Making Slime in a BLENDER

čas přidán 19. 09. 2018
Karina and Ronald make slime in a blender. They use mystery wheel to pick slime ingredients and then dump them into a blender to mix. Who has better luck with the good slime ingredients and can the blender make perfect slime?!? Let's see who did a better job!
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  • #theuglyslime isthewinner

  • I am a fan my name is Hailey glaze sis vs bro 😊

  • I think Karina wins because her slime was more stretchy and even though her slime was not as pritty it was a little.

  • # Karina

  • RONELD you're slime not that bad

  • Theuglyslimethewinner

  • I think Ronald won

  • 1 like = 1 prayer that Karina gets her slime back

  • I like karina silme😍😍😍

  • #RonaldsShaveyCreamySlime🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • I want to be just like you guys

  • #uglyslimewins

  • #sisvsbro w8ll win cause I dont know who to vote😎😂😂No is gonna like I know😢#goldandwhite

  • Karina is theeeeeee winweeeer

  • i like Karina's slime its loke like gold

  • i think it is going to be yellow for Karina and white for Ronald

  • #TheUglySlimeIsTheWinner!!! I love you guys your the best!!!!

  • ;):);):):);):);):);):);)::);):);):);):);):

  • I think Karina is going to turn out green and ronalds is going to be baby blue

  • all slime look good

  • karinas will be galaxy and ronalds will be fluffy pink slime

  • Karina's slime looks like swamp water 0_o

  • 2:46 clap

  • Karina is the winner

  • Karinas slime is golden

  • #TheuglyslimeistheWinner.

  • #theuglyslimeisthewinner

  • roland sorry but you a jerk so keirna wins go kierina

  • #TheUglySlimeIsTheWinner

  • #TheUglySlimeIsTheWinner


  • I love your slime so much Ronald and l hate Your sister slime

  • karina won

  • Karina wonnn

  • I love you so much Ronald I want to kiss your lips Ronald I love you so much because your so funny And I hate your sister

  • Ya there is a difference purple is darker than I pink pink is light

  • #saveyourinternet

  • Purple and yellow eguels DISASTERS

  • Now I know how to make gold with glue.. but I like Ronald’s better #beautiful slime

  • Brown and light purple

  • I guess that using a blender is good...

  • I love Karina's shirt #theuglyslimeisthewinner

  • Karina who is the winner

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  • The ugliest slime won

  • Ronlod if you get Geen and red you will brown Becuer yellow yellow and purple makes green Karina scary enough is gold color is yellow

  • #theuglyslime

  • #ronaldsshavingcreamyslime

  • I like both😀😉

  • Hi