have just been selected among my lucky winners message me on telegram to claim your prize🥇🛍️🎀

  • Your outdoor decorations look great.

  • I love how much Shane loves to give Xmas gifts it’s so cute and he always puts so much thought time and love into them to the point where he can’t hardly wait for Xmas day to give them to people 😍

  • Have had such a rough day and still depressed af but this made me laugh and smile for the first time today. Love you both!

    • Thanks for the comment ❤️Congratulations you have just been selected among my lucky winners message me on telegram to claim your prize🥇🛍️🎀

  • I am in love with Shane's positive attitude this season/year. Whatever he is doing, I can't wait for him to do it again. Lmao

  • I love your decorations. I wish I could still decorate like I used to but with 3 year old twins only the top 2/3rds of my tree still has decoration, lol.

  • We're saving our sanity with Ryland's vlogmas🎄🎵

  • gorgeous lights outside! I love the trees

  • I love that Shane brings his inner child energy to rylands vlogs. He is definitely doing a lot better these last years then he ever has before. Ryland's attitude is absolutely my favorite thing about his vlogs, these two always make me smile.

    • Thanks for the comment ❤️Congratulations you have just been selected among my lucky winners message me on telegram to claim your prize🎖️🛍️

  • Wow! Amazing job on the decorations Ryland! Shane I love your green outfit!

  • I am living for these vlogs! I can always count on Shane and Ryland to take my mind off the real work and just enjoy a good video! So good to see them BOTH so excited and happy.

  • Love you both so much!! Thought I was the only one who started Christmas decorating early. Shane is my spirit animal

  • Honestly love their vlogs makes me feel so happy. With all the chaos in the world I can relax watching their videos 🥺 also Shane screaming when Ryland ate the popcorn had me rolling 😂

  • This just makes me so happy! Christmas is the best but I have not been motivated much for decorating this year. Watching you guys just gave me the boost I needed! Thanks 🎄 🤶 🎅

  • I like how ryland, Morgan and Shane are true to themselves . Enjoying their life and share it on CS-tv. they kept it originals while others are focusing towards tiktok because it is in-trend right now. but these guys they still kept it og and upload their contents on YT. and their contents are very comforting and chill. Like you can tell that they are happier and better without following current trends etc. They be livin in countrysides and ppl that they hangs out with are families members which are soo genuine.

  • I look forward to Ryland's vlogmas every year. Watching you both enjoying life and celebrating each other is so amazing.

  • Please never stop making videos! I love this whole family and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!

  • I am absolutely loving Vlogmas!! You guys match each other's energy and are literally the cutest couple. It's so nice seeing Shane truly be able to be himself with Ryland and heal his inner child. You guys are making this holiday season even more special by sharing your guys' love and Christmas cheer. Thank You! :)

  • I love Shane's Christmas spirit and how excited he gets. He's like a big kid. And it was good to see Shane's mom!!!! 😊🥰 Love your vlogs Ryland! Having a difficult time rn and watching your vlogs put a smile on my face. Love y'all!

  • I love seeing Shane thriving and actually enjoying life and well Ryland is a great comoliement to him

  • I lOVE Shane’s green polo outfits ughhh😍💚

  • Shane’s love language is definitely gift giving he seems so happy giving Ryland his gifts 🥹❤️

  • Rylands vlogmas is by far my favorite of all other CS-tvrs, there’s something so real and relatable about their Christmas vlogs lol even despite them buying Prada 😊

  • I love Ryland and Shane so much! They brighten my day so much!

  • Can’t wait for the Twinkie candy cane update! Shane’s twerking when he’s excited is everything! Ryland’s evil smile when he ate another piece of popcorn😂

  • I love you guys so much you have such an amazing dynamic in your relationship and seeing you 2 together always brings me such joy ❤

  • I love shanes spirit. And all the gifts. So boujiee 🤍

  • Ok watching all the vlogmas episodes over again just cant get enough of how happy y'all are..Remember to take that much needed self time so you dont get burned out again love y'all so much these videos are EVERYTHING!

  • I am living for Shane’s Christmas Spirit after the year I’ve been through, he gave me faithful to have Christmas Spirit. I am on the same level of Shane and from now on my family and I will be doing the same Christmas tradition to do Christmas shopping on Halloween🥰It’s the cutest thing in the world that Shane’s goal is to spoil Ryland and how much excitement he has doing it. Ryland and Shane are the definition goals, they go through there fair share of ups and downs but at the end of the day they truly love each other. They lift each other up instead of bringing each other down! I love y’all so much and want to thank y’all for continuing CS-tv because without y’all’s Vlogs/videos I would be nothing without them. They bring me so much joy almost like I am apart of yalls family, please don’t stop❤️🎄🎅🏻🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙🦙🐕🐕🐕🐈🐈🦕

  • Living vicariously through these videos as I quarantine in my bedroom with Covid. I had such grand plans too. Thank you sharing the fun!

  • I just absolutely adore your style and how you decorate. I genuinely think of you every time I go to “upgrade” any of our rooms in our 1926 farmhouse. You should seriously consider being an interior decorator!!

    • ❤❤❤

    • Agreed! It's always the perfect mix of modern, country, chic, with a dash of glam. Perfection 😃

  • It's official. the season has begun once Shane and Ryland have posted their annual decorating vlog. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Happy holidays and keep on smiling 🤗

  • 🎄❄🎅😍 Ryland those decorations are gorgeous woww 🥰🤗💕 , love seeing Shanes excitement & happiness during the holiday season 😌🎄💕

  • Shane you look so happy ! Genuinely happy 🎄🎅🏻 I love you guys , merry Christmas 🎁


  • i wait for all the new videos from both of you. im only 21 and ive been watching both of you for years, shane just a couple years longer. i always and forever want to see this content. i want to be 50 on youtube one day still watching new videos from you guys just to update on your lives. love you both.

  • Vlogmas with Ryland is my favorite time of year❤

  • Shane and Ryland, I love y'all!! Thank you for making wholesome content. And Shane, your mom is so cute!!

  • Shane's love language is definitely gift giving and thats 100% me!

  • Ahhhh!!! I feel so spoiled!!!! Yay another video !!!! Thank you guys for feeling super in the spirit of this holiday! I love watching your personalities on these more personal everyday adventures!!!!!!❤

  • I love that scarf way better than the other scarf!!! Shane and Ryland thank you for bringing me the festive spirit!!