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Manning Leads 21 Point Comeback in 4 Minutes

čas přidán 6. 08. 2018
In 2003 Peyton Manning lead the Indianapolis Colts into Raymond James stadium for a showdown with the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Gruden lead Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With just over 3 minutes left the Colts found themselves down by 21 points. That's when The Sheriff took over.
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  • Which crazy ending should we do next?

  • Seeing Ronde Barber again makes me miss these days

  • Did they have "reviewing the play" in 2003?

  • leaping lmao that was bullshit it was clearly not intentional

  • The Colts were a superb team with Manning and Dungy. Peyton, Brett Favre, and I'll even say Tom Brady, even though I don't care for him, are the recent QB's that sick out when I think about someone just getting out there and throwing throwing throwing. Peyton was great with the Broncos. I think his teams respected him and trusted his decisions making them better as a whole. He was either going to get out there and score quickly or the ball was going back to the other team just as fast.

  • Should have went for 2 when they scored at 35-27

  • n............f..................who?

  • and this is when I realized the NFL was fixed in my teenage years... kicker clearly wanted to miss the first attempt and then was gonna miss the second attempt after the crazy penalty and it got tipped to straighten out n go thru, kicker wasn't even happy because he prolly had to answer to someone outside the stadium

  • John Grudens face for the whole video OoO

  • I take that back, I think the leaping call on the field goal attempt was even worse. TB got cheated. I remember this game now because I remember that call. I'm a Colts fan but TB got ripped off on that one.

  • Great acting job by the TB punter. What a terrible call.

  • I hope the colts fans that left early didnt turn the radio on on the way home haha

  • The day of my 11th birthday haha

  • This game will be forever burned into my mind as the day the Bucs defensive dominance died. I was watching with my friend who was a huge Colts fan and always gave me shit for being a Bucs fan. I finally was able to trash talk the entire game until he dropped to his knees in front of the TV and prayed for a Colts comeback. They were down by 28 with about 8 minutes left in the game, and then they got on a roll. My defending Super Bowl champs, with the number 1 defense in the league, collapsed and gave Dungy a very happy birthday present.

  • This is a very good comeback with a wart on it.

  • With all the shitty rule changes stuff like this will be more and more rare SMH.

  • This video has been in my "Recommended" section for a while and I've always passed it up. I'm glad I finally watched it

  • Was the Leaping call horrid? Yes. Should it have got to that point? No.

  • As good of a comeback as that was, that's a cheap win with that leaping call. Weak sauce! Bucs got fuc'd!

  • Dungee must’ve dropped a fat stack on paying off those refs

  • I miss the voice of John Madden on MNF

  • Robbery

  • Gramaticas attempt at the end of regulation 61 yards if it was against the Giants he would’ve made it. SMH. lost on a 60 and 63 yarder last 2 years.

  • How are you gonna tell me this was an epic comeback in 4 minutes when the video is like 30 minutes wtf 😂

  • the bucs bucked but the refs screwed them in the end

  • God I miss Madden calling games.

  • NFL is counterfeit. All fake. Watch the coverages. Watch the tackling. Quit drinking the Kool-aid. It's all a script.

  • Imagine going home thinking your team won, and realizing they lost the next day 🤣

  • 4 minutes? Football minutes must be the same as anime minutes then.

  • Super bowl LI

  • 1 am wtf?

  • Man, that last call was complete bs.....


  • Gruden didn't know what the Hell was going on.

  • Payton, sure a little. But all those calls. Jeeze

  • @12:53 John Madden says, "It's now, the Bronco offense against the Colt's defense." The players weren't the only ones tired. lol

  • Had this game been played with the extra point back far Mike would have missed them.. he was always good for that

  • and they say these games are not fixed LEAPING wtf he didn't touch anyone

  • literally won based on a bad call

  • WTF was that leaping call? Even IF he made contact with someone, there is no offense near him. He would have contacted his own teammate with his knee, which is not against the rules.

    • +zoned247 It's not about contact and landing on someone, it's about using a person's back to launch. FFS.

    • +Tim Ramich I agree and you are right, but the refs can (and do) call it, if they still think positive contact with a team-mate occurred during a kick attempt. Sadly, depending on the officials, it doesn't matter where the ball is when contact happened

    • +zoned247 They're simply not allowed to launch off of people, even their team mates. If they are coming down then the ball is already past and doesn't affect the play one bit. Landing on people if you jump off of the ground does not fall under leaping. It was a wrong call, even per the rules.

    • Actually, it's a stupid rule, but it does exist. When leaping to try and deflect a kick, a player cannot land on, or positively contact a team-mate. It can be deemed that this contact elevates the player's height, and ability to block. However, the rule even applies when the player is already in the air, hence Rice, even in travelling downwards, positively contacts his team-mate. Although it affords no benefit, if the refs want to apply it, the rule is there

  • Refs blew that game😂leaping lol

  • That leaping call was pretty egregious!

