Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman [FULL INTERVIEW] | FACE TO FACE | PBC ON FOX

čas přidán 16. 07. 2019
Two titans of their sport collide on FOX PPV on Saturday, as the legendary Manny Pacquiao faces the undefeated Keith Thurman with the WBA welterweight title on the line. Before all of Saturday's festivities, get hyped for the big fight with the full episode of FACE TO FACE. Order now on PPV!
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Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman [FULL INTERVIEW] | FACE TO FACE | PBC ON FOX


  • Who will win the title: Manny Pacquiao or Keith Thurman?

  • Those who exalts himself will be humble, those who humbles himself will be exalts. Pacquiao God bless you. Thurman Jesus love you..

  • T-Rex Arm knock Keith one time

  • Trash talk gone wrong

  • This man would he a good preacher

  • KT: "i cant wait to punch you" MP: "ME TOO!" ....buwahahaha

  • I enjoyed watching this face off more than the actual fight.. 😁 love the confidence of Keith Thurman! 💪

  • kieth once upon a time thurman

  • As I said ,freedy was right , we will destroy you on july 20 . And now manny owns a new dog named THURMAN , what an irony for someone who humilate his opponent . One time thurman vs all time great pacman .

  • Damn Keith Thurman just asked Manny Pacquiao how many knockouts he has and that must have surprised Manny Pacquiao on how much Keith Thurman knows about him and his records especially his knockout records because many Pacman Pacquiao does not have 40 Knockouts he actually has 39 knockouts so in a kindly manner and real respectively and real humble Manny Pacquiao looks at him takes a deep breath within himself and says 40 knockouts he's basically telling Keith Thurman he's going to knock him out and he's going to be his 40th victim So within Manny Pacquiao's soul mind and body he is dictating and telling us that he is going to knock out Keith Thurman!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! That was a bold move and answer on Manny Pacman Pacquiao behalf Keith Thurman should have called him out on that one to say you're lying you have 39 knockouts just to let Manny Pacman pack y'all know that Keith Thurman has been studying his fights and knows his record in and out and that just let me know that my man Keith Thurman does not know hennything or very much about Manny Pacman Pacquiao boxing record he should have corrected him and said no you're not knocking me out I'm not going to be your 40th victim in reference to being knocked out you have 39 Knockouts and just for that I'm going to knock you out for being a liar!!! That was a fire as answer now I know who I am putting my money on when I bet on this fight that was a sure determine and an answer from within his soul mind and body that he is going to guarantee at least at very minimum the victory against Keith Thurman or knock him out so I am putting my money on Manny Pacman Pacquiao Keith Thurman I've known you for 20 years I have sparred with you I have helped you prepare for this fight but I am sorry after that answer many Pacman Pacquiao just gave you my money is going on Pacman Pacquiao plus my friend you have an injured right hand that I think it's going to bother you from the third or fourth round on up to the end of the fight 12 rounds that's if you don't get knocked out wow I wish you the best!!!

  • Pacquiao drop more punches than mayweather

  • IDOL Manny paquiao now 8 division world champion

  • .Floyd the money man Envy Manny's humbleness!

  • Thurman is a good salesman. :)

  • Pac is a legend're only one time

  • I think he needs to keep playing video games

  • Kiet thurman future comedy boxing of all time.

  • Most of the American boxers try to promote fight like Ali used to do...they all fail...whereas Manny maintains his originality and just let's his fist do the talking

  • Laugh it all you want. But I respect THURMAN more than MAYWEATHER. Hemay have an O and the money. But people won't remember him as a champion.

  • Thurman did not get his facts Paquiao only has 39 knock outs lol, I think he underestimated Paquiao a bit.

  • Stop hating all you interweb gangsters .. Cuz You wont last 1 round with Kieth .. All you haters can is beat your laptop or phone ... So Apriciate a good fight all you BUMS .. Kieth Thurman will be back (hopefully ) LOL

  • T-rex arms so fast thurman cant see it coming... hes afraid that's why he tries so hard to intimidate Manny. lol..

  • 9:49 Can anyone make a remix of this

  • Atleast thurman won the talking

  • Deep down he's saying " yawa ka!demonyo! Bungkagon ko jud ng nawong nimu animala ka thurman"😂😂😂

  • the man spit alot of blood, nose bleeding blacked eye, been drop on 1stround almost kdfo at round10 and went survival mode, if only thurman see the future.hai

    • He sorta did when he said... "Just a black eye... its just another body shot"

  • Thurman can speak very well. He was selling the fight, but he was actually giving pac a Lot of respect. I like him more now after watching this.

  • Keith high key showing mad respect to Manny during this interview. This guy's definitely got the right mindset I can tell

  • Pacman will eat spence...

  • tangina mo, one round ka lang pala WAHAHAHAHHAA!! another cocky boxer but weak inside the ring.