  • Wow terrible call these refs aren't held accountable enough.

  • My takeaway from this video: crappy officiating is nothing new

  • Great comeback but a lot of bad calls on tampa bay

  • Same dumb face Jon Gruden had on his face all year on the Raiders sideline

  • PERFECTLY executed on sides kick. Wow! Must be difficult to do because no one can do them! I see butchered attempts every week in football.

  • wow what a great onside kick!

  • He orchestrated the greatest comeback ever. LOL.

  • Saw this live and it almost turned me into a Colts fan. Turns out that most people that I lived around cared about neither the Colts nor the NFL so it faded, but I still remember it.

  • Man the intensity back then, compared to today's NFL it appears like everybody was on amphetamine back then :)

  • John Madden was the best at letting you know everything you already knew. When OT started and he said “now it’s the Tamba Bay offense against the Colts defense”. Yes John, we all see that hahaha

  • Lots of shady ref'ing going on

  • NFL is just not the same

  • Referee wins this game.

  • And help from the refs “Leaping” call

  • No ones gonna mention how the colts got an extra 2 minute warning?

  • Al Michaels: "WHAT IS THAT??? What kind of a call is that?" John Madden: "I have no idea!" 😂😂😂😂 Do you know how deep the refs had to dig through the rule book to have these two legends confused?

  • I am a colts fan. I remember this game as a kid. I fell asleep early that night because it was a blowout. Woke up the next morning to my dad telling me the colts came back to win it. Couldn't believe it.

  • Biggest comeback or biggest miss-call in history to give them a second attempt!

  • colts would not have won the call for leaping was terrible

  • Just shows how scripted sports are. Ripping off everyone. To see further riddle and script, visit Daily dose of gematria on Fb. Endless content showing it all.

  • Al Michaels and John Madden👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • nah i dont believe in comebacks,the nfl are scripted,fixed,fake..

  • if gruden doesnt have the opposing teams script then hes realllllly bad srry oakland

  • Leaping...worst call in NFL history

  • this is like the pop up video (remember that tv show!!) of sports! awesome watch

  • Chucky

  • I really miss the incredible announcing. It brings back major nostalgia.

  • This win was a let down because of that stupid leaping call.

    • Actually, it's a stupid rule, but it does exist. When leaping to try and deflect a kick, a player cannot land on, or positively contact a team-mate. It can be deemed that this contact elevates the player's height, and ability to block. However, the rule even applies when the player is already in the air, hence Rice, even in travelling downwards, positively contacts his team-mate. Although it affords no benefit, if the refs want to apply it, the rule is there

  • 21:25 tampa got scrrwed bad call

  • I remember watching this game and just loving seeing Gruden and the Tampa D melting down lol

  • 4 minutes. video is 23 mins. screw nfl

  • Unbelievable..

  • Trash team right there

  • Way back when the Bucs had non-terrible uniforms

  • Gruden’s face 😂

  • And they say the pats pay the refs. Leaping call was bullshit. But Jesus is Peyton Manning impressive.

  • Ricky William's did not go to Texas tech

  • In 4 minutes...20+min video lll

  • This channel knows how to make good football videos.

  • Don't they have to give the other team a chance after only a fieldgoal happens in overtime?

    • Under modern rules yes, but only if it's on the opening drive. Also, those rules were only added in 2010.

  • WOW! Put an * after that win! What a fucking terrible call.

  • Watched this game live. Peyton >>>>>> Boody everyday, screw the ring count

  • Leaping the NFL is fixed

  • Leaping penalty could be one of the worst calls in NFL history....oh wait...the 'in the grasp' penalty that happened in Dallas is worse, but this is #2.

  • I was 9 I remember watching this live with my father and nephew childhood

  • The NFL needs to go back to the original sudden death overtime, get rid of the NCAA style overtime they have now.

  • Yawn, look up rugby 6 nations and then you will see real sport.

  • It's so much more soothing to hear madden instead of Cris Collinsworth's dumb ass

  • Worst referees I have ever seen.

  • Another crazy game!

  • Wow, Colts comeback? Tampa got robbed with that call and the do-over kick.

  • Rice stepped on someone? WHEN?

  • Love Madden...

  • I remember where I was when watching this. I remember what I was wearing and what I was eating. Truly a night to remember. That night I became a Manning fan.

  • These refs absolutely threw this game. So many bad calls

  • Wow, I remember staying up watching this game 18 is the GOAT 🐐!

  • Gawd the calls in this game....

  • If only Cody Parkey’s kick could’ve doinked in...