  • Then he gets his arse beat


  • 😂😂😂😂😂laughing so bad Thurman your so funny while Manny is calculating where your weakness is😂😂😂😂 Am back here after the fight😂😂😂😂

  • Thurman Looking like a BOOTLEG USOS WWE TAG CHAMPION... 😆

  • Damn i cant believe this guy is a 8th division champ. Damn 8th division

  • you know what? even before, like 5 years ago, they said manny is ducking Thurman because of his power. lol now on his 40 defeating Thurman says it all. Manny can still win against spence, crawford

  • then manny destroys you manny destorys your ribcage

  • Pacqiao needs to go vs CANELO so i can get my money back..

  • PacMan retire Thurman 😂😂😂😂

  • Damn, everything Keith predicted was going to happen to Manny turned back on him. Dude can talk, I’ll always give him that.

  • Hahaha Thurman you got these words you feel now ?

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pac-Man knows he’s talking business that’s why he’s laughing. He knows he doesn’t mean it, he knows Keith believes in himself and he also believes in himself. Keith trash talked but he also showed respect because he knows Pac-Man is a beast but is older, he respected that a beast is always beast.

  • Thurman way of talking was amusing. He’s really a clown.

  • Keith said he's looking forward to Pacman's punch. He did experience in the first round! hahahah

  • Teacher Pacquiao. Student Thurman. Lesson. Remember the LEGEND you lost 2. WHY. To fast to many angles hits to hard takes a great 👊 punch. Manny Dapidran Pac-man Pacquiao. The only 8 division 5 Lineal 12 time World Champion in HISTORY. Only 4 time Welterweight World Champion. Oldest Welterweight WORLD CHAMPION in HISTORY. Fighter of the decade and the 📜 Scrolls 📜 still being written. The POUND FOR POUND G.O.A.T is LEGEND. 1 of the greatest FIGHTERS to ever LIVE. Lesson over 1 time.. Better luck next time Champ.

  • ,Pac already ate Thurman soul during the first time they face to face on the stage!

  • Thurman: "I can't wait to punch you..." Ninong: "ULUL! XD"

  • hahahahaha natawa ako kay thurman

  • Eat ur word keith stupid mothrf*****

  • Thurman is a clown thou.

  • I love to see manny’s smile at the same time very cool

  • Pacman the badger of boxing...fearless.. strong

  • 11:13 it just another body shot. Then in round 10 manny gave it to him. 😂

  • 11:42, Pacquiao carefully wraps his friendly gift to Thurman to make sure it will still be intact when its delivered on July 20th.

  • I must admit, Thurman is a good speaker. He can even make the words rhyme. He can promote a fight really well.

  • pappappap tniunthnitnntijntniuith

  • Thurman is playing basketball right now.. lol

  • kinda like mcgregor vs khabib :D

  • the canvas of the boxing ring in Las Vegas needs the kiss of Keith Thurman

  • Nakita nyo kamay ni pacquiao pagmasdan nyo

  • Now who,s the last laugh he! He! He

  • "Ehh, it's just a black eye." *face turns black, purple and red post-fight* "Ehh, it's just a body shot." *broken rib* 😂😂😂

  • 9:38 thanks me later

  • Bwahahahahahahaha

  • Manny won't give thurman a rematch cuz he said if Manny beats him he would bow down and retire.

  • Now July 20, 2019 is end ... only One time thurman not undefeated. They called the Pride of the Philippines Manny Pac-Man Pacquiao.

  • What an idiot Keith sounds now. I always knew Manny would win. Never underestimate the only 8 time weight champion. 😉. Sorry Keith you made a fool of yourself. 😂

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • Thurman is fight seller.

  • Pangiti ngiti lng si pacquiao.pero may masamang binabalak n sayo Yan gago..

  • Thurman is embarrassed after he loss from pacquiao

  • LMFAO @thurman get rekt

  • Who watched this after the fight until today? Is so funny how good Thurman selling the fight

  • keith thurman option give up or retire?

  • keith thurman want a rematch?? NAHHH!!!

    • Most likely Manny Pacquiao is Interested in fighting Danny Garcia NEXT which is my dream match hope it happens. If Danny not Availible then he goes straight for Mikey Garcia which Pac Wins Easily . Plus Mikey Needs a Win first before fighting Someone decent at 147 There's Crawford but Crawford with ESPN.

    • No need for a rematch No time for a rematch because How many times Keith Thurman has lost Now "One Time" . And This is his One Time Only fight with Manny he'll ever get . 29-1

  • this dude is so stupid lol. Manny is just showing straight class. what a gentleman.

  • Thurman one knock down is the best pound for pound boxing history he prove nothing..but only trashtalked

  • I think it's the adobo chicken. That's Manny's secret